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Jealous Much

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Ok, so I’d discovered my clit, and I’d discovered I was not like other girls in the ‘getting wet’ department. There were five of us really close friends. This involves me and someone I will cal JJ.


JJ was precious, confident, brave, and everything I wasn’t. We all talked about madturbation, but I was reluctant to do so because of my little problem of flooding the place. JJ said she often did it in class. Of course I didn’t believe a word of it, but then, after she said it, I paid closer attention. We had those pairs desks....two people sitting at desks that had two opening lids and a little storage space below.

I noticed it depended on the teacher. Sometimes if we had an older teacher who spent most of the time at their desk, she would slump down and either blatantly rub herself in her panties or even out her hand inside her panties. I would sit next to her breathing hard and watching the sex flush spread on her neck. 

If we had a teacher who would walk around the class she would be more careful. She would put something hard in her panties, like an eraser or something, then she’d cross her legs and either press her thighs together or jiggle her foot, or both. 

I was sure I could cum like that, but what about the mess?  I told her I wanted to try but......

One day she found me before school started and dragged me into the bathroom. She was clearly excited about something, “Here, put this in your panties.” and she gave me the biggest sanitary pad I’d ever seen. It was massive by my standards and bunched up firmly against me as I walked. 

But wow....when I crossed my legs it really dug in firmly. I tried a few trial squeezes and bouncing my foot and I knew I could cum. JJ nudged me in the ribs and I knew she expected me to try it out. 

I jiggled a little, but found it worked best with a firm thigh squeeze. Sure enough the orgasm hit. Equally sure enough I felt the wetness well out of me, 

At break, in the bathroom, I took the pad out. It was, as expected, soaked, but at least my panties (and the chair) were clean. 

I experimented with putting an eraser in there too, but the pad did it for me,

Well, that was a while ago. Since then, to some limited extent I’ve learned to control my wetness, but I’ve also learned to revel in it too. I love it really and consider it a mark of my sexuality. 



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