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Skinny Dipping With Chris: My First Time

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This is such a great site. I love reading about the experiences of other guys.


I had just turned fifteen, and although I had plenty of experience in the area of masturbation, no other person had ever touched me in a sexual manner.

I had been friends with Chris for a couple of years, and we had seen each other naked on several occasions, changing for gym, at the pool, etc. but it had never occurred to me that we might be taking our friendship to a more intimate level. I knew that Chris had a penis that was clearly larger than mine, which was about two or three inches soft (six inches when hard). Chris had a penis that was easily twice the length of mine when soft, and unlike my own uncut equipment, his was tightly circumcised and quite thick. Chris made the occasional comment about my penis, never about the size, which you would have expected, but about the fact that I wasn't circumcised like him. He had mentioned several times that he was 'robbed at birth', and I got the feeling he wished he had a foreskin.

One warm evening in July, we were at the lake camping, and we decided to go for a swim. As was the usual practice, neither of us wore swimming suits, the beach we were on was isolated, and we weren't particularily shy anyway. We had been swimming around for a while, got tired and stopped for a rest. We sat on the edge of the dock for a while, talking about all of the things that mattered most to us at that time, suprisingly none of it included sex.

All of a sudden, Chris blurts out, 'If I jack you off will you jack me off?' Not sure that I'd heard him right, or not quite believing it, I said 'You mean all the way?' He said 'Why not?' I was a bit stunned, but nervously managed to say 'I guess we could....' before, without any warning Chris reached over and grabbed my penis and started pulling it. I really can't describe the intensity I felt having someone else's hand on my penis for the first time.

Very quickly my penis went from being a tiny shrivelled up sprout to six inches of throbbing ecstasy. Chris got down off the dock and stood in the water, almost eye level with my groin. He seemed mesmerized by my uncut cock, and delighted in pulling the foreskin back off the head and then slowly bringing it forward again, pinching it at the end. He did this for several minutes, and with every pass I felt my nuts begin to boil. Without much notice, I realised I wasn't going to be able to stop the impending explosion, and only managed to get out the words, 'Oh no, not yet...' when the familiar spasms took control and I was jetting out spurt after spurt of relief. I gripped the edge of the dock tightly, and rode out the waves of pleasure with my eyes closed, as Chris continued milking my cock with the same slow, methodical action.

When I finally came back to reality, I gave a big shudder and enormous sigh, which Chris must have thought was hilarious, because he started giggling. When I opened my eyes, what I saw is to this day burned in my memory. I saw chris standing before me, still milking my softening cock. He had a rope of cum dangling from his hair, swinging in front of his eyes, and his chest and hands were glistening with spunk. He said 'Whoah, that was ****ing amazing.'

As my eyes were drawn down his glistening body, drenched in my own juices, I followed the trickling stream down to his feet. Above this his own cock, which had clearly responded to the situation, was pointing almost straight up from his crotch, out of the water. It was an enormous penis, throbbing and already dripping a copious amount of pre-cum.

As my penis shrivelled, it became extremely sensitive, and I told Chris 'That's enough.' Chris seemed somewhat reluctant to let go, so I pushed his gooey hands off me and scooted back further on to the dock and lay down. 'My turn', Chris exclaimed. To be perfectly honest, after having spent my lust, I had no real desire to be touching him in that way. I told him I needed to catch my breath, and he said that was ok, but to hurry up because he was going to explode. Chris sat next to me gently teasing his cock with the tips of his fingers of both hands. Several minutes passed, and I found I was becoming more interested in the activity beside me. I stole a few glances, and eventually Chris asked me if I was going to do it to him, but if not, it was ok he wouldn't be mad at me. I told him I was a bit nervous about doing it, but I'd try to do the best I could. I hopped down into the water, reversing our previous positions. With some reservations I gingerly reached for the huge penis in front of me. I can't say for sure, but it must have been close to eight inches in length, and fairly thick, with a head the size of a large plum. I couldn't help myself, I told him 'I don't think you were robbed at birth at all', which made him laugh. I could grip it with one hand on top of the other underneath the head. As I squeezed the shaft, a glob of pre-cum spilled out, Chris moaned. His cock felt quite different than mine. Being uncut, I was used to the feel of the skin gliding freely up and down the shaft. His cock was cut so tightly that the skin hardly moved at all, it felt as tight as a drum, and throbbed beneath my fingertips. I had no experience with such a configuration, so I just began to experiment, each different technique eliciting a groan of pleasure from Chris.

The technique that seemed to produce the best reaction was when I put the fingertips of both hands on either side of his penis and stroked from the base to the head and back. I settled into this routine, and watched his face as he enjoyed the sensations. Somewhere about this time, it occurred to me that this didn't seem as nasty as it did a few minutes before. Taking queues from his body movement and moans, I teased him for what must have been ten minutes. I admired my friends ability to enjoy this manipulation without losing control, as I had. I was regretting the fact that my turn had come and gone so quickly, but was pleased that I could give Chris such a ride.

Chris must have become impatient, because he eventually told me to keep doing it just like I was but to press harder on the sides of his cock with my fingers. I complied, and within a couple of minutes, Chris was gripping the edge of the dock tightly and his hips began bucking in time with my strokes. All of a sudden his frame sort of buckled, his knees spread wide apart and he let out a groan I can still hear today. Small dribbles of cum appeared at the tip of his cock, followed by several powerful spurts, one which would have hit me square in the eye if it hadn't gone over my left shoulder. The remaining expellate landed on my chest, tickling as it oozed down my leg. I will never forget the feel of his penis, pulsing in slowing contractions as it softened, beneath my fingertips. His body relaxed, and I asked him if I should stop, assuming he would be experiencing the same discomfort and sensitivity as I had. He said no, keep going, but just on the shaft. I kept stroking for several minutes, my hands all slippery with his cum. He seemed to relish in the sensations, and for quite some time he just kept his head back, with his eyes closed, enjoying all the attention.

Eventually he said 'Ok, that's good', and I stopped. Oddly, even after my initial reservations, and with his cum all over my hands, I really didn't want to stop. I guess I understood why he was so reluctant to let go of me, there was an incredible sense of power and it was hard to let go.

He jumped down off the dock and said 'That was awesome', and we both rinsed the evidence from our sticky hands and bodies. We had several more opportunities to masturbate each other in the years that followed, and I had the chance to learn how to enjoy having him bring me off in a more controlled fashion, but I don't think I've since had an experience that was so vividly burned in my memory.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the true story about what was certainly my first sexual contact. I really enjoy reading about such experiences others have had. For the longest time, I thought our experience was extremely rare, by the volume of stories compiled on this website, it seems that I am not alone.



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