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Jayney Took Me Flying!

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Oh, not in anything really big. I've been in a 737 simulator with her. I also been allowed in the jump seat of a 777, but this was in a twin engined Piper something-or-other. It was sleek, all leather inside, and, as of last week, Jayney owns it! Dad even mowed a makeshift airstrip in one of our fields. Anyway, she actually let me fly it!


Now I totally get it! The feeling of power when she told me to push the throttles forward and, being almost empty, we surge off down the runway. When she said, "Ok, pull back," I did, too hard. I felt a real shove in my bottom as it leapt off the ground.

Once in the air, she taught me about straight and level, and what the trim wheel does. Then she took control and we did a steep turn! Fucking hell! Everything in me felt twice as heavy as normal. My arms were heavy and even my face felt heavy. I nearly wet myself because everything IN me felt twice as heavy! Fucking Hell!

Then, we flew over to France. Straight, level, and utterly lovely! I told Jayney how horny it made me feel too. She nodded to the back of the aircraft and said, "Plant of seats, enjoy yourself." But I didn't want to leave the front. I loved all the knobs and dials, and I totally get how much Jayney loves her life flying. Now, she can do it for fun as well as for money.

Jayney had the aircraft under control so I slipped my panties down and off; then my t-shirt and then my skirt. I was sitting there totally naked. I pushed the seat back and, making sure I didn't touch anything, began to pay with myself. 

Jayney climbed higher and higher. Until she said, "Ok, you're exactly one mile up. Join the club!"

I fingered myself, rubbed my clit, and felt a lovely cum begin to build inside me. Oh, I wanted something in me! I can manage with fingers but I really wanted a dildo, or a cock. There wasn't even anything I could use. That is, until I remembered our packed lunch and the banana Jayney had packed for herself. 

In no time, it was inside me and I was edging towards a cum. "Hey, bitch! I've gotta eat that," as if she minded. She's eaten me before. I came, long, hard, and with a lot of, "Fuck, ohhh fucking hell. Ohhhh fuck." 

I don't know if it was better because orgasms are just different at high altitudes, or because I was sitting in a pilotís seat stark naked, and cumming. Either way, it was amazing.

We landed in France at an airport called Deauville. I scrambled back into my clothes (minus my panties) and we had a coffee before flying back. 

As we got near home, Jayney started to show me how to land. It was very different to taking off! As the ground got nearer and nearer, I got more and more nervous. She let me fly it down to what I thought was way too low, before she took it for the last few feet. (Probably nearer tens of feet, maybe fifty or so.)

I felt just as exhilarated on approach as I did on takeoff, but in a different way. I knew, though, I was getting much wetter. 

Jayney says that she still gets aroused when flying. She also still gets wet, especially, on difficult approaches. 

Back home, I have never felt like I needed sex more! All I wanted was to be thrown down on a bed and have my brains fucked out.



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