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More Miscellaneous Weekend Masturbation Delights

Posted by: Age: 44 Posted on: 11 comments
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Another set of miscellaneous musings, fantasies, and descriptions of my weekend masturbation fun.


It's been hot as proverbial balls lately where I live, and today I just couldn't face going out in the heat. I'm trying to enjoy the relative cool of my apartment before the heat really builds in the early evening, but it's already too hot to do much of anything. I'm basically trying to get a few chores done just wearing a loose nightgown with nothing underneath, and even cleaning the bathtub makes me break out in a sweat. I'm also horny as hell because my period finally finished, and my masturbation options are improved! So I keep editing pics of myself to eventually share here, and watching porn, and looking at your pics and reading your stories, reading your comments on my pics and stories, occasionally fingering my pussy a little, mmmmm, I've just been constantly low-grade turned on for hours.

In a little bit, I'm going to take a cool bubble bath and shave my cunt. I've been thinking of going all bare for a change--haven't done that in ages. It's such a pain to grow back in, and ultimately I like having adult lady hair, but sometimes it's fun to go smooth and play with that for a little bit.

After my bath is when I'm really going to go for it. I've been thinking about what outfit I want to wear, and how I want to fuck myself. I'm definitely going for a big dildo in my pussy today. Was watching some porn of women fucking huge dildos and taking huge cocks in their pussy and ass, and it got me so wet. I want to get fucked today for sure, one way or another.

Yesterday I went swimming, and I was wearing this lightweight, loose, almost sheer, sleeveless sundress that I bought to wear over my swimsuit when I need to stop for gas or go into a store. When I got home, I took off my suit and was just wearing the dress with nothing underneath, loving how loose and flowing it was, letting my tits swing around underneath, feeling my bare pussy on the fabric when I sat down. I took my trash out to the dumpster in it, feeling the hot sun through the fabric on my tits and my bare ass, wondering if the cars going by could see my body through the fabric. None of my neighbors were out, but I thought about how it would feel if they came outside to smoke or get in their cars, wondering if they could see my tits, or the shape of my bare ass cheeks, or even the dark bush between my legs. My cunt was clenching and wet by the time I got back inside my apartment.

I was thinking that today, I might put on one of my pairs of crotchless panties, and one of my bras with the nipple cut-outs. Wear that under the dress and go out to the dumpsters again with my recycling, maybe put my grocery bags back in my car, hoping a neighbor sees me through their window, or comes out and sees hints of what I'm wearing as the dress moves around my body in the breeze, enough to look closely, to catch a glimpse of my hard nipple poking out through the hole in the bra, silhouetted through the fabric, or the crack of my ass in the hole cut in my panties as the breeze blows the fabric against my ass. Damn, my pussy is so hot and wet from thinking about it.

But first a bath! Coconut lime bubble bath and soft, cool water to soak my body while I think about all the ways I could get off after I'm done.

Mmmm, that bath was delightful, and I did decide to shave my whole cunt for the first time in several years, so I'm totally smooth. It's a trip, I always forget what it's like, how easy it is to get lost in early masturbation memories and then blur them into fantasy, how good it is for certain kinds of roleplay, how exposed I feel when I look at my slick bare pussy lips in the mirror.

I put on my red lace bra, nipples hard and squeezed out through the holes, my pink lace crotchless panties with a big enough hole in the crotch to see that my cunt is totally bare, and most of my ass exposed. In the tub, I fingered both my ass and pussy a little, and sprayed myself good with the shower head, but I'm not sure I want to go all out and fuck both my holes today. I might finger my ass while I fuck my pussy, though. We'll see!

