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Jack His Wife and I...Coming Out

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This is the story of two high school friends who are Bi sexual but still in the closet after 20 years until tonights party.  At the party Sam hooks up with Jacks wife and it comes out that Jack is Bi sexual..the end had an even better twist


I had been outside cutting the grass when you called so I called you back.  You answered and said that you had tried several times and was glad I called back..there was a party tonight at seven and you wanted me to attend and to bring my wife with me.  I said okay see you then.

We got there fashionably late as usual and the party was well under way everyone had already had at least three drinks and we were way behind.  Your wife came over and said hello in her usual way a glance at my wife and a big hug for me with a kiss on the lips.  You didn't mind because it was me and we were such good friends for over 20 years now what difference did it make.  You r wife just didn't care for mine she thought that she just wasn't good enough for me she had wanted that spot and was disappointed years ago when we married.  So the kiss from her was well accepted by me and you but certainly not my other half.



The party went along a usual all getting alone the men in one corner and the women in the other each telling their usual bullshit stories about how good they were in their jobs and marriages.  The usual bull that was gone over and over at every party we all attended, it was like a ritual with all of us.  Your wife was standing looking at me and gave that come here look so I took the hunt and walked over to her.  You didn't mind it at all as a matter of fact you had always wished that I owuld make love to your wife and I always wanted to in the worst way just as you wanted my wife all these years.  It was like we read each others minds and wanted fuck each others partners in the worst way.  Now I think this was going to be