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Japanese Exchange Student

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Last year, my family and I hosted a Japanese exchange student for three months in the summer. Yari was a typical size for a Japanese girl, about 4 foot 8 and maybe 90 pounds, if that. She was 16, and very pretty. She had a shy smile and struggled with the English language. About a month into her stay, she became more relaxed and casual around us and could often be seen watching TV with the kids in just a nightshirt or loose PJ's. I often saw a flash of breast when she was wrestling with the kids, when the front of her top would fall forward briefly. She saw me looking once, and, mortified, I quickly turned away. She did give me a huge smile, though.

In the middle of our summer, the kids went away to camp for two weeks. My wife has a day job, and I work nights. I would get home in the morning, have some breakfast, shower, and hit the sack. As I passed by Yari's room, I began to notice that she was now leaving her door open at night. I could see her tiny form buried under the covers on her bed, and, wistfully, I went down the hall to my own bed.

After about a week of this, I was so horny from imagining her naked that, after showering one morning, I purposely went to bed nude, planning on fantasizing about Yari and wanking fiercely (but quietly). I had closed the bedroom door, laid on top of the covers, and fluffed the pillows just right for a good jerking.

I started by massaging my balls, which is my personal g-spot area. That always heats things up. My cock began to grow and was soon its hard seven-inch best. On a side note, my wife had been experiencing some vaginal medical problems, so I hadn't had sex in a long time. I knew this was going to be a good one.

Just about the time I wrapped my hand around Mr. Johnson and started to move it up and down, the bedroom door opened, and there stood Yari in her long nightshirt. I froze, took my hand away, but my cock didn't diminish; it just stayed pointed up. Yari stared at it, then smiled, and asked in her broken English if it was okay to come in?

Of course I said yes. She sat on the side of the bed. 'Do you know what this is?,' I asked, pointing to my cock. She nodded. Before I could say anything else, in one quick motion, off came the shirt over her head. I gasped. Her small, slim body was a wonderful creamy tan color, and her breasts were tiny, almost preteen, just little points, dark pink in color. Her nipples, not readily apparent, were already growing and hardening.

Without a word - and without warning - she reached over, touched my cock, and giggled. I told her to put her hand around it. She made her 'I don't understand' face, so I took her hand and showed her. I kept my hand on top of hers and moved it up and down. Her face lit up, and she quickly moved around to get a better angle for holding it.

I got my first look at her tiny pubic area, and my throat locked up in lust. It was hairless and already a little wet. As she pumped up and down with her fist, developing a rhythm, I easily pulled her across me, onto my upper thighs, straddling me. I was now face-to-face with that wonderful little pussy, now wide open.

I gently reached out and touched it, just stroking at first, then probing. Yari was really getting wet now and closed her eyes as she stroked me. I got my fingers wet, then found her hard little clitoris, and started to rub. As surprised as she was, I really think this was her first masturbation.

After about five minutes of my rubbing, interspersed with probes into her depths with a finger, she forgot about jacking me, concentrating on what appeared to be her first orgasm. I didn't care; my dick throbbed and bounced; it could be taken care of later.

I worked her to her orgasm, and she screamed words in her own language, bucking her hips, then, spent, lay full length on me. I held her face in my hands, talking soothingly to her, kissing her all over her face.

The feeling of her hot little body full length on mine felt unbelievable, and my unsatisfied cock still bobbed up and down, now between Yari's thighs, thumping her on her little buns.

Later, we showered and went to sleep in our separate beds. We had one more encounter like that during her summer in the states, and it remains my favorite sexual memory.



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