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My First Cum

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This is the story of the first time I ever masturbated to ejaculation when experimenting with a friend.


At 13 I was in my first year of high school and very innocent, particularly around masturbation. At school all my friends were going through the stage of tongue kissing or getting on and feeling up. I'd learned about sex from books my parents gave me and a few classes in primary school but nothing around self pleasure, I knew what wanking was and had gotten as far as enjoying stroking myself a little bit when I'd gotten hard but didn't really know what to do with it or that I should keep going.

I had a friend T, who was my age from my previous primary school who lived down the street, although we went to separate high schools, we still hung out and played computer games together pretty frequently. One afternoon we were hanging out in his room just talking nonsense when he brought out a junk mail catalog that was full of women in lingerie, both of us were browsing it commenting about what we liked about various women in it, the conversation then turned to girls at our own schools what they looked like and how developed they were compared to what we were seeing in the catalog. Eventually it turned to puberty in general and we just started talking about growing hair, getting pimples etc.

T at this point asked "how about we compare how much hair we have", I was pretty curious at this point so I said sure. We both unzipped our pants and pulled them down a bit. He already had a lot of hair down there, much thicker than mine. We kind of just sat there staring at each others dicks for a while, I'd seen others before but not in the same situation where I was allowed to look. Eventually T asked if I'd ever hung out naked with anyone, again I said no but was still up for it so we both just took our clothes off and and were just sitting on his floor naked at this point. I was turned on by this point, and so was he, both of us were sporting hard dicks and his was lot thicker, but only a little bit longer than mine.

We were still pretty much looking at each others dicks when T commented that my pubes looked a lot softer than mine and asked if he could feel them, I had gone past the point of not caring and said yes. First he reached out and stroked the puff of pubes above my dick, then he moved his hand down and cupped my balls and then felt my dick. This was the first time anyone had touched me there like that and it felt amazing I told him it was awesome and then I did the same back to him. It was a bit of a weird experience playing with someone else, you know what your own dick feels like but another person feels like something brand new, I ran my hand from his pubes down to his balls and then back up and held his shaft. By this point both of us were so worked up.

T just started stroking his own dick and I started doing mine, being inches away from each other jerking our own dicks looking at each other was a hot experience that will be forever imprinted in me, T eventually said he was going to cum and I watched him explode all over his chest. I was still going at this point, he asked me if I was close and I told him I wasn't sure as I'd never cum before. He just said keep going, and then he sat beside me then reached over and started massaging my balls that set me off and for the first time in my life I cummed, the feeling was intense and nothing I ever felt like, I lost all control and just flopped on my back with my dick spurting everywhere, I was in heaven.

Eventually I came back to earth and assessed the mess, I'd cum on me, I'd cum on T's floor and I'd also hit T's chest. He handed me a box of tissues and said next time we do this, he gets to cum on me as payback.

This experience started my love for masturbation, it also started a good 12 months of more experimenting with T and a life time of fun with other people.



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