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Teacher Learns a Lesson

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I work as a high school teacher for the public school system of a major US city. Recently we conducted the annual, state-mandated standardized tests. As a teacher it means I don't need to worry about advancing curriculum or grading papers for a few days. However, I do need to proctor these exams. This means sitting in a silent room for several endless hours monitoring a group of students and occasionally chaperoning trips to the bathroom (all to prevent cheating, I suppose).

I am a normal adult woman in reasonably good health. So when I'm forced to sit in silence with only my thoughts for company for hours at a time my mind tends to wander. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone reading this, considering the theme of solotouch, to learn that we weren't far into the testing process before I found myself fantasizing about the most lascivious things.

From my proctoring position I could easily see that one male student had an constant nervous habit of stroking, or adjusting his penis, and at one point another was fighting to find a comfortable position to sit with a rather prodigious erection. Working with high school students, I am more often amused or appalled by the constant hormone flares they experience, but not aroused. I do not fantasize about my students, as a rule, and would never violate the trust that has been placed in me. I'm ashamed to admit, however, in this context I let my imagination get the better of me.

Looking around the room gave me no shortage of material for my fantasies. As a teacher you hear all the gossip about who is involved with whom, which girls have a bad reputation and which boys have a good one. It didn't take much imagination to create all sorts of erotic scenarios - coupling different students with one another and with me. I began to slowly work myself into quite a state. I could feel the heat rising in my chest and the blush warming my cheeks - the tingling sensation descending into my lower abdomen, and the moisture saturating my panties. Squeezing my thighs together brought me some relief, but no release. I closed my eyes for a moment and was suddenly acutely aware of how heavily I was breathing. I basked in the forbidden excitement of the moment.

I know that I'm not one of the school's favorite teachers. I have never been especially attractive and my best years have long since passed. Most students dread taking my class. Somehow it gave me an intense feeling of satisfaction and arousal to fantasize in this way. To sit right in front of them and use them, as such, to bring me this illicit pleasure was glorious. It was almost like revenge for all their back talk, indifference, and poor attitude to indulge my sexuality while they slaved away over their testing booklets without a clue to the depraved thoughts I was enjoying. Suddenly the thought of bringing myself to orgasm while I sat before my students - to claim the most intimate expression of my humanity and individuality right there at the front of my classroom with my students present - became completely overwhelming.

I have been blessed with an unusually large and sensitive clitoris that enjoys regular attention. The pressure of sitting a certain way and grinding into my chair just right, accompanied by the right rate of breathing and the right mental stimulation have occasionally brought me to the brink. Several times over the years I have taken this method to its ultimate conclusion in private. In public, however, I have always stopped myself just before tipping over the edge for fear of embarrassing myself. This time, I decided, would be different.

I adjusted my seating position and began discretely rocking back and forth ever so slightly, but ever so deliciously. I knew it would not take long, and within minutes I could feel my climax approaching. I quickly glanced around the room to see if I had drawn anyone's attention, but every student was engrossed in their test. Suddenly the sensation was upon me and, true to my impulse, I didn't withdraw as the first contraction gripped my vagina. It took all of my self control to suppress a moan which I managed to release as a long erratic exhale through gritted teeth. I could not entirely suppress the spasms of my thigh muscles, but covered it by stretching out my legs - pointing my toes hard. Then, as the spasms subsided, I stood up to walk down the row of desks. As I rose, my cervix contracted again and I felt a flow of pent up moisture pour out of my pussy, soak my panties and run down my inner thighs inside my freshly pressed slacks. Only one student looked up during my performance and I'm quite sure she had no idea what she had witnessed.

During the next break in the test I went to the faculty restroom and made the best of the condition of my slacks. My panties were beyond help so I wrapped them in toilet paper and stuffed them in the bottom of my bag. Going without underwear and the knowledge of what I'd just done kept me in a cheeky mood for the rest of the afternoon.

Upon reflection I have very mixed emotions about this experience. On one hand I feel tremendously guilty for behaving in such an inappropriate and unprofessional manner, and for my lack of self control. I'm sure I would think less of another teacher who behaved in such a way - coming so close to crossing a line from which there is no return. On the other hand, it felt so good to take that moment for myself and get away with it. To prove to myself that I was still a red-blooded women who could take anything I desired and that these students had no power to control me or my thoughts. For the briefest moment I was in charge and could do absolutely anything I wanted even if it was wrong. A gal could really get used to that kind of power. I have never been a very dominant woman, sexually or otherwise, but I believe I was given a tiny taste of what that might be like.

I don't think I will ever do anything like that again, but the memory will serve as a trophy that I will cherish for some time.



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