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Little Sis's Friend

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I love Solo Touch!


Well, I'm 18 now, but this story takes place when I was 17. It involves hot summer day, a nice cold shower, and and a little help.

One day, my sister comes home with her friend Cynthia (she is one sexy 14 year old, who has curves in all the right places, if you know what I mean). Anyway, it just so happens that my sister is quite a prankster, and she is always doing mischievous things to me, and often with her friends. So she decides to take my clothes, while I'm in the shower, and go hide them. She leaves her friend behind while she takes all my clothes, packs them in bags, and whisks them off to my aunt's house (she is such a brat but I let her off easy for this one). Anyway, I finish my shower and go to my room, expecting to get dressed, with a towel around my waist, I enter my room to find my sister's friend, Cynthia, sitting on my bed. This was quite a surprise to both me and her. And we just stare at each other, not knowing what to do. Then, I suddenly felt a draft, and saw that Cynthia was now staring at where my towel was supposed to be. My towel fell off! With extreme embarrassment, I stumbled to cover myself once. more.

I'm not ashamed of my size, as a matter of fact I believe it to be quite big at about 7.5 inches erect. But in the presence of a little girl, at least in my eyes, that was quite embarrassing. But, it was what happened next that surprised me. She was fixated on my penis, and wanted to see it again. I was very reluctant, but I couldn't refuse the petitions of such a beauty. I dropped my towel to allow her a better view of my member. By now I was semi-erect and was quite horny. She was mesmerized, and soon was kneeling in front of me to get a good look. Slowly but surely, her hands began to wander, and soon she was fondling my now fully erect penis. She played with my large sagging balls, and complimented my size. She told me that she once played with the penis of a younger kid, her age, but never saw one so big. By now I was like putty in her hands. Soon enough, she grasp my cock in one hand, pumping slowly at first, while she kept fondling my balls with the other. I was surprised at how good this 14 year old girl was at hand jobs. Soon enough she had me moaning and grunting, as she picked up the pace. Faster and harder she pumped, and soon enough I was close to the edge. She could tell, so she grabbed the towel from the floor, and placed it in front of the head of my cock, as she caused me to have the greatest orgasm I had in a long time. What drove me even crazier was when she licked my cum off her hand. Wow! What a way to finish off a shower.

After that, we spent a lot of time together, experimenting, and doing other things that can't be mentioned on this site ;) To this day, we are closer than ever.



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