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Just the three of us

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This is the first one I had posted on Whispering Lily by a friend of mine. She really liked it because parts of the story are based on something that really happened. I'll let you all guess which parts are real and which are pure fantasy!

A good night out with friends had come to an end. The three of us collapsed on the sofa, my head tucked under my boyfriend John's arm and his hand draped around my shoulder resting on my breast. I spread my legs out over Mark, our mutual friend; all three of us were relaxed and still very under the influence of that night's beverages.

The soft-core film on the TV was beginning to make my mind drift to possibilities of pleasure. I can feel my boyfriend's cock growing in his jeans as he watches the girl on the screen being fucked. His fingers begin lightly tracing over my nipple. I push myself closer to him, letting him know the movie along with his touch are having an effect on me. Mark is obviously quite happy too, his hands are absent-mindedly stroking my legs. He started just below the hem of my knee length skirt, gradually moving a little higher up my thigh. I look at his face and his smile tells me he would like to go higher if it is ok with me.

I reposition myself a little, giving him access to what lies underneath my skirt if he wanted. I look over at John to see if he has noticed something other than what was going on in the movie and to gage his reaction. John isn't missing anything, and he watches mark move his hand up under my skirt and towards my pussy. John has diverted his attention from the movie and is now looking right into my eyes. John can see the moment Mark begins to touch my pussy, as my lips part and my eyes close a little. While John watches my reaction, I feel can feel his cock twitch underneath my hand.

John and Mark two exchange words but I am oblivious as Mark's fingers trace the outline of my pussy lips. The wetness of my pussy begins soaking through to meet his fingers. John's hand was still on my breast but he was now squeezing in time with my moans, then he leans down and kisses me deeply, making me moan.

Mark's hand moves my panties out of the way and he pushes his fingers into me. I open my legs and give in to the both of them, moaning and grinding against all of the contact I am given. I close my eyes as I feel my skirt being pushed up over my parted legs and my underwear removed. My breasts released as John removed my top.

John gently moves me and lays me down on the sofa. John moves above me and soon I feel his hot cock against my lips, I open my mouth and he moans as my tongue makes contact with your erect dick. I turn my head to take you completly into my mouth just as Mark suddenly pushes his hard cock into my cunt. I gasp, mouth wide open, and John plunges his cock into my mouth. Firmly holding my head John fucks my hot mouth as mark pounds my cunt.

I want to cum so much, my pussy contracting as I feel them both moving in and out of me. John wraps his hands into my hair and uses his grip to move my head with along with the rythem of his pumping. His eyes closed and head back in pure pleasure.

Suddenly they both stop and John tells me to get on the floor, down on my knees. I kneel in front of John expecting him to make me suck his dick again, but he just smiles wickedly as he moves round behind me and Mark takes his place. He holds his cock in his hand and begins to rub it up and down on my wet cunt. I move with him, my body begging to be fucked. Mark guides himself close to my mouth and John watches as I tease Mark's cock with my tongue while my breasts swing freely as I move. I can taste myself on him as I start and it turns me on even more. I begin to take him deep into my throat and he moans as my lips caress him.

John rubs harder against my cunt and begins to push himself into me, making my mouth bump against Mark's stomach. You both gasp out loud as the feelings of pleasure take over. I suck hungrily moving down Mark's cock every time John pushes into me, deeper and deeper.

Mark then wraps his hands in my hair and slides in and out of my mouth. I rub my clit as John continues to fuck me hard, with one hand on my hips the other under my breasts feeling my hard nipples and brushing across them.

I moan louder and you both know I'm going to cum hard against John's cock. John watches as Mark moans and pushes into my mouth. Soon he is squirting his hot cum down my throat, mercilessly fucking my mouth as he cums. My cunt squeezes hard and I am cumming against John's cock over and over again, milking it for what I can get. John moans out load as he fucks deep into me, cumming inside me, pounding over and over as he cums, using me against his rock hard cock. It was my idea of a perfect night. Out to party then home where I got two cocks all to myself!
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