I accidentally brought home another guy's piece of clothing in my laundry the other week. So I have a yellow t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and it's tight on me, so I think I know which neighbor it belongs to. One of them is a little guy, kind of dweebish, but rides a bike everywhere and fixes it in the parking lot in ratty clothes like this. I've got it on over my bra, and I took some pictures like that, with my hard nipples obvious against the tight yellow cotton, the red of the bra even showing through the worn fabric a little bit. Then I cut holes in the t-shirt over my nipples, so part of my breast cupped in the red lace bra sticks out from the yellow shirt tight across my chest, and my bare hard nipples stand up right in the center, red from where I've been tugging on them and twisting them and pinching them for a couple hours now.

My cunt is soaking wet. I've been taking pictures of my smooth pussy and fingering myself for a while, and the novelty of the smoothness is giving me tingles and shivers when I rub my fingers in and around my slit.

Aaaaand now it's the next day, and I'm still fucking horny, and still spending most of my day getting myself worked up. Haven't come yet, but I want it to be good today. Yesterday I got impatient and ended up coming sooner than I wanted. It was good, I was fucking myself with a dildo and using a vibrator on my clit, and filming it with my webcam so I could watch myself do it. But I had wanted to do a few more things first!

I did take a bunch of new pics and videos yesterday, and today I've been going through them, watching myself play with my tits, finger my pussy and ass, and fuck my cunt with a vibrator and a dildo. I know I won't keep my pussy shaved smooth for long, so I kind of want to enjoy it as much as I can while I can stand to keep shaving it. Today I took another cool bath to deal with the afternoon heat and shaved the little layer of stubble that had grown in, so I'm baby soft down there again. When my cunt gets wet, the whole thing gets so slick now, no hair to get sticky with my cunt juices. It's fun for a while!

I fingered my ass for a while in the bath, and it made me shiver and clench my pussy, but I'm not sure I have the patience for a good ass play session today. I kind of want to take my time for that. Finger my asshole for a good long while, sometimes with a vibe in my pussy or buzzing my clit. Then work my big plug up my ass, fuck it in and out for a while until my asshole starts to loosen up a little. At that point I can usually take my smallest dildo pretty easy. After fucking my ass with the plug I can usually just slide the dildo right up my ass, all the way, and I can fuck myself hard with it immediately if I feel like it. I usually do!

From there, it's a bit more work. The last step is my big purple dildo. I love it in my ass, but it's not easy to get there. I usually have to fuck myself with the plug and my smaller dildos for a while, maybe just keep them up my ass while I play with my pussy for a while instead, or just sit and watch porn with them up my ass. As you know, sometimes I might even go out and run an errand like that! But to take my big purple dildo, I really need my ass to be relaxed and used to being filled with cock. Then I can work my asshole down on it--that's the only way I can do it, lower my asshole down, using one hand to hold my ass open as much as I can, and just bear down onto it until the fat head finally pops inside. It usually hurts and aches at first, and sometimes I even need to pull off. Give myself a break, maybe finger my asshole a little, just to feel how sensitive I am, enjoy the ache once the huge dick is out of my ass. Then I can almost always take it easy when I try again. And once I get it all the way up my ass, I'm good to go, and I can fuck myself as hard as I want.

I dream of taking my biggest, thickest dildo up my ass, but I've never even come close. Never even really tried! It's short, but it's SO thick! I love it in my pussy, but I have to give my pussy the same kind of workout I just described for my ass if I want to take this thing. I have to work up to it, get it in my cunt by lowering my hole down onto it and just kind of forcing it inside me, making my pussy open up for it even if it aches and burns stretching me open. But once it's in, I love how it feels to fuck myself on it, and I can really pound my cunt hard once I get used to it. I just can't imagine how it would feel to stretch my asshole around that huge cock head, Jesus.

Anyway, I digress! Not really patient enough for all that today, and it's kind of late in the day anyway! But I might try to take my plug at least, or something. Maybe keep that up my ass and fuck my cunt with my biggest dildo today. That seems doable!

I've got more pics to post soon, and thanks for all your lovely stories and pics and comments and messages! You all know how to get me wet and inspired, that's for sure!



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