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Teenage Years Are Fun

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jerking off with different friends as I grew up


When I was 16 years old I was always horny and jerking off, mostly on my own but also with a couple of guys at school and one friend who lived near me in the village. Without really planning it I had three jerk-off buddies which fitted in with my normal school and social life.

 One of the guys in my year was Josh, he lived in my village about 2 miles from me and wasn't one of my regular pals but we often got the same bus home with him getting off about half way during my journey.

Josh's father had a shop and some afternoons his mother also worked there so Josh was often home alone for an hour or so after school and one day he asked me if I wanted to call in his place as both his parents were working late. Josh had an elder brother who was away at uni so we had the place to ourselves and we got talking about sex and ended up in his bedroom sitting on his bed watching porn.

We had never seen each other naked as he was in a different class with different sports lessons and after a few minutes it was obvious both of us were really hard and trying to hide the fact from each other. Josh stood up and said he was going to the bathroom as he needed to jerk off and I said ok but I didn't mind if he stayed and jerked off watching the porn as I was horny too. He seemed to think a bit then said okay, I didn't know if he ever jerked off with his main friends so I started by unzipping and getting my dick out and just acting as though he wasn't there.

Pretty soon he was doing the same, I looked across and smiled and he smiled back,  his dick was nice and maybe just a little thinner than mine and then we both kind of watched each other, I was the first to lay back and shoot my cum onto my shirt then Josh spurted onto his shirt and we both laughed.  I went to his house most Thursdays over the next few weeks and we quickly lost our inhibitions and used to lay naked on his bed and jerk each other off and not worry if we came on each other, we never did more than mutual wanking and we just looked on it as fun.

The other guy at school, Jimmy,  lived quite a few miles away in the opposite direction but he was in the same class as me. We went swimming one morning every week at a local baths that was closed to the public for that time and we had to share one cubicle between two and leave our clothes and things in it for the duration of the lesson.

The first time I shared with Jimmy was just by chance, I usually shared with a friend who never seemed horny and that was fine but on this particular day he was away. We changed before the lesson quite quickly and I didn't really see his dick, at the end of the lesson he had showered and got back to the cubicle a few seconds before me and as soon I was inside he closed the door and peeled his wet trunks off...we had to wear speedo-style plain trunks not boxer type ones.

His dick was already semi hard and as he dried it he got a full boner, just a bit longer than mine but the noticeable thing was he had quite a bit of pubic hair along its shaft, certainly compared to mine which is smooth and bald. By the time I had my trunks off my dick was as hard as his, he looked at me and said he needed to jerk off and would wait till I had left, I said ok but I was horny too and started wanking.  Jimmy looked down and did the same, he said he always cummed onto his trunks then rinsed them in the sink just as though he was rinsing the chlorine out and I thought wow good idea.

I don't know how long he had been saving it but his load seemed massive and seeing him actually shoot sent me over the edge and spurting onto my trunks, not a major amount as it was my second wank of the day but enough to feel good. His dick stayed semi till he was fully dressed then we both went to the washbasins and cleaned up.

The next week Jimmy asked if I wanted to share with him again and I said yes, this time we both stripped naked before we put our trunks on and I could see that his dick was pretty much the same length soft as hard. After swimming we went back together and were just slowly stroking ourselves  and I commented that his dick was much hairier than mine and he said yes and did I want to feel it. He moved his hand away and pointed it at me and without actually saying anything I took hold, Jimmy smiled and pushed into my hand so I started jerking him and he jerked me, it was fun for a couple of minutes, maybe less, then we both quickly jerked ourselves off onto our trunks and got ready.

This became the norm for swimming days, Jimmy was always super-horny and occasionally he would jerk off and cum on the inside of his trunks while changing before the lesson and still cum a good amount when we changed afterwards and he was usually the first to reach over and hold my dick  even while I was still getting my wet trunks off.

