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Jacking For Her

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Hiking with a friend and his sister has an interesting outcum.


Back in the 1960's our family had a vacation place in the mountains in Big Bear Lake. A family that lived there full time had a son a year younger than me and a daughter almost a year older but in the same grade. We had known each other for several years. Often during the summer Scott would loan me a bike and we would ride around all day. He took me on some hiking trips and we went fishing together often. We pretty much did not include his sister. Somehow, Scott and I did, on occasion, jack off together. We never touched each other but certainly enjoyed watching each other.

One hot summer day we were going to bike into Van Dusen Canyon as far as we could, then hike to what he called the swimming hole. His sister Sharon talked her way into joining us and since I was now at the point I liked girls I had no objection!

We took some snacks and some drinks and started our adventure. After some time we got up into the canyon to a small stream and began to follow it deeper into the canyon. We finally arrived at a small pond area, really just a depression in the creek bed that was maybe the size of a very small house. The warm sun had really heated the day even at 6,500+ feet of altitude. I took off my shoes and socks and started to dangle my feet in the pool. It was then I noticed Scott and Sharon both shedding all their clothes.

"Come on, get in. We skinny dip up here, there's no one around," said Scott. I could not help staring at Sharon's body. I had not really noticed that she had nice looking boobs. In retrospect they were maybe nice B cups but they looked firm. My cock was coming to life rather quickly. They both jumped into the water and just started playing around. At least I had gotten a quick glimpse of Sharon's bush. At that point in life, I had not seen too many and not very often.

After more encouragement from them I moved a bit from the edge and shed my remaining clothes.

"You got a boner" said Scott and his sister sort of giggled as I jumped in.

DAMN! That was was cold with a capital C. Let me tell you, that erection disappeared pretty fast in that cold water! We played around and splashed each other for a while, then Sharon decided to get out and lay on the rocks because the water was so cold. Scott and I quickly followed. The cold water had been invigorating but it felt good to have the sun start to thaw me out.

We lay down and were just talking about whatever. It was sort of odd, because now the fact that I was naked along with 2 other people, one a good looking female, did not really make an impact on me. We were just friends, talking about whatever. Finally my brain thawed out and I really began to notice those beautiful uncovered boobs on Sharon. She was not in the least concerned about being naked and I could not stop stealing glances at them....in particular the nipples.

Finally my small head thawed out and began to grow. "Uh-oh," said Sharon looks like you got another boner! "Don't worry ab out it, I know all about boners." Remember that we also have 3 older brothers. (They were quite a bit older and never a factor with me) At his point our conversation begins to turn to sex. I lied about my previous experience. I had quite a bit of MM experience with one friend and had some experience with girls, but not really much, though I had gotten a bj from a girl I barely knew. I lied and said that all I had done was masturbate alone.

At this point, Scott calls "BS" we have jacked off together you F--ing lier!"

"OK, maybe so," I replied.

We got Sharon to admit that she masturbated too. I was really interested in that! I mean, I knew that females probably did something, but how? There is no dick to grab with your hand. "I just rub myself down there until it feels so good" is what she told us.

By this point my cock is as hard as the rocks we are sitting on and is pointing at the sky. "It looks like you need to take care of that thing before someone gets hurt" she said.

"I'll do it as soon as I get back to our place" I told her.

I noticed Scott was sporting wood too and he said we didn't have to wait to get home. Now Scott and I had done it in the privacy of the mountains before so that was nothing new, what was different was his sister being there.

I suggested we go behind a rock. Sharon told us not to move. "Do it here nobody else is around. I have seen Scotty do it before when he didn't know I was watching, so it is nothing new to me"

Scott seemed a little pissed off at that remark but soon we both began to stroke. Damn it felt good, the hot sun on my body and the feel of my hand on my cock. Sharon moved a bit so I now had a clear view of her pussy, I could actually see her lips. I noticed her nipples were firmer than they had been before. I could feel my balls tighten. My cock got a little harder and grew just a tiny bit more. I could feel the familiar feeling as my semen was beginning to start its trip. Suddenly I just erupted and cum shot up a few feet. The next few shots landed on my chin, my chest, and to my side. It was not long until Scott blew his load too but he aimed at the rocks on which we were laying.

My memory of the next few minutes is void. I know Sharon did not rub one out, in fact I did not even see her touch genital area, but she did rub her nipples a time or two while we were jacking.

We talked a bit more, then took another quick dip into the pool to clean the cum off ourselves. Most likely Sharon was getting a little fresher too!

That was our only involvement that summer with Sharon and actually the last time Scott and I jacked off together. However later that fall Sharon and I began our own relationship. She became my "mountain girlfriend" and I was her "flatlander boyfriend." Over the next year and a half Sharon and I developed a very deeply sexual relationship, that included oral and even anal sex but never regular intercourse as she wanted to remain a virgin. It was strictly a sexual relationship, neither one of us ever said the word love or anything similar. By the way, those Bcup boobs became very nice, very firm D's by the time we both had graduated high school.



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