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Jerking Off with Jack

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This is true and it happened to me a few days ago. I thought now would be a good time to share. I tend to get a little long winded so I apologize in advance for any dry parts of the story.

I'm a senior in high school and track season is about half done. My relay team has been invited to this big and prestigious track meet at a college. I've been a runner on this relay team for two years and we have made it to the state track meet both times. We have never been able to participate in this event before, so this is extremely exciting for all of us. We were scheduled to run early on Saturday morning. Luckily, our coach pulled through and got us hotel rooms to stay the night (you can see where this is heading), so we didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive there. Our relay team waited in the high school parking lot for our coach to arrive with the van to take us to the college. He finally showed up at about seven in the afternoon and all five of us runners (four who actually run and one alternate) piled into the van. I sat next to our fastest runner named Jack for the sake of anonymity. He is a hell of an athlete who is lightening fast. Problem is, he isn't the brightest in the world. He has bad grades and lacks all sorts of common sense. Jack is still one hell of an athlete.Jack asked if we could room together and I agreed. He is a great friend, but he wouldn't be my first choice to room with. More about Jack: he is about 6 feet tall, 150-160 lbs., and fit. He was a swimmer so he has very well defined muscle. He isn't a body builder by any means. He is just very well defined. Same can be said for me. I am about 6 feet 3 inches tall 185 lbs., and fit. I have well defined muscles but not to the extent of Jack. It had been really nice out and sunny for the last week , so all of us are starting to get the tan going on our arms and legs. We arrived at our hotel which was really nice. It had just been built and was over-the-top with the architecture. We checked in and went to our rooms on the fourth floor. Our coach got his own room and the other three had a room right across from the coach's. Jack and I had a room down at the other end of the hallway because it was the only one left open on that floor. We all put our stuff in our rooms and went to the room of three. By now it was 9 pm. We started playing cards and having a great time. By 10:30, we decided it was time to go to bed. Jack and I went back to our room. The room was really nice. It had a big closet, big tv, big bathroom and shower, and a huge bed. We started getting ready for bed. He was taking his contacts out in the bathroom as I was taking piss. We are both pretty open with each other so this is nothing big. We both got done and we switched roles. He was pissing as I took my contacts out. We both got done in the bathroom and we walked out to the bed. He took his shirt and socks off and jumped onto the bed. I sleep "commando" so I dropped my shorts and boxers right there letting my hairless dick fly free. He stole a quick glance as I pulled my shorts up. I didn't care because I would do the same thing. I jumped into bed next to him and we tried to watch some hockey, but neither of us could see anything that far away without our contacts in. We could both clearly see to our feet, but anything farther away was blurry. So we laid their a while trying to watch but failing miserably. To break it up, I pulled the right leg of my shorts up to my hip and pulled both my balls out to be seen. Then I slowly pulled the blanket over to exposed my balls to jack. He saw them and started laughing. He did the same quick. His balls weren't as big as mine but were twice as stretchy. He put his away and I left them mine out for a few minutes. This is the type of relationship we have. Instead of watching hockey we looked for hot girls on an app on his phone. We obviously began to decide whether or not we would fuck them. We got to one really hot one who had some good bikini pictures. I started getting a little hard. We kept looking and I kept getting harder. Then I got the idea to stand my dick up in my shorts to make a tent. I was hoping that this would lead somewhere. The more I thought about it the harder I got. By the time I finally decided to do it I was rock hard. I stood it up and said, "look mom, no hands!" He started laughing and saying, "wow, really?". I the let it fall to my stomach when Jack said, "no hands either." I looked over and he had a tent in his shorts too. Now there was no way my hard on was going away unless I took care of it. As I was laughing at his tent I stuck my hand down my shorts and slowly started massaging my dick. Every now and then I would tug on my balls which would pull my dick up. Then Jack pulled down his shorts exposing his hard dick. He had dark black hair around the base of dick. It wasn't very thick hair at all, but it was long. His circumcised dick looks just like mine but with an almost cherry red head. Jack's dick even had the slight left posture mine has. His saggy balls were down far between his hairless legs. I had seen his dick before but not when hard. I followed his lead and pulled down my shorts. My hard dick laid over my freshly shaven pubic area. My head is a light purple and my balls were sweaty. I asked, "how long is it?" he answered, "6 and a quarter. You?" I answered, "6 and a quarter. " we laughed at the similarity. I said, "yea, 6 and a quarter inches isn't small but another inch would be great." he quickly agreed. I started slowly stroking my shaft with my thumb, index, and middle finger. He began stroking his shaft with his whole hand. I asked, "porn?" he answered, "hell yeah. What do you want to watch?" I shrugged and he just clicked on the first video he saw. We started watching and started stroking with a purpose. I took off my shirt and we kicked off our shorts. Jack and I were completely naked. I wrapped my hand around my hard dick and my balls were bouncing with ever tug. I was so excited that I got watch him jerk his nice dick. He was watching me too. After awhile, I could feel it building up as Jack clicked on another video of two hot lesbians. That video helped push me over the edge. I stroked fast and clenched by butt together as I shot two long strands of hot cum onto my chest and a third onto my abs. The rest dribbled out and landed below my belly button. I let my dick lay there and get smaller as my cum cooled. He was still stroking for 15 seconds after until he finally shot four long strands of cum onto his chest while the rest landed on his abs. One strand of cum hit the pillow his head was on. We both laid there catching our breath as our dicks became flaccid. I got up and grabbed a towel to wipe up the cum. Then we put on shorts and went to bed. The next morning we got up early to shower. I got in first. The shower was really nice had glass for a door. I was in the shower for a minute before the door opened and in came Jack. He walked over and dropped his shorts to take a piss. I pressed my dick and balls up against the glass for him to see when he turned around. He laughed when he saw it and got in the shower with me. It was big enough to comfortably fit three people. I started getting hard seeing his great dick. I started washing my hair. As I did I reached over and soaped up his black pubes. Then I moved to his shaft which was beginning to harden. He moved his hand to my stomach then down to where my pubes would have been. He said, "I cant really wash your hair." I shook my head and laughed before starting to stroke his dick. I could feel how hard it is and I could really feel his pulse along his shaft. Then with my other hand I played with his saggy balls. I did this for a minute before I felt him cum. He shot out half the load he did last night but still with the power. Most of it landed on my leg. He kept stroking mine after his orgasm calmed and his dick softened. He stroked my long hard shaft as he played with my big balls. It took another minute before I shot my whole load on to him. We washed off and dried off. Jack and I walked around the room not bothering to cover up until we had to leave. I had a great time and I know he did too because we keep sending snapchats of our dick and balls to each other. I'm excited for the state track hotel room. Hopefully we get to go to state, so I can tell you a new story with Jack.



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