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Kathy at the Garage

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Following on from my earlier story regarding Gary, Kathy and Karen, the next time I saw Kathy was totally different when a visit to the garage were I worked turned into a mutual masturbation with an unusual twist!


I hadn’t seen Kathy for about two years but had recently bumped into on the street and during our brief chat had told her I was running a valeting business preparing new Cars for sale and renovating the trade ins. The garage had a parking lot which led 50 yards back from the road and led to the garage itself which was just large enough to have a spray booth and hold four cars. I worked alone and apart from the odd car delivery or collection I rarely got visitors and I would normally get a call beforehand if a driver was to visit.


I was nineteen at the time, really fit and always horny as hell. Often during the day, I would feel my cock stir, pull the doors to, kick back and enjoy one of the many ways of dealing with my frustration. One way was to use one of the cleaning materials as a lubricant. It had a thick jelly like substance which I kept in a jar. I soon realised that if I stuck my cock into the jar the jelly formed a firm mould around my cock and sliding my cock into the jar felt just like a lovely wet pussy. I had also found an old gear stick. The gear knob was perfectly smooth, the perfect shape and the size of a large mushroom cock head. One day I had got so turned on thinking that it was a real cock that I locked the door, slipped down my overalls, used some of the jelly and wanked myself off pressing the gear stick against my anus while imagining being fucked by a large thick cock head.


Anyway, several days had passed since meeting Kathy in the street when I heard someone call my name and closing the doors behind her stood Kathy. I looked over my shoulder and as usual she looked stunning in her tight jeans, knee high black leather boots, white blouse, denim cut-off and as usual, the sexiest looking grin on her face you can imagine. It’s difficult to just get across just how much she turned me on and how sexual she was but one look at her and I felt the usual response as my cock stirred in my overalls. I made her a tea and told her I would have to finish vacuuming the car and would then join her. I gave her the drink and as she sat in one of the old car seats I sat in the back seat of the car I was working on and carried on hovering. As I finished she handed me a tea, I carried on cleaning and as it usually did with Kathy the conversation turned to sex and I felt my cock harden. The thing with the overalls was that if you moved in them they pulled tight around the groin and as I sat in the back of the car wiping the doors down as we talked she looked at my bulge, gave me a lewd smile and commented that I must find it hard to concentrate with an erection. I told her it was her fault and that if she wasn’t talking about sex I wouldn’t have an erection!  She laughed and told me it was nothing to do with her and I would have to sort it out. I asked her how I should do that and she told me I could wank myself off. I told her that was far too boring and told her that I would love one of her blow jobs. Smiling, she gave me one of her suggestive looks, feigned mock horror and told me that there was no way she was ever going to suck my cock. I told her she had to solve my erection because without her I wouldn’t even be frustrated at which point she looked at the hoover and gave me that familiar suggestive look. The hoover was an industrial vacuum with a special adapter that I used to clean vinyl which consisted of a circular head with long semi-stiff hairs around the outside and it was this that she was now fingering softly and looking at me suggestively.

Straight away I guessed what she was eluding to and told her she must be joking. However, totally ignoring me she reached down, picked up the hose, turned on the vacuum cleaner, put her hand over the end of the nozzle, adjusted the suction several times, looked me in the eye and in a soft little girl voice told me that it was better than nothing. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Unperturbed, she ran her fingers around the inside of the nozzle, smiled seductively and started to slowly thrust three fingers into it as if testing the fit. Seemingly satisfied with the result, she sat back provocatively looking at my bulge and told me to lock the garage doors. I was still reeling from her suggestion but without the slightest hesitation I got up, secured the door and sat back in the rear seat. She then stepped forward holding the hose in her hand, the nozzle aimed at my crotch, opened up the front of my overalls and released my now aching cock and slowly stroked it. ‘You know you want to’ she said looking at me with a suggestive glint in her eye. I was so horny I just leant back as she took hold of my cock, turned on the machine, adjusted the power suction level and then slowly placed the adapter head on my cock. I felt my cock being sucked gently into the adapter hose and gasped at how tight and comfortable it felt as the semi hard hairs that were fixed around the adapter head wrapped themselves around my cock. She then turned the power up slowly in small increments until I felt the hairs on the adapter encase my cock and my shaft being sucking gloriously into the hose. By alternating the strength of the suction the hairs of the adaptor wrapped around my cock giving me most immense sucking you could imagine. However, she was far from finished. Leaning forward she undid her jeans and in one swift movement pulled down her jeans and knickers just enough to reveal her pussy before continuing to alter the power and intensity of the vacuum. Parting her thighs, I reached up, felt her extremely wet pussy then slid a couple of fingers deep into her and started to finger her as hard and fast as I could. Her pussy is to this day the wettest I have ever experiences and in seconds was literally squelching, her juice sliding down the inside of her thigh and running down my wrist and forearm.


By now she was groaning loudly but that didn’t stop her as she kept alternating the intensity of the suction. The feeling around my cock was unbelievable and you would think Kathy had done this before as she repeatedly brought me to the edge until I was literally begging her to let me cum. ‘Beg’ and I did so, repeatedly asking her to let me cum. Her pussy was now contracting around my fingers and I knew she was close to orgasm and drove deep into her as I felt the first orgasm surge through her. At that moment, she turned the vac on full and my cock literally started to vibrate within the hose and I had to grit my teeth not to cry out as my cock was sucked violently down the house. I was now yelling and exploded with such intensity that I immediately started begging her to turn it off but she was having none of it as she pushed the hose down hard onto my cock and I felt yet another intense jet of cum shoot from my cock as she literally drenched me arm in a torrent of juice which shot from her pussy as another orgasm ripped through her.


I was practically whimpering and as she turned off the machine and as she pulled the hose off I was actually writhing on the back seat, the pleasure so intense and my cock so sensitive I could hardly stand to touch it. She sat back on the chair, massaging her pussy, gently stroking it before we both sat back, smiling at me and looking very pleased with herself.  Finally, we got cleaned up before she leant down, gently sucked my cock and smiling smugly she got dressed and left.  Fortunately for me though is wasn’t the last time I had the pleasure of sharing with Kathy.




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