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Babysitting One of the Twins

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Names have been changed. Otherwise all true


I had been babysitting the neighbor twins since we moved into the neighborhood when I was 13. Kaylee and Kevin were both 13, and I had developed a close relationship with both of them, somewhat like an older sister. A lot of times, my friends were going out and partying, which I did not do a lot of, but would lie to my friends about having something else to do so they did not think I was a total loser. I have always been the good girl and a home body, but always have used sports as my main outside activities. A little about me, I am 5'6' and have a very nice athletic build with nice perky C cup breasts. My hair is brown and just past my shoulders. Everything growing up to this point I think has been normal, I have had boyfriends, and experimented with girls a few times starting at age 13. I think it is normal for experimenting with the same sex at that age. Some people it sticks with, some it doesn't. For me, it stuck with me, and yes, I am bi.

One weekend, the twins mom asked me for an unusual babysitting request. She wanted me to spend the weekend at their house. She was spending time with each of the twins one on one. She was going away with Kevin this particular weekend to Disneyland, so they were leaving Friday after work and coming back Sunday. She gave me the option of staying at my house, or we could stay at theirs. Well of course I wanted to stay at theirs. They have a nice in ground pool, whereas my parents don't. So I went to their house about three in the afternoon, brought my bikini and a small bag. I figured Kaylee and I were going to just hang out, swim, watch movies...things like we have done in the past. Well, coming into this weekend, I was way wrong. Being the big sister type to Kaylee and Kevin, they knew they could confide in me about things. Kaylee told me another girl at school had seen Kaylee looking at her in the shower after gym, and the girl had started calling her Kayleezz (Kay-lee-zz).

'Kayleezz' I said?? I told her not to worry about it, and that it was normal to look, and that the other girl she looked at had done the same to others, I told Kaylee she just needed to be more discrete when she would look, and by the time school starts this fall, no one will remember it. So living in the desert community that we do, at the end of a cul-de-sac, Kaylee's mom has a large backyard and nice sized pool, with an eight foot privacy fence. We slipped outside about 9:00pm, after chatting and watching some TV.

At this time, Kaylee and I had our bikinis on. Kaylee is a beautiful girl. Thin build, budding breasts, long blonde hair. She is tall, almost as tall as me, yet she is only 13. I am not sure what came over me, but I asked her if she had ever skinny dipped out here since their wall is pretty much impossible to see over. She said she had wanted to, but never had. 'Want to try it?' I asked. She replied 'Sure' Yahoo!!! I was thinking in my head! I wanted to see her perky little cute boobs. We both stripped down I was a little more nonchalant in my undressing, so I was nude before Kaylee had top off. She eventually got undressed. I was surprised, her boobs were very cute with small puffy pink nipples. Nothing more than a nice A cup, but still nice. Her pussy was unshaven but she didn't have a lot of hair at all. It was blonde, and you could see her cute slit under the hair. Mine is shaven bald, I saw Kaylee checking my body out, and truthfully, I kind of liked it. We swam and played for close to an hour, but started talking again. She asked me...'Do you always shave it down there?' I laughed and said 'Yes, I have been doing it for some time'. She then told me she had seen some other girls in the shower after gym that had hair one week, and shaven the next, but she was afraid to try it. I let her know I could teach her and help her out in that area.

We came inside and headed right for Kaylee's room upstairs. I stopped at the bathroom to find a razor and shaving cream. When I came back into the room, Kaylee was sitting on the edge of the bed with her towel wrapped around her. 'Lay your towel on the bed and get on top of it so we don't make a mess on the bed' I told her. She popped up, threw the towel on the bed, and was on it in no time with legs spread. She didn't have the turned on look that is obvious when looking at a pussy, but I am sure if it was me laying on the bed, I would have. She had more of an eager look on her face to learn how to shave her pussy. I got to work, being careful so I wouldn't nick her at all. When I was concentrating, it wasn't sexual for me. I was just shaving, but when I was trying to get the upper folds, I had to pull and push a little to get everything. I looked up at Kaylee. Her eyes were rolled back and she was breathing very heavily. I hadn't even noticed, I hadn't noticed the new wetness of her pussy since I was concentrating so hard. Wow I thought! I didn't realize it, but I had my thumb on her clit at one point pushing and pulling. When I was done and took my hands off her, she gathered herself and sat up. I gave her a smile, she looked at me with a curious look and asked 'What were you doing? Why did it feel so good?'

'Haven't you ever masturbated?' I said quietly

'No, but I have heard of it, but not sure of what it is' she said. I knew I had to help her since I have had a love affair with masturbating for so long.

I laid down on the bed next to her and told her to watch me. I started rubbing my clit slowly, slowly putting my right index finger in my sopping wet pussy to get some lubrication to my clit. I was more turned on than I have ever been at this point. I had Kaylee reach down and touch my clit, to show her where exactly it was, and how hard it can get. She had the utter look of amazement on her face. We moved up to the top of her bed, and laid side by side, so close our shoulders were tight together. My right knee was bent up, and my left leg was spread wide. Kaylee's right leg was draped over my left leg. We were both using our right hands. I was using my left hand to tease and pinch my nipples. It didn't take Kaylee long to arch her lower back, breath deep and let out a whimper when she had her very first orgasm. I soon followed. We laid there for about an hour talking softly to each other. She was so happy I showed her this.

I had an idea. I got up, went to Kaylee's mom's room and looked for her underwear drawer and started rooting around. Yep, I knew it. The twins mom was single, and I had thought she might have a vibrator, and quickly, I found out my suspicions were correct. I had only one experience with a vibrator at a friends house she also found in her mom's drawer. I stopped at the bathroom and quickly washed it off and returned to Kaylee's room. 'What's that?' she asked. I thought to myself, how innocent and naive she is. It was so cute. I am sure I was too when I was her age.

'It is a vibrator' I told her as I laid back down on the bed next to her.

'That will never fit in me' she said. I told her it isn't for insertion, but for using on your clit. She smiled with a very curious smile as I turned it on and it rattled and hummed. I reached over as she laid back down with her legs spread, and put the end of the toy on her clit. She started wiggling and moaning and had a huge smile on her face. She was in ecstasy, but then, I was too. It took her less than a minute to have another orgasm. I took the vibe and put it on my clit as Kaylee sat up and watched me. The same results as Kaylee, it was about a minute for me before I started bucking around cumming.

The rest of our time together that weekend was about the same. We fell asleep in each others arms that night, nude, and both having a scent of chlorine. We masturbated several more times over the weekend, some with the vibrator, some without. Sometimes masturbating each other, with and without the vibrator.

I have to watch Kevin in two weeks, I do not think I will do the same things with him, but anxious to see what the weekend holds.



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