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I...... I Thought I.....broke It?

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There was such a bad stigma surrounding 'Wanking' and Being a 'Wanker' that I was a somewhat late starter when it came to the intrigue and wonderous mischief of masturbation.


Growing up in a small town and schooling in a small town school in central NSW was pretty much an un private affair. Everyone knew you and what you did for kicks in and around the town. The school I went to was a pretty typical K to yr twelve school and we had our fair share of thugs and bullies, as youngsters in years 8 and 9 at high school we used to marvel at our higher school counterparts when we heard things like the schools footy captain getting it on with all the hot girls in the school etc and wondered what it would be like for us to actually get our ends wet one day. We used to dream and fantasize about all the hot girls and what we would do to them, but when someone even spoke of masturbation the gang would soon call the offender a fagot and spread the word around that so and so was a bonafide wanker and the whole grade treated them like a diseased reject.

Thus it was sometime before I was confident and game enough to even entertain the idea of bashing the bishop or burping the worm so to speak.

The time actually I did however left me feeling guilty, scared and somewhat alone. I knew there would be no-one I could talk to about what happened and feared of being the next one who was subjected to ridicule and humiliation by my peers.

I remember the day quite clearly after a social worker visited the school and gave the yearly yr8 and yr9 sex ed day at the school hall. Everyone was really giving the whole topic of masturbation a rather bum rap at the end of the day.

I got home after school that day to find the house empty and a message from my older brother explaining that he was going to be out that night and next day and not to do anything stupid while at home by myself. I tidied up, done my homework and got myself a snack and settled to watch some tv. It would be three hours before my parents would be home from their jobs in the next town.

After sometime of watching the afternoon shows and dreaming of what the female host would be like laying naked next to me and kissing her etc etc I thought to my self 'Fuckit you know, I want to see what all this fuss is with Wanking'. I couldn't find any of my dads or older brothers porn stash so I had to make use of my mind thinking about the host on the tv and this plain but rather nice girl Heather that I found intriguing in my class at school.

I remember I had not that much trouble cracking a 'fat' as I lay back on my bed naked and rubbing my Down feathered young balls and thighs thinking about heather (girl at school) and the tv chick. I started slowly by retracting my foreskin on my 4 inch penis and back again, this slowly built up to a more steady rhythm with my whole fist but there had been now change in the way I was feeling (very horned up) for 20 minutes or so and my whole arm ached actually. I stood up and started to straighten things up and was actually feeling rather pissed off that such a non-event thing had such an enormous taboo associated wit it. I was so pissed in fact that I actually took it out on myself, I grabbed my penis while I stood there and proceeded to tugg it rather furiously. whilst it felt a little better than before there were no sparks flying so to speak, I gave it a couple of more rather fast hard tugs and then stopped. But a I turned to get my clothes from the bench a strange feeling came over me and before I knew it my legs turned to jelly and my penis was jerking and bouncing without me even touching it......It suddenly felt like I needed to pee, badly then all of a sudden white creamy stuff started spurting from my penis and landed anywhere from a foot to about four feet from where I was standing I collapsed with a dizzy feeling onto my bed and my heart was beating itself out of my chest.

What had I done? I was so scared. I thought I had broken something and wondered how on earth I was going to be able to tell someone about it so as to get what I'd broken fixed? After laying there unsure of what had happened I remembered my moms text books from uni, she is a nurse, and I quickly cleaned up and dressed and set about finding out all about what I had 'broken' with moms books. after learning about sexual response in adolescent males and puberty, ejaculation etc I began to understand what I had done was not actually broken anything (Except maybe my masturbation cherry lol) I had had my first orgasm. Unfortunately it was something that I had to keep a secret from all of my peers. looking back I think we all would have went through pretty much the same things but were unable to talk about it and help each other out with our concerns.

I have masturbated pretty much ever since and now consider myself to be quite the master, and also have a couple of great techniques I have found and will also share those in the other section.

Cheers thank you for reading and Keep Wanking




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