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Let's Make Another Video

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It keeps getting better and better.


Sorry this story is going to be so long, but it's been a really arousing couple of months at our house. After Mel and I returned from a fabulous early summer trip to Sante Fe, where she, actually both of us had discovered her thrill of masturbating on camera, things had died down considerably and we had settled back into our routine of work, kids, bills, etc. The video had been erased off of my phone for fear of someone stumbling onto it and we really hadn't even discussed the movie at all.

Then around Halloween we were laying in bed one night watching TV getting ready to dose off. There was a cell phone commercial on that talked about video that we were watching that suddenly reminded Mel of her super hot masturbation video and she asked me "So, you really deleted that video off of your phone, huh?"? I said that I had and that I sometimes wished that I hadn't because I would sure like to see it again.

She looked over at me and said "That was really exciting."? I agreed. Then she asked if I thought we could ever do it again and, trying to be cool and not jump right out of my skin with joy, I said "Do you think you could ever get into it like that again? I mean, it was kind of a special moment in your favorite place on earth you know."? She thought about that a little and said "under the right circumstances I think I could probably do even better."?

I was dying inside with excitement but was trying not too spook her with too much enthusiasm so I just said we should think about it. I think she was a little disappointed that she couldn't get more of a reaction out of me but I wanted her to really give it some thought, and hopefully get horny as hell thinking about it.

She brought it up again the next night and asked me what I thought about it. She knows that one of my fantasies is to direct a porn film so she was rolling right into my wheelhouse. I said "Maybe we should do a little research online and see what kinds of videos are out there."? Her reply was exactly what I was hoping to hear, "Okay"? she said "Masturbation videos, right?"? All I could think was "Holy shit, this is awesome"? but what came out of my mouth was "Sure Babe."?

We rolled out of bed right then and went online together and typed "Masturbation Videos"? into a search engine. WHAM! A whole screen of options popped up. Mel's eyes were huge as I knew she had no idea of the amount of awesome videos are out there. I, on the other hand was already somewhat of an expert on the subject and guided us through several of my personal favorites, trying not to let on that I had seen them all before many times. "Wow, those are amazing!"? was all she could say as she clicked though several short videos.

She learned very quickly that there are several types; the ones where they are more matter of fact and just doing it for the camera, the ones where they are "hidden cams"? and look like they are shot by Peeping Toms, the ones where they are in public or in a car or a tanning bed, etc. etc. But the one that really caught her attention had a beautiful gal appearing to be sleeping, and slowly waking up, stretching and then playing with her tits and then her pussy. It goes on for 5 or 6 minutes and ends with what looks like a mind blowing, and real orgasm. Mel watched that one with great intensity and her breathing was kind of heavy. She was leaning in close and I could see down her loose-fitting sweatshirt that her nipples were fully erect and her chest was a little flushed. After she had watched it and even watched a couple of sections a few times I asked her if she liked that one, she just said "Let's do that."? I agreed wholeheartedly.

I think she was thinking that we would do it right then and I'm pretty sure she was ready, but I know her and I know how her brain works. When she sets her mind to something she won't let it go until she sees it through. But I wanted to make this an awesome experience for her and I knew that if we could just put a little extra thought into it she would be a lot happier. "Let's do it"? she said, so I told her that if she really wanted to make it look like morning, we should wait until tomorrow early and shoot it with the sun coming in the bedroom windows. "It will be better if we don't have to use the room lights"? I said. I could tell that she was disappointed but she knew I was right.

We went back to bed and laid there in the dark talking about how we should shoot it. I told her that I didn't want to show her face on camera if we were going to upload it to the web, and she agreed. I was kind of shocked that she was really thinking of uploading it at all, so I said "Are you sure you want it on the web?"? She said that she absolutely did, "The thought of millions of people watching me play with myself is crazy exciting!"? That's my girl.

I told her that I would position the camera near the headboard, kind of high, looking down at her at an angle where you would not be able to see her face, but everything else would be really clear. She said that sounded perfect and wondered what she should wear. I told her my vote was for a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of sexy panties. She agreed.

I realized that she was really into this conversation and I noticed some movement under the covers. I wondered if she was actually secretly playing with herself as we talked about it. I slid my hand over to her pussy and sure enough, both of her hands were already there and she was pushing on herself softly. I pulled her hands away and said "Better save that Honey"?. She laughed and kind of sighed as she said "Never thought I would hear that from you, but you're right."?

I have no idea how I finally got to sleep that night with all the crazy, sexy thoughts running around in my head, not to mention a seriously hard dick, but I finally managed and so did Mel. I woke up that next morning which was Saturday, and saw that it was about 7:30. The sun was up and there was a tiny bit of light streaming in around the shades. I thought Mel was deeply asleep still and I knew she would be that way for a while so I quietly slipped out of bed, went to the closet and fetched the digital video camera and tripod. I came around to her side of the bed and quietly set it up, right over her shoulder like I had told her. I checked the viewfinder and made sure it was ready to go. Then I went back to my side of the bed. She surprised me by saying "Are you ready?"? the moment I touched the bed, so I said I could be in about 10 seconds. "You'd better get on it because I'm dying over here"? she said. I laughed and was really excited that she hadn't lost her nerve over night.

I scooted quickly around to the other side of the bed and just before I hit the RECORD button, I said "I am just going to say go, and then it's all yours. Take as long as you want and try not to look at the camera.

She quietly said "Okay"? as she pretended to be asleep. I hit the button and carefully backed away to the couch next to our bed and sat down to watch. Then I said "Go"?. My heart was pounding in my ears as I tried to be silent and not move. She didn't stir for a good 15-20 seconds, then she very slowly started to move just a little. She rolled over onto her back from her side where she had been sleeping and moved her hands around under the covers a little. Then she slowly stretched big and let her arms drop up over her head on her pillows. I could see her legs go apart a little and her knees come up while she was stretching. She brought her arms down and pushed the blankets down a little. This exposed her nipples which were poking up through her white t-shirt. After a while she absent-mindedly brushed her hands over her breasts a few times and then sort of slowed down a little and dragged her manicured, dark red nails across her shirt covered left nipple. She did this a few times and then started to squeeze the whole breast firmly. I saw her shudder a little each time she did it so I knew it was feeling pretty good. Her hand then went up under her shirt and did the same thing a few more times. My girl looked magnificent.

Next, she pushed the covers down to about her knees and squeezed her thighs together for a few seconds before she brought her beautiful tan legs up and out of the sheets. She put her legs up into the air and brushed the sides of her thighs up and then down toward her hips then flattened her legs out on the bed, spread wide. She gently dragged her nails across her flat stomach a little and put both of her hands right on her cunt, over her panties. I thought "She's not going to last long"? as I stared at her show intently. The thought of being able to watch this any time and as often as I wanted had me hard as a rock. My dripping cock had already popped itself out of my boxers, standing tall. I had planned to wait until she was done with her show and join her on the bed but I wasn't sure if I could last that long.

She then slid one hand into her panties and with her other hand, pulled up her shirt to expose her amazing tits. Her nipples were still hard and she started to pull on her right one, gently at first and a little firmer after a while. I started stroking my cock up and down as quietly as I could as I sat in awe of my wonderful wife.

She stopped suddenly and sat up enough to pull her shirt up over her head and then flopped back down and thrusting her hips into the air, slid her panties off her long, tan legs. Her bush is neatly trimmed as always as she roughed up her soft pubic hair. Then she spread her legs wide and started playing with her clit, moving her hand slowly and then rapidly back and forth over it with just her middle finger touching. She slid her other hand down past her busy hand and slid a couple of fingers right into her slit. I could hear the smackie noise of her moving them around inside and could tell she was really wet. Then she pulled them out and I could clearly see how shiny and slick they were, there was even a thick string of pussy juice that went from her fingers and stretched a good five inches away from her oozing cunt lips. She brought that hand back up and started swirling the juices around her right nipple. I love that so much. She then alternated between licking those fingers and pulling her wet nipple as her right hand went faster and faster on her pussy. Her hips were pumping up and down now and I knew she was close to an orgasm.

When Mel comes it's usually loud and I could tell this was going to be a big one, She started a low moan, which quickly grew to gasping screams and then she bucked her hips for a good 10 seconds in total abandon before she started to relax. She's always great at giving in to her bodies wishes. I shot several thick streams of cum across my chest and sat mesmerized as her fantastic masturbation show slowly came to a close.

She laid there for several seconds panting and looking amazing and then she grabbed my pillow and put it between her thighs as she rolled onto her side, satisfied. After several seconds I stood up and limped over to the camera to stop recording. My legs had totally fallen asleep from the strain of trying to hold still on the couch and as I stood there over her trying to regain my strength, she looked up and smiled at me and said "Sorry I couldn't last very long Sweetie."?



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