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Jv H2o Polo Masturbation Olympics

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I'm a sophomore and I just got on our school's JV Water Polo team this year. Every year, during Spring Break, the JV and Varsity teams fly out to Hawaii to compete. Sorry if you don't like lots of details.


First a little about myself: My name is Tristan, and I am a Filipino, 5'8' tall, with surfer hair, I've developed a chiseled swimmer's body, and my cock is 6' avg. and cut. Most people on my team are pretty much the same. None of us have body hair because we're swimmers, except, of course, for our pubes.

On with the story...

So since I'm a sophomore on JV, most of my teammates treat me like a younger brother rather than an equal... all of them except for my fellow sophomore friend Josh. Josh and I have been friends since seventh grade Jr. High so we pretty much know each other pretty well and are really close. Due to being in JV water polo, we've seen each other naked many times, along with the rest of our naked teen teammates. Being straight, seeing other guys naked usually doesn't turn me on (I've also gotten sorta used to it now, too), and I thought all that hype about teammates jerking off together was really weird (I'm not a homophobe), but all that was about to change.

As Spring Break approached, I got really excited for our team's trip to Hawaii. Even though we were competing, our coach said we'd have enough time to enjoy our vacation. I couldn't wait to surf the Hawaiian waves or pick up some Hawaiian chicks!! Little did I know I'd be doing more than that.

Josh and I were also neighbors so we hung out a lot outside of school. The Friday night before our team's flight to Hawaii Josh decided to sleep over. My parents liked him alot so they were cool with it and he already packed his stuff for the week. After the typical night of video games and all those other sleepover things teen guys do, we decided to crash. Being close friends, we didn't mind sharing my bed. Once the lights were off Josh said to me casually, 'Dude, don't jack off tonight, okay?' His abrupt comment took me by surprise. We had talked about girls, sex, and masturbation and even wanked together before but he said it so suddenly.

'Okay, sure.. I usually do it in the morning anyway... but why??' I finally answered, still weirded out.

'You'll see, and don't do it tomorrow either... Believe me, waiting for Hawaii will make cumming even better...' Josh answered, falling asleep.

I decided he must've meant that masturbating would feel better if I saved up some cum and then did it with him in Hawaii, so I left it at that and didn't jack off. But it still kinda bugged me.

Our flight to Hawaii the next day was short but fun. Josh sat next to me so when we arrived at the airport, I leaned over and asked him, 'So is it okay for me to rub one out now?'

'I'll tell you about it later when we get to our room,' he said. Obviously, we were roommates. From the airport we went straigt to the hotel. At the lobby the JV and Varsity coaches gave the usual discipline and good behavior lecture and then the pre-game peptalk because we'd have 30 minutes to get settled in our rooms and rest a bit and then we'd have to head on over to our game.

When we finally arrived in our room, I asked Josh why he told me not to masturbate the night before. 'Don't worry about it, my brother told me that our trip here would be best if we didn't jack off,' he said. Josh's older brother was a freshman in college, he just joined Omega Delta Tau, a fraternity that most of our school's jocks, including the swimmers, joined. His brother has been on this trip several times so he must've known best. I figured he wanted us to save our semen to build up testosterone and boost our game. Despite Josh's suggestion, I had every intention of getting off after the game. As we unpacked our baggage and dressed down to our speedos and packed our game bags, I noticed Josh getting semi-hard, the outline of his penis clearly visible, as he hid what looked like a flashlight under the bed. I had to say something.

'Dude, is that what I think it is?!' Josh turned around, surprised.

'Shit! Yeah... It's a fleshlight. My brother gave it to me for my birthday...'

'Yeah, I know that!! Why did you bring it? I thought we weren't supposed to jack off on this trip!' I was confused and slightly angry that he told me not to jack off when he was going to.

'Yeah, I know sorry... Ugh, now I ruined the surpri-' He stopped, realizing he said too much. 'Never mind...' He looked at me, thinking. Then he saw my eyes glued to the toy pussy in his hands and my cock pitching a tent at the thought of fucking a fleshlight. 'Tell you what, since I obviously planned on blowing a load here tonight on this baby, you can have a go with it.'

