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Licking Yourself into a Frenzy

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I am a member of the WL community.


THIS IS inspired by Tara, a lovely young woman who recently wrote about working herself into a surreal frenzy licking up her pussy juice as she built toward orgasm.

I could relate deeply to this story, as she is doing the female version of my own surreal frenzy. I think it's fabulous that women are starting to catch on and/or speak up about this. The thought of girls licking their 'slime trails' off of things like chairs (kneeling to do it) is just beautiful. I know just what surreal frenzy she is talking about.

She was inspired by Michelle, who had this to say in her post:

'Excited to an absolute frenzy, I set down the yogurt and spoon and then I kneeled down next to my office chair. I stared at the little clear wetness for about three seconds and then I started licking it up with my tongue in broad, deliberate strokes. It tasted sexy and familiar and I loved it. Each lick was slow and methodical and brought me higher and higher into sexual ecstacy.

'Two licks into it I realized that I was totally naked, squatting down, licking my pussy juice off a chair-all in front of my sliding glass door. I felt like such a dirty slut when I realized this thought, and I absolutely loved it. My pussy was dripping wet like a warm wash cloth. I was absolutely high and shaking with the adrenalin and horniness.'

Is this hot? Good Goddess. Her beauty, and the beauty of her self-acceptance, just pour through. As does her self-awareness; 'Each lick was slow and methodical and brought me higher and higher into sexual ecstacy.'

Women have the ability to produce cum before they cum. Guys can make a little; girls can make a puddle, and lick it up, coaxing themselves toward orgasm as they drink in the essence of themselves and explore their self-awareness.

The paradox of men trying to drink their cum is that (if you believe what many guys say here and elsewhere, or have noticed it yourself) the thought of drinking their cum is very appealing, until they have some in front of them, post orgasm.

Here is a little something I've cum to enjoy. You will need a small, clean mirror devoted to this purpose. Masturbate and think about how hot it will be to drink yourself. Drive yourself nuts with the desire, hold off as long as you can, then orgasm onto your mirror.

If you don't want to drink it, don't clean up; leave it there. The next day, or next time, do the same thing, but as you masturbate and work yourself up, study your last ejaculation. Remember the pleasure, remember your desire, and let it get you hot to see yourself spilled there on the mirror.

Try looking at your face, through the image of your last orgasm. You will probably need to cum pretty soon, so let it happen. Spill right onto the mirror again.

Do this a few more times, and slowly become intimate with your previous orgasms. Watch the pattern. Look at it sometimes when you're not worked up.

Then connect with your desire to drink yourself-the desire you have before you cum. Now, you have some semen, dried though it is, waiting for you. Be brave and lick it off. Do it. Accept yourself, and lick till you taste yourself. Explore the experience-the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

If you use anal penetration, this would be a good time to penetrate yourself. Keep licking, slow and methodical, and take yourself back in. Go as long as you can, until you need to cum, and put some fresh semen down.

Remember how much you just wanted yourself. Now try licking up your fresh, wet stuff. If you can't leave it there for next time, to lick up pre-orgasm.

Don't forget to look at your face in your cum spattered mirror at least once close to orgasm, and if you can, watch yourself cum onto the glass.

Enjoy the journey. Explore self-acceptance-it's a beautiful thing, the hottest thing there is. When you are past the point of shame, consider showing someone what you do.

Michelle and Tara-you are beautiful. Thank you. Maybe see you in WL.



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