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Jimmy And Jay Awakening

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A coming of age story, two growing boys one hot summer.

This is part fiction, part fantasy part real life.. 


Growing up relatively close in the same neighborhood, Jimmy and Jay had become friends while inevitably attending the same middle school together. Summer is on its way, getting warmer everyday and the pool at Jimmy’s parents was quickly becoming a pastime on day when they could go for a dip. 


In the eighth grade now in middle school having some of the same classes together but Jay was a year older at 15 and Jimmy mid 14, they had a lot in common it seemed. But things were about to get more common, both in puberty now and young men tend to compare and and be competitive naturally. Jimmy being younger, couldn’t wait to swim with Jay this summer in his parents' pool, and they both were getting the athletic body any girl, or maybe guy, would love.


But Jay being a bit older was also curious and something about Jimmy was sexual to him. He wondered if he was bisexual. Jimmy had lately been wondering the same about himself too. They mentioned it in sex ed class, and it’s the late 90’s so lots of new things going on. Jay would not admit it but he kind of felt more and more attracted or curious about other boys, but still liked the alpha male aspect as many growing boys do.


“I can’t believe the teacher gave us free condoms today in health class,” Jimmy said as they walked from the bus stop.


“Well it’s better then having to go buy them, for sure.”


Jimmy giggled, “Well at least you don’t have Kate sitting in front of you, she’s so tan already, I’d love to swim with her sometime.”


“I think she has a high school boyfriend so you better tan up some more Jim. Hope I can catch up to you tan assholes this summer.”


Jimmy laughed, “Well mom and dad won’t be home for hours if you wanna go swim? 


Jay agreed as they rounded the corner into the development. 


“Not gonna lie,” Jay said, “ I sometimes get a hard on in class when the teacher talks about some of that. I hide my boner pretty good though.”


“Me too!” Jimmy said. And they put that banana in the condom earlier. I never tried one on before and don’t think I can be a banana! They even gave free condoms for safe sex.”


“Really? I never tried one either and don’t fret, I don’t think I’d fit it either,” Jay said.


As they got up to the bedroom to change into swim trunks, they both had semi erections and Jimmy pointed it out telling Jay, “Dude, you can’t swim with a boner!”


“I do not have a boner!” he sat down on the bed.


“Prove it then, show me,” Jimmy said.


“I’m less than the that  banana I think.. But maybe someday Kate will like it though.. you should try on that condom, looks like you’re hard too!” 


“I’ll be fine,” Jimmy said, “I’m probably about seven or eight inches anyway. It looked even bigger last time I jerked off, and was like rock hard. I bet on Saturday I beat off like 4 or 5 times looking at one of my dad's pornos, I’m always horny! Do you ever get like that, just keep going as long as you can?”


“That’s a lot of jerking off, wow!" Jay said. “It sometimes takes me a while to get full wood, like in class, I try to keep it at a semi. But I don’t always have the privacy to blow my load more then every few days. I am horny though too from class.. When you jerk off do you cum a lot?”


“I’ve only been jacking for a few months” Jimmy said sheepishly, “I only got to cum for like a few weeks now so now, at least I’m feeling like other kids probably do my age.”


“Sorry, didn’t mean to put you on the spot. I was there not long ago too. Now I jerk off when I can.  Sometimes after gym in the bathroom.”


“Really?” Jimmy responded. His dick so hard now he wanted Jay to see it, he wanted to see Jay’s too and Jay was thinking the same. “Ok, I’ll show you mine, but you have to show me too. We have seen each other in the showers.. just not hard. I noticed you’re like maybe the thickest even soft after gym. And the other guys don’t have balls that hang like you either. Did you ever measure yours?  I haven’t but I want to now after sex ed class, since talking about size, maybe I should try the condom. Think I should?” Jimmy giggled.


“Well.. ok.. I guess if you want to.. don’t tell Kate though.. I do need to cum after a few days.“ Jay posed the question bravely, “You want to like jerk off together, then we swim? I don’t think it’s that weird or gay if you don’t think so..?”


Jimmy agreed, both hearts were pounding, then Jay pulled his shirt, then shorts all the way off. Jimmy did the same. They then sat next to each other on the bed and looked at each others cocks, comparing.. size, shape, color.. It was all Jimmy could do to not cum right then. If he could again. It’s only been a few times for him.


