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Hot Tub on the Way Home

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Never done anything like this before it was quite random.


It was Saturday night, I finished my third day of work for the summer and I had gone over to chill at my friends place. We watched South Park and then a Comedy Show, I still had to work in the morning though (on a Sunday) and it was 11 when the stand up comedy show was over so I said my good byes and started walking home in the dark by myself. I'm used to travelling between my place and my friends place at early hours of the morning so it was nothing bad.

About half way home this feeling came out of no where; I needed to go in a hot tub, shucks, no shorts to wear in that hot tub, then again no hot tub. I suddenly remembered my friend was away all weekend till Tuesday and he said I could use his hot tub whenever I wanted, and since no one would be home and it would be 11:30 at night I could just go naked.

When I got to his house I checked to see if the hot tub was working; opened it up, dipped my finger in it to see check the chlorine; seemed fine... *snap* my clothes were off and I was in the hot tub just like that; it was soo relaxing.

My friend has in the past had my sister look after his house and once she moved out I was hoping he might get me to look after it sometime when he's out on vacation. It's actually how my like biggest fantasy starts: I get his house with a pool and hot tub for a week to myself where the girl who I really like lives just up the street from him, she comes down in the middle of the night we go for a naked hot tub in the middle of the night... hmmm...

But here I was sitting in my friends hot tub naked I was trying to find a really comfortable place to sit when the most powerful jet in the hot tub blasted itself against my dick, this wave of excellent feeling rushed through me, I positioned my dick facing the jet and already I was hard as steel. I played through the fantasy in my head as the pressure of the jets were blasting against my dick.

She'd come down, I'd be chillin watching TV when she got there, I hear the doorbell and go to the door only to open it to her already completely nude; I gasp I don't know what to say, she asks me "going to invite me in?" I go in for it, we kiss, it lasts about 12 seconds, I close the door behind her as I ask her where he clothes are she says something about she came naked and that we should go in the hot tub, oooooohhhhh the hot tub, that's what I've been waiting for. But here's the girl I've been in love with since I was like 7 with me naked home alone in my friends house.

I quickly strip down and we rush out to the hot tub, we both get in and within less then a minute I notice she's already found a jet, (I'm a shy guy and have always been waiting for her to make the first move but in my fantasy...) I know she's got this jet blasting away at her "waxed this morning" pussy, and I went for it I said "Can I help you with that?" I get this look like "one minute hang on..." then she gasps and nods. I move over to her, quickly get my bearings of her body (this would be my first time with a girl and I don't stand a chance to pleasure her against the pressure of hot tub jets). We kiss again as I move my hand down to her pussy, I kind of beat around the bush for a bit when she grabs my hand an navigates me where to go and basically stuck my fingers into her.


I start working, she finds my dick and starts going. We go strong like this till she gets this look on her faces She starts to moan and she pulls my fingers out of her and jumps onto me, slides me dick into her. The muscles inside of her pussy just start contracting and going insane around my dick I begin to orgasm half way through hers, she's still moaning ever so softly but loud enough the neighbors could probably hear I explode, whipping my dick out of her I begin to spew out cum.

Just at that point in the fantasy I've been playing all out in my head while the jet has been pounding against my dick back in reality I started to climax. I kept it against the jet as the feeling got immense, (In the past whenever I've used a jet for stimulation it gets too much and I can't take it anymore after about 10 seconds). This time.. I held it there for as long as I could and the whole thing was about only 40 seconds but I probably looked like I was having a seizure in the hot tub if you didn't know what I was doing.

After it was done I just rolled over and sat down right on a jet. It was blasting right at my ass which felt a little completely wrong but at the same time I didn't move I just let it happen. After about another 5 minutes of chilling in the tub I got out, covered the hot tub, turned around looked at my clothes, and as I was staring at my clothes this impulse ran through me. "It's only a kilometre home that's nothing" at that I wrapped up all my shit tossed it in a bush (no would would be home tomorrow night either, I could come and I get it) and started going home. It was close to midnight about 11:45 and I was wearing my shoes and was running home naked down the middle of the street. There were usually cars that drove by but nothing tonight.

It was actually pretty boring for most of the trip when I was on the home stretch I could see my house. It was about another 200 meters when the one and only car I saw that night pulls out of my driveway,. I panicked. I don't really know why but I ran off the street and stood close to some bushes hoping they wouldn't see me. The car started to slow down... I started to die... They stop at me. I'm still hoping they don't see me cause I'm virtually in the bush now. A female voice calls my name. I thought it was in my head, same female voice calls my name again, so I turn to see who it is.

My friend is looking over at me and when our eyes met she just started laughing; she said she was at my house looking for me and asked my why I was naked between laughs. I joked around said I got dared to go streaking. Still laughing she invited me to get in n go for a ride. So I get in the car and sit down "boy this is awkward" I was saying to myself (as I said before I'm shy, but like really shy, never even kissed a girl, remember that was only a fantasy before).

She said to me "I don't have any plans tonight, where should we go?" I was still kind of embarrassed but I managed the name of a park that was about a 15 minute drive away. She was down so off we went. It was just normal conversation for a bit but we got talking about the whole I'm naked thing. She pulled over randomly and I asked what she was doing. As she put the car into park she said something about me looking lonely and then she stripped down nude and threw her clothes in the back seat then kept driving.

It was excellent. We got to the park, (it's one that no one ever goes), still sitting and talking she turns the car off so it's dark while we're talking. It was so dark I couldn't even see her, but while we were talking I was still fixated on her, staring at her figure in the dark.

I couldn't tell you how the conversation went I forgot everything we were talking about after I realised she was sitting about two feet away from me and was going at herself. I do remember I was in the middle of saying something when I heard a noise very distinguishing as to what she was doing and I just stopped talking. She then said 2 words to me "Catch up," at that I just started beating my dick as hard as I ever have in my life. We had fun for about the next 5 minutes before she finished, as soon as she was done she just started driving without saying anything, we got to my house she pulled over still without saying anything since the park. She looked over at me as I was getting out and said "Maybe again another night? Call me!"

Wow, I'll never forget that night




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