I really wanted to, and I didn't mind sticking my cock up that fake pussy that Josh had obviously fucked up before... but I decided to save it up for later that night. I told him I'd strecth it out later and we made our way to the game. The game was easy, our rival an easy kill. Our coaches said we did great and then went back to the hotel, leaving the Varsity team in charge of the JV. On the way to our team's private sauna/spa/shower, I was getting horny just thinking about ramming my dick up Josh's sextoy. Inside there were no stalls at all, just a tiled room with showerheads. Josh pulled me over, 'This is what we've been waiting for...' I was about to answer him with a question when he pointed at the Varsity Capt., a Greek god, standing in the center of our teams on a stool, trying to calm everyone down and get their attention.

'Great night tonight team!!' He yelled like a he-man. We answered him with rallied cheers. 'So tonight,' he continued, 'and the rest of the week we'll celebrate, regardless of how we score. Varsity Seniors, as you know, this is our last year on the team, and the JV mates will take our places as we join the ranks of Omega Delta Tau!!' The seniors shouted in victory. 'They must be initiated into the Varsity team in the Ritual.' The seniors started laughing. One of the seniors came in through the door with a tray full of shot glasses, each filled with something that looked like milk. 'Separate the destined!!' Lance, the Varsity Capt. yelled. The seniors came at us JV players and pushed us to one side of the showers. 'Each of you, initiates, must consume one entire shot glass of the Varsity team's CUM, lest you be doomed to play JV forever!!' He then laughed maniacally, along with all the seniors.

I looked at Josh in horror, my shocked face telling him that I didn't like what I was waiting for. 'Just do it, haven't you tasted your own cum before?' With that, he casually and quickly downed his cum-cocktail. I thought I was in for a night of torture, but I trusted Josh and I did taste my cum before and I didn't want to look like a pussy, so I drank it. It was REALLY salty. Ugh!

'Nice show of bravery, initiates,' applauded Lance. 'Now, gentlemen and comrades!! Let the Annual Masturbation Olympics begin!!!' Loud male cheers erupted from the Varsity team and they all, including Lance, and even Josh, stripped off their speedos, whipping out their meat and stroking. Suddenly what was once a shower became a cock fest!! Everyone was already hard and stroking themselves. Josh turned to me, smiling, 'THIS is what we've been waiting for!' I was a little nervous about having a circle jerk with my teammates, Josh and I were just two people, but the whole team? I hurriedly stripped, trying to catch up.

'Tonight's event: CIRCLE JERK! The first team whose members have all came wins!!' With that the JV team, Josh and myself included, formed a circle adjacent to the Varsity's and grabbed the cocks to our left and right. Porn and lube were distributed to the competing teams, and I realized it was good that I saved some up. The rest of the circle jerk was a blur to me... All I remember was that my ears were filled with the sound of teen guys groaning and moaning, and the sound of hands slapping down on cocks. I came pretty early, squirting around 5 thick ropes of hot cum all over myself, Josh, and the shower floor. When it was over, and the noise of boys ejaculating subsided, the showerroom smelled of young hot, creamy boy juice, and it smelt good!!

Josh and I looked at each other, smiling, with cum covering our rock hard abs, some was even in Josh's hair! 'That was great!! I'm glad I waited,' I said to him. He nodded.

'And the winning team is the JV! Nice show, boys,' Lance said to the group. 'Now hit the showers and get ready for tomorrow's game AND Event 2 in the Olympics!!'

Josh and I went back to our rooms satisfied, our loads spent. Now I realized that Josh's brother was telling him ahead of time to save up his load for the Olympics. But I still wanted that fleshlight so Josh, being the great friend and promise keeeper he is, gave me a hand with his fleshlight! That was a great cum too. I went to sleep with a drained pair of balls and a happy cock!

Event Two of the Olympics is to be continued....



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