A family that my father knew from work moved into our end of the village, they had a daughter away at uni and a son my age called Ryan. My parents wanted me to help him settle in and a few days later he came swimming with me and some friends in the nearby town and seemed quite happy with the fooling around in the showers when I think a couple of us got boners but didn't jerk off

He hadn't changed schools when they moved so after swimming I said he could call round any time and we arranged for the Wednesday evening. I  was in my room watching porn as I wanted to jerk off and cum before Ryan arrived but, just I was settling into slowly stroking, my dad called that he was here (early) and coming upstairs. I had enough time to put my dick away and close the porn down but I still had a massive boner in my jeans that must have been pretty obvious.

Ryan came in and said how's things and I saw him look at my bulge, I just laughed and said I was watching porn but it was fine we could go out straight away, he smiled and said could he see and I took it to mean could he see my boner, I was so horny I said sure and got it out again. Ryan laughed and said okay but he meant could he watch the porn with me, I was a bit embarrassed but he said it was cool and if I wanted to jerk off then he would too, this made me even harder so I said ok and found some college porn.

Ryan got his dick out and was stroking it as he sat on my bed next to me, I had some sheets of paper kitchen towel in my pocket and put them on the bed in between us and we both laid back slightly. His dick was thicker but about the same length as mine, just under 6ins then, and he was also uncircumcised like me and practically all of my friends in the UK.

I was ready before him and stood up as it would stop the bed creaking and also meant it was easier to control where the cum landed. Ryan was watching me more than the porn and smiled as my cum spurted out into the paper towels I was holding, he then stood up facing me, closed his eyes and 

shot his load. Luckily the towels had caught everything so it was just a matter of me flushing them down the toilet before we went out and kicked a football about in the local park.

He told me that the his sister was coming over at the weekend from uni and if I wanted I could come to a BBQ at his place on the Saturday afternoon and I said yes that was great, he also said that she might bring her best girl friend over as well which his parents said was fine.

He text me on the Friday evening saying her friend was gorgeous and just talking to her had given him an excuse to jerk off and we both laughed. The next day I had a wank in the shower first thing and mid-afternoon went over to his house, his family were very friendly, his sister, Laura, had long brown hair and was wearing jeans and a blouse that suggested she had average sized boobs and overall a nice figure, her friend, Claire, had shorter brown hair and the most amazing smile, she was also wearing jeans and a polo style shirt and was very slim, her boobs seemed small but quite firm as the shirt defined them well...plus my mind helped....and I could see why Ryan had text me.

The BBQ was good and his parents were happy for Ryan and me to drink beer (my parents were ok too) so we had a good afternoon, after we had eaten Ryan said he needed to take their dog for a walk and was I going with him and I said sure.

Not too far away is a small wood between the fields and we walked there letting the dog run free, he told me Claire looked like the older sister of a girl he liked at his school and then we started talking about girls and sex in general, I got really horny and told him I needed a wank before we went back and he said so did he. There was nobody else about so we stopped and both got our dicks out, as we started stroking Ryan asked if I had ever jerked off another guy and I said yes as fun and he smiled and said he had too, without saying anything else he moved to my side and we started jerking each other. I liked the feel of his dick and of his hand on mine but I really needed to cum and I think he was the same so after a couple of minutes we jerked ourselves and watched each other shoot our cum onto the ground.

It had been a fun afternoon and we remained friends for about two years until we finished school and his family moved out of the area. In the months following the BBQ we went swimming quite often and enjoyed jerking each other off in one of the cubicles when we got dried and whenever we just met up doing nothing in particular we would usually jerk off together at some point. After about 8 or 9 months I started seeing a local girl and Ryan had started seeing a girl from his school so we had less free time to spend with each other but we remained in contact most days and if we were together and there was some privacy we would still jerk and help each other to cum. 

I sometimes wonder if we ever saw each other again whether we would talk about this and maybe even jerk off together again.



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