Jimmy said, “I never showed anyone it hard before. I used to not have any hair, but since I’m getting that and it’s not so small anymore I’m not so ashamed.  Not like the porno guys, but better than it used to be. Looks like you went soft?” Jimmy looked over at Jay’s hanging penis, looking much like he’d seen in gym before. 


“Yeah I guess I’m a little shy cuz I’ve never shown anyone either before now,” Jay said shyly. “Boy you really are hard!” Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jimmy was pointing straight out between his thighs.


“Yeah, told you it’s been getting harder lately. Even still, I’m just catching up to you I’m sure, and you’re so thick.. I said I would, so I’ll get the measuring tape from your desk, I can wrap it around mine.”


Jimmy was sweating as he fetched a tailor tape from Jay's desk, his erection pointing straight out like an arrow.


“Wait!” Jimmy then said, “You should see how long yours is right now, like, before it wakes up!”


He handed the tape to Jay and tugged himself a few times watching Jay place the tape along his swelling penis. Jay was more turned on than he was expecting, but remaining sober, wanting to really see how he measured up since dick sizes were often talked about in school lately, and in pornos it seemed to be a big deal too.


“So far it’s almost 6 inches looks like. It’s not full size yet. I’ll get it there.” He slowly tugged looking at Jimmy’s dick, as Jimmy now started to tear open the condom packet from school.


“Might as well try it out, right?” Jimmy started unrolling the condom on himself, just like the teacher showed in class. “There, it fits! I was worried I’d be too small, whew! It’s long enough to cover the whole shaft but not too loose. Let me see the tape, good a time as any to see how big I am before I blow my load soon!” 


Jimmy fumbled the tape around his hard sheathed shaft and read off, “Almost five inches around right now. I can tell you’re more than that already.” Jimmy could noticeably see Jay's girth next to him in comparison, and still thickening it seemed. Jay's penis head had also now grown surprisingly thicker. Amazed he was taking so long to get hard, was Jay shy? Jimmy ached! Maybe that was his erection?


Jay then said, “I wanna see how long you are too. Check that, looks pretty big. You might even grow more too, like I did last year. I used to be smaller than you are now.”

Jimmy’s hard dick was straining straight out perpendicular to the floor, and he tried to be as big as possible. “Damn I was hoping to be at least a 7 inch,” saying as he measured himself. “Miss Stacy told us that’s a larger than average sizem but looks like I’m about 6 and a quarter. At least the condom fits though, I don’t know about you fitting, it’s still looks you’re getting bigger. Damn Jay!”


“Yeah I want to make sure it gets hard as I can, it will be hard like yours is soon, see the veins are starting to pop out. It should be a lot of cum too, if you want to see that?”


“Hell yeah, I can’t hold off much longer. You might need the large size condoms, these are just regular fit ones it says.”


“You really think it’s that big?” Jay said. 


“The biggest I’ve ever seen. I don’t think my hand would close around it like I can with mine.” Jimmy pulled his condom off and said “Here, I’ll let you feel how hard mine is if you want.” He guided Jay’s hand to his shaft. Jay was for the first time touching another guy in such a way. But neither of them felt gay or awkward. And no one will know. He stroked Jimmy’s hard shaft along with his own noticing that Jimmy was very hard indeed, but Jay felt he was already the larger one and it kind of turned him on. Now Jay would now try the condom also to be fair, even though he wasn’t yet hard as he can get, but hard enough he thought.


“It’s almost getting as hard as you, I’ll try the condom now anyway.” He freed his hand from Jimmy and opened the condom. He could not roll the condom past his large mushroom head. He hadn’t expected that. As he tried he felt himself swelling more. Jimmy watched wide eyed.


“You’re too big Jay, holy shit. Your cock head might not let the condom on, it’s like twice the size of my head! You have to measure that thing, we need to know!”


“Maybe the condom isn’t working because it’s not hard enough yet?” Jay exclaimed. “But it’s getting there. I think my head has for sure grown a lot since last year though. I notice it more and more when I jerk off lately, and it’s more sensitive.”


