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Best Friends Share Semen, Part 2

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This is continuation of Justin and I and our sexual exploration. Believe it or not, it is a TRUE story!


After Justin and I shared our sleepover fun when we brought each other to orgasm three times, we did not talk for a while. I think it was harder for him to sort out his sexual feelings and his feelings about our friendship. However, my puppy love feelings for him continued to grow, and I was waiting for another opportunity us to explore each other's pleasure.

Towards the end of the school year, we were talking again, and we happened to catch sight of each other in the main hallway of our high school one afternoon. He was walking towards the sophomore parking lot, and I was waiting on my parents to pick me up from school. We started chatting and soon enough brought up our trysts and the code word "World History Session," and Justin said "it's been solo for so long". 

I just laughed and said, "Well, we can take care of that...maybe even right now if you want."

He looked shocked and said, "How...right here at school?!"

"Yep, sometimes I do it at the urinal early in the morning when no one is around." Though I only did it a few times, the thrill of jerking off in school and having someone walking in on me was enough to make me cum in like 2 minutes. I was never caught.

He said, "Okay, but that sounds a little risky." 

We then went to one of the nearby bathrooms and stood at opposite ends of the urinal wall (in case anyone came in). He was watching me and I was watching him as we slowly stroked our hard teenage cocks. No one was really in the building at the time, but we noticed something was a bit off about the whole situation. We both wanted to feel each other's dicks and be closer. So we put our cocks back in our shorts, and Justin suggested we drive around in his car.

Since my parents wouldn't arrive to pick me up for another hour, I thought it would be plenty of time to fool around. My mind was reeling at the opportunity, and I was so happy my best friend was in the same dirty frame of mind as myself. 

We walked down to his car (a red 1994 Chrysler LeBaron) and drove down the street to a neighborhood, where we took out our cocks and nervously started stroking them. It was so crazy-hot and thrilling to be driving around in broad daylight with our cocks hanging out of our shorts and building up our horny adolescent energy. We tentatively put our hands on each other's dicks and slowly enjoyed the soft sensation of youthful play.

As we rounded another street, we parked in front of some townhomes and pulled our pants down to our ankles (we were so nervous about being caught!). We stroked each other for around 10-15 more minutes before I reached over and concentrated on Justin's 7 inch erection. His perfect cock complemented his athletic soccer body and light brown pubes; I was mesmerized and soaked it all in. 

After several more minutes of my handiwork, he said "I'm gonna cum" and spurted several milky white jets over his abs and my hand. Some ran down into his pubes. Conscious of our timing, he quickly pulled his pants up and said "your turn." 

I laid back in the seat and let my friend pleasure my cock with his soft yet firm hand, but it took a while for me to really get over the nervousness of our somewhat public situation. After a while, I took over for a bit and brought myself to the brink and said "finish me off!" Justin then reached over and stroked me to a fabulous orgasm, spurting high up onto my shirt and over parts of the seat. He was stunned by my shooting abilities, but I was more concerned about parents seeing my stains when they picked me up!

After I pulled up my shorts and tried to conceal parts of my gooey mess, we drove back to the school. Justin dropped me off with a smile, said "see ya later" and drove off. It was so casual, so easy, so wonderful.

My parents picked me up and were none the wiser, but the whole scenario replayed in my mind many times that evening and in the coming years, inspiring many more orgasms.  



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