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Fun With CQ

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Back when I was 16 I spent the summer as a counsellor at a sleep-away camp. Each night one of the staff drew CQ duty for certain areas of the camp-CQ meaning 'Camp Quiet,' and the job was to keep an eye on a cluster of cabins to make sure the campers weren't sneaking out or making too much noise. I had started dating the new horseback riding instructor and she decided to hang out with me when it was my night. While I was not Mr. Experience myself with regards to sex, Kim hadn't gone further than kissing with any of her previous guys but was working to overcome her shyness on the subject.

My post was a bench centrally located between 4 cabins of 10-14 year old boys, and after some noisemaking early on they all seemed to be alseep by the time Kim joined me. After a little talking we started fooling around and the two of us got worked up rather quickly. I was elated when I slipped my hand under her t-shirt and she didn't object, but was both surprised and psyched when she slid her down over the outside of my shorts and began massaging my raging hard-on. My reactions of thrusting against her pressure and moaning softly got her crazy excited like I hadn't seen before, and after a quick look around she gave me a sly smile and unbuttoned the top of my shorts.

For about half a second I worried that some kid might be watching out the window, but that fear was quickly gone and I shifted enough to slide my shorts down to my knees. Kim pulled my underwear away with one hand and grabbed me with the other. I could actually feel my cock throbbing as she began to stroke me with a slow, even motion, and all I could do was lean back and groan. For a minute or two she kept up the same pace before asking me if she was doing it right. I knew I needed it to be the way I did it to myself-a hard grip and a fast stroke-so I put my hand over hers and did just that. She understood and took over again, and soon I began to moan louder and buck into her hand. Her teeth nipped at my ear and she said, 'God, this is so fucking hot!' which put my over the edge. I stifled a scream as I came so damn hard-my chest, my stomach, her hand, long ropy strands everywhere. I was gasping for breath when it was done, my heart pounding like I'd just run windsprints.

Did anyone see us? I never knew and didn't really care. That was the beginning of a great deal of sexual exploration between us and many nights of fun in the camp's hayloft.

And, happily, a repeat performance the next time I had CQ.



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