Jay was noticeable leaking from his head now watching Jimmy, his dick still seemed to hang but was definitely growing thicker and rising “Dude you probably are the biggest in our whole gym class. I’m sure even beats Kate's boyfriend too!” Jimmy said.


“Maybe, but you might too, not like we’re inviting them over to find out though, I wish to find out someday.. someday maybe.”


“It’s almost done growing now,” Jay said. “Touching yours really helped. I’ll let you touch mine too if you want. This condom is a no go, I wanna see the color of your dick head again again, take the condom off.”



Without much hassle, Jimmy slipped the condom off himself, reveling a reddish color head, somewhat pointed, a few glistening drops of precum escaped. Jay could see, and as he was just as horny, he was leaking too, it would get messier soon enough he knew. 


Sitting side by side, Jimmy couldn’t believe his eyes. Jay let go of himself, his throbbing cock standing straight up when Jay paused. The huge smooth purplish head on it was plum sized, the shaft so girthy beyond that, got even impossibly thicker toward the base where his huge balls hung. He could easily use both fists with room to spare if he chose Jimmy thought, as Jay now just used his left hand while Jimmy sat on the right, next to each other on the bed, their young bodies tanned and sweating.  Both with defined abs and dicks out. They were both obviously very turned on. 


It felt so naughty and taboo, easy for both to question their sexuality inside, but not caring so much in the moment. Both naked in Jimmy’s room, sweating. The tan lines showing. Both boys were a similar athletic build but Jay looking the more matured, more hairy, but they were still young men growing up. Jay only outweighed Jimmy by about five pounds at 140 but Jay had a slim waist too, making his growing penis look all the more impressive. If only the other kids knew! 


“Dude that’s just insane.” Jimmy handed the tape over to Jay. “I have been so turned on that I feel like I might have or should have cum a few times, but so far nothing much has come out. No orgasm feeling, You don’t even need lube, you look like it’s all wet!”


Jay giggled, “Yeah it’s “pre cum”, as I get an erection it starts leaking and it can be kind of messy! But I think I’m about fully hard now, you see it starts curving up more as I get there?”


“Yeah I see!” Jimmy eyed in amazement noticing the slight upward curve and the very pronounced veins coursing up the shiny shaft. Jay let himself go and his dick popped up at attention, the head smacked against his abs, nearly reaching his chest. “Holy shit, look at that! How big will it get?! I’m so hard now I might have even grown more just watching! I didn’t think you would get so thick either, man I wish I was that thick. Check and see how big it is around, mine was about 5 inches but it’s about the same the whole way up, you look thickest down where your balls are, wrap it around there maybe?”


Jimmy again grabbed the tape to measure himself in front of his friend once more. “Damn still just over the six mark.. it’s your turn, come on let’s see!” 


Jay took the tape, so turned on and so curious. He knew he was larger already just by looking, and had grown more over the past year or so, but was expecting them to be pretty close to the same, not being too much older in age. Jimmy didn’t seem to care or feel like a sore loser, he was just as horny as as him obviously, and enjoying the whole experience.


“Ok I’ll check my length and thickness just like you did, it’s gotten so hard right now I can’t take much more, when it’s fully hard I can cum pretty quick if I want to. Sometimes I do it twice in a row if I have time.”


Jay wrestled his hard dick perpendicular to the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed, the veins engorged along the whole shaft. Jay fumbled the tape from his pubic bone all the way along until it hung from the tip of the head. Jimmy was leaning intently watching every inch reveal. “What’s it look like to you Jimmy? Right at the very tip whats it look like to you, I’m trying to hold it where the curve is and not drop the tape?”


“Oh my god dude. That’s crazy. It’s damn near nine fucking inches?! From your pubes to the end of the head it’s almost eight and three quarter inches, close to nine, wow!  Shit, Jay that’s fucking huge! I can’t believe you grew to almost nine inches!”


“I guess that’s not in the average huh?” Jay shakily said. Feeling very manly for really the first time ever in front of his smaller friend. He himself was surprised, he knew he was larger than some of the porno guys he’s seen, or thought so anyway.


“Jay look at that, your head is so big, from the tip to where the shaft starts is almost three inches long, just the head! it’s almost at the six mark! My head is like maybe half of yours, and not nearly that fat. Ok I wanna see you measure around the thickest part near the balls where those big veins are!”


