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Josh: Part 1

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Josh discover's Nate's secret... and they start a long, new friendship.


I felt his warmth (and his boner) as he pushed me against the wall, moaning quietly while shoving his tongue deeper in my mouth. I sighed with pleasure as he reached down into my pants, wrapping his soft hand around my throbbing cock. With one practiced movement, he unzipped my jeans and pushed them, along with my boxers, to the floor. His tongue left my mouth as he got down on his knees, ready to suck my dick?


I snapped out of my daydream. "What? Sorry, could you repeat the question??"

"Nathan, you need to pay more attention in class. What did you get for number 23??"

I read off my answer as I repositioned my hands to cover the bulge in my pants. How did Mr. Meyer expect me to pay attention in class, with Josh sitting right in front of me? I spent those 45 minutes of algebra every day just admiring him from behind. His straight yet bouncy blonde hair, his broad shoulders and strong but not too muscular arms, his smooth and long legs? everything about him was perfect.

"Hey Nate" he said, turning around after the bell rang, "Want to stay over this Saturday? My parents are going to see my Grandma, and I don't want to be bored all weekend."

"Sounds great!?" I replied, trying to hide my excitement. Josh and I have been good friends since elementary school, so sleepovers were nothing out of the ordinary, but I just enjoyed spending time with him.

"Come over at 5 and we?ll get a pizza." he said, and left for his next class. I stayed a few steps behind and enjoyed the view.

I stepped off the bus and walked to my house. I saw my mom's car wasn't in the driveway, so I walked around back and used the key hidden under the flower pot.

There was a note on the counter: "Dad and I are going to visit Abby. We'll be back Sunday night. Call us if you need anything. -Mom" Abby was my older sister, and she went to college about 8 hours from where we lived.

After much procrastinating, I did my homework and went to bed.

I left the house, armed with my backpack of clothes, video games, and my toothbrush. After a quick bike ride, I was greeted by a grinning, shirtless Josh holding a piece of pizza between his teeth. I stepped inside, said Hey, and accepted a slice of pepperoni.

"Hey Nate! I went swimming a few hours ago and didn't really feel like putting a shirt on, because hey, nobody's home." he said. I didn't mind at all. "So, what do you want to do?" he asked.

"I dunno. What do you want to do?" I replied. "Truth or dare?"

We had played truth or dare before, but it was always dumb stuff like eat ketchup or the infamous question, "Who do you like?"

"Sure!" he replied "But let's make it more fun, if you chicken out you have to do whatever the other person wants for an hour."

I agreed and he went first. "Truth or dare, Nate?" he asked with an evil grin.


He thought for a second, then said, "I dare you to take off your shirt."

Easy, I thought. Only after I had taken it off did I realize my problem. Without my shirt to cover it, you could clearly see a large bulge in my pants. I was excited from watching Josh walk around shirtless, and he definitely noticed.

"Ooh, horny I see. Like what you see?" he asked sarcastically, then stood up and did a little dance. My bulge visibly grew larger. "Oh. You really do, don?t you? Nate, are you gay?"

I felt a pit of fear grow in my stomach. Nobody knew my secret. I frantically tried to put my shirt back on and cover my bulge but Josh stopped me. He grabbed my arm and gently took my shirt away from me. He whispered "Because I am. I can't believe I never realized you were too."

I stood there, shocked from his revelation.

He stepped closer, and I could feel his breath on my face. As the space between us closed, I opened my mouth slightly and pressed my lips against his. We stood there, warm and close for what seemed like an eternity, before he stepped away.

"I've been wanting to do that for so many years." he said, with his trademark goofy grin. I laughed, "Me too!"

He wrapped me in his arms and pulled me to the floor. Our legs tangled together, shirtless chests pressed together, and tongues dancing through each others mouths. I moaned slightly and he bit my lip. He pulled away for a second, looked me in the eyes, and said "I love you."

We kissed for another hour, completely drunk on each other. Finally, I leaned back, breathless. "Want to go upstairs"

Without a word, he swept me off my feet and carried me up to his room, where he placed me on his bed. We started at it again, and before long I felt him reach down and grab my rock hard boner through my pants. I reached down too and returned the favor. After a minute, I couldn't take it any more, and tore off my pants and boxers. He did the same, and we grabbed each other's dicks.

I never realized how amazingly soft a dick felt in my hand until I held his. It was rock hard, dripping precum, but incredibly soft at the same time. I absolutely loved it.

Then, he grabbed mine and I almost came right there. The feeling of someone else rubbing your cock for the first time is incredible. It was nothing like when I did it myself.

With a moan of pleasure, I layed next to him, stroking his cock while he stroked mine. He moved over and kissed my neck. His legs spread wider and his left wrapped around my right. The warmth and closeness were almost too much.

Apparently for him, it was. He tensed up, took a big breath, and shot a massive load all over my hand and his stomach, holding my cock tight all throughout the process. I kept stroking for a minute, until he moved my hand off his sensitive cock. He turned his head to look at me, smiled, and said "That was amazing. Now its your turn."

He got on his hands and knees, and repositioned himself so his still hard, dripping with cum cock was directly above my face, and his face was above my cock. He put his lips around the head of mine and I let out a gasp of pleasure. As his tongue danced slowly down my cock, I licked every last drop of cum from his.

I felt every little movement of his mouth. He knew what he was doing, and was trying his best to make me feel amazing. It didn't take long.

I felt that deep feeling. The calm before the storm. I felt my whole body relax, then tense up. He felt it too, and sucked even faster. I grabbed onto his back and butt hard, thrusting into his mouth and deep into his throat as I felt the cum rush out of me. My whole body pulsed as I exploded with pleasure, and by the time I was done, he was choking down cum with a smile.

He flipped himself back over and layed down next to me, grinning, sweating, and grasping for air. He put his arm around me, and pulled the covers over us as I fell asleep on his shoulder. ?Good night? he whispered, as he turned out the lights, snuggled up next to me and rested his hand on my chest.


To be continued

Copyright 2015 Nathan Reese



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