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First Experience With a Mistress

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I am glad that I found this site, which I enjoy! I find the stories to be very interesting, exciting, and stimulating! Now, I would like to submit my story.

Growing up in a nudist family, we would spend time and vacations at nudist beaches, resorts, parks, and hot springs. I learned at a very early age how to masturbate, which was at age 9. Being in the nude, my penis was always exposed to the pleasurable sensations of the water, the wind, various temperatures, the towel one would lay on, or some girl being curious and touching my genitals. Being an uncut male, I learned how to move the foreskin back and forth over the head of my penis, achieving my first dry orgasm at age 10. I experienced my first ejaculation at age 14.

My mother, who was also a nudist, was very liberal in her thinking; however, she was a strict disciplinarian. She demanded obedience, and if I did not obey, she would beat me. She would use various implements, such as a paddle, a belt, a twig, a cane, or a wooden spoon. The beatings were always administered on my naked ass, resulting in red and blue stripes on my ass. My penis would frequently be erect, during the administration of the beating. The result was that I would experience pain AND pleasure, simultaneously.

I was 21, when I came across a magazine, showing female domination and S&M. The pictures showed some beautiful women spanking, caning, and whipping submissive males. I was intrigued, and I would always fantasize being dominated by a woman, who would spank me or whip me.

It became important for me to make that fantasy a reality; therefore, I bought one of those local papers, which had some ads for dominatrix. I was 25 at that time. I called one of them, making an appointment. She gave me instructions on what to do.

I arrived at the appointed time. She opened the door, and I saw that she had only a black thong, black bra, and a very thin, see-through garment. She had black hair and was quite thin and very attractive. After the preliminaries of "business" was taken care of, she told me to strip naked, and I willingly complied. She had me stand in front of her, with my hands restrained with chains from the ceiling. She removed her see-through garment, and took her cane in her hand. She gave me a couple of light whacks on my naked ass. After, she pushed back the foreskin on my penis, exposing the head. "Nice cock!" she said, "Now we just need to get some life into it!" With that, she gave my semi-erect penis a couple of whacks. She then removed her bra, exposing her petite breasts. After that, she moved to my side, from where she spent the next 20 minutes caning or whipping me.

She unchained me and sat down on her chair. Next, she ordered me on my knees, telling me to remove her high-heeled shoes, kiss her feet, and suck her toes. I was in heaven, since I was worshiping her feet. After, she tied a noose around my left testicle, since it is the larger and lower-hanging one. Using that noose, she pulled that testicle up, between my legs and toward my ass. "Now, I want you to suck my breasts!" she ordered. After about 10 minutes, she had me lie down on the floor, removing the noose. She massaged and squeezed my balls.

After, she demanded, "Get back up on your knees! ... In front of me! ... I want you to now CUM for me!" Doing as I was told, I was masturbating in her presence. She said, "I want you to shoot your load on my feet!" For the next 5 minutes, I was stroking my penis. After I experienced an intense orgasm, squirting I nice big load of semen on her feet. "Now, clean it off!" she ordered. Realizing that by having her grant me the pleasure to masturbate to orgasm, in this beauty's presence, I complied willingly with licking every single drop of cum off of her feet. It was heavenly!

I also realize that masturbation, S&M, and female domination are big components of my sexuality, which I have come to feel very comfortable with. I enjoy masturbating in the presence of women, and pleasing and satisfying them. Since then, I've entered into several relationships with some dominant women. This leaves room for more future stories.



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