Jay then, as turned on as ever, obliged and tried to keep his erection pointed outward where Jimmy could read that along with him as well. “Looks like.. about 7.5, maybe..” he moved the tape closer to mid shaft, “here it’s almost seven.. I wasn’t expecting to be so thick honestly.”


“Fuck Jay you’re seven plus around, more than two whole inches then me, and you’re probably twice as wide, I can’t believe you got that big, I’ve never seen one so huge, my god! That’s a hand full, you could use both hands even.”


Jay wrapped both fists around his penis and said “see I actually do sometimes!” And giggled as he showed his friend, so hard now both hands couldn’t wrap the whole girth like Jimmy visibly could, and still the large head poking beyond his fists.  


“Looks like you’re still very hard man,” Jay noticed as he reached over and took hold of Jimmy again. “It is very hard like mine, I bet you wanna feel my dick now too?” Jay said as he scooted back a bit to lean back on the pillows off to his side, his very large balls coming back into the mattress with him. He wanted Jimmy to have a good view as he was about to let him touch it. He really wanted to see Jimmy actually jizz for him if he could, wondering how much would come out. And he would do the same. There was no other way. 


Jimmy then sat back himself, and positioned himself next to Jay for a better angle. He noticed all the slick precum drenching this huge dick as Jay forced his erection up more vertically skyward. The sight was intimidating for Jimmy as his dick was so large and shiny, but at this point with his own dick in hand, he had the chance to feel another one. He didn’t know why this was so hot and horny to him, but it was. Jimmy said “well maybe if I start jerking off more mine will grow more,  by the time I’m your age next year. I guess I wast the size I thought, but that’s still a normal size I guess like the teacher said. But you’re over normal for sure, I wonder if you get even bigger too, I still can’t believe you’re so huge, imagine if you showed the class! Good thing you don’t get turned on like I do in gym showers, keeping from looking at the other guys is hard and I always feel my dick start to grow a little, you can’t hide yours like me! Can I touch it for a little bit and see if it’s as hard as me?”


“Just be careful, the head is very sensitive, and I’m gonna blow soon. I’m sure you wanna see that too right?” Jay said as he felt oddly dominant and held his boner at waiting attention. “It’s been two days, might be messy. Sometimes I think I can blow more than the porno guys, that’s changed over last couple years too. We’ll see soon, sometimes it’s shoots out far too, like up over my head onto the wall!”


“Yeah Jay, of course you know I wanna see that too,” Jimmy mutters as his heart pounded, his dick throbbing and reached over and put his hand around Jay’s big dick. Just a gentle steady grip, as he stared at what he was doing with his friend. 


“So what do you think?” Jay said. “Don’t be afraid to grip tighter and stroke if you want. Even if you squeeze really hard it’s not gonna hurt now that it’s fully hard.”


Jimmy tightened his grip. Jays cock was like stone hardness, and his hand wasn’t even close to encircling around it, the thickness was unbelievable. Compared to what he was slowly stroking in his other hand, he could wrap his fist around his own easily, the difference was very apparent. And as hard is his dick looked, it was harder then he’d expected, he had no idea a penis could get so hard. Harder then Jimmy on his best day and Jimmy compared to some porno guys seemed like he could be harder then some dicks he seen, but Jays was so hard he had to use some force to stand it upright, or else Jay would literally snap back toward his body, and point straight up. Jimmy pointed pretty much straight out, Jay would have to be half hard before dropping. And his hand looked so small on Jay and he could easily use both hands like he’d thought.  


“It’s so much harder than mine even, it’s solid like steel. It’s so fucking big. You are like the size of three of mine I bet! Use your hand too with mine, put your other hand on my dick again too.. oh my god it’s like steel, and so thick.. look at how swollen the head is. That’s at least three times the size of my head. I can’t believe my eyes. How can that even fit in a girls mouth.. or pussy.”


Jay was being sent over the edge watching Jimmys dick, hearing his words, as he tugged on it, feeling his precum ooze more. Then as Jimmy’s breathing grew heavier and his eyes glazed over, Jay thought Jimmy might actually really cum. So he stroked on top of Jimmy’s hand and asked him to cum on his own stomach. “I know you’re about to, just keep a hand on me to help, and I’m close too, I want you to feel how it throbs when I cum, it swells even more usually as I shoot and gets real hard too” And because Jay knew he could blow any time, he could feel Jimmy getting even harder and was loving touching this new dick and turned on too much by now as he was fixated on Jays size difference as much as Jay. He really didn’t expect to have his friend naked next him and being as big as he’s gotten, now realizing that after comparing and finding out how many inches they both were, Jimmy  seeing in person that Jay actually was larger then that banana and the condom wasn’t gonna fit like for Jimmy, he wanted him to see if he could make a good cum shot as well, and he was close hoping to see Jimmy cum first.


“You like having this nine inch cock in your hand, as we both jerk it, you’re gonna make me cum Jimmy, can you feel it building up?” 


Jimmy could in fact feel that big cock pulsating in his hand, seemingly growing even bigger yet and with Jays comment he grunted and the orgasm was building, watching his friends huge dick that was bigger then he’d imagined, likely bigger then he will ever be even if he grows another half inch or whatever he’d never come close. Jay probably had the biggest dick in the whole school and they both never considered it til just lately as horny boys in the teens, he really liked felling and watching this cock, seeing him grow from practically soft but still impressive, it grew to sizes that would amaze anyone, nine inches is a big cock, he knew that. He wished to see him fuck a girl with it, since he’d never experience trying to fit inside like Jay might. But he was so rock hard and oozing precum that he could probably force into any pussy. And that would be one full girl if so. 


Thinking about it was too much, Jimmy felt himself about to cum, he told Jay to stroke him slower and feel him cum, point it upward and convulsed, and Jays cock pulsing so hard, throbbing as Jay was on the brink, and Jimmy just whispered “god damn just so. Fucking. Big..” He shuttered, and had a hard orgasm and his penis began to spurt. Not a lot, but Jimmy had definitely just cum all down his hand and side of his stomach. But still eyes fixed on Jays incredible big dick, watching as his hand pumped with Jay’s barely grazing the crown of the huge mushroom head as it still dribbled. But then Jay tensed and slowed as his cock throbbed hard and Jay said “it is.. about to.. just use your hand, want you to see..”


That was enough for Jay. Watching Jimmy’s hand pumping his long shaft. He watched himself as they pumped the cum from the shaft and all he could whisper was “now it’s my turn.. I knew you cum, nice to see you did. Maybe by next year you’ll blow a bigger load like I feel about to. Just stop stroking now and hold it straight out and watch and feel.”


Jimmy did as told, he could feel Jay swell and indeed harden somehow even more, his dick looking so big and strong, maybe even growing larger, his hand looking so small trying his best to hold Jay as he felt an intense throb pulse through the shaft, feeling thicker then ever as he watched Jay spurt a load of cum straight up and off onto the floor, and and throb doing the same again, shooting a big rope of cum several feet up and land on Jays stomach. And followed by another half dozen throbs each shooting up and landing around them. It was a lot more than Jimmy’s ever been able to do, just watching and feeling was making Jimmy start to get hard again. Jay had one good big load at the end, not flying up as much as just up and out, running all out of the large head, covering it and running down the shaft, all down Jimmy’s hand. Then another throb as more cum spurted out and ran down. Jimmy was amazed, it really did seem like a lot, it was warm and gooey as Jimmy kept his grip on the still hard dick thinking that he’d never seen even a porno where a guy did that much.


“Damn Jay you weren’t lying, that was a big load, I mean, I never came near that much.. maybe next year I’ll try again, if you want. Your dick is still so hard too after that.. Maybe next year if you let me, I wanna touch it again, unless you get this into a pussy somehow. I can at least start a rumor at school, maybe it will get around, maybe some girl will be curious. I know all the guys will!”


“Well the guys all claim to have big dicks anyway, maybe it’s just bullshit lies. At least we know know, I guess bigger then we expected, maybe you’ll catch up soon though and we can be studs together. We shall see, we shall see.. let’s go swim and let us calm down some, I don’t want parents to catch us!”


Right then, Jimmy’s older sister knocked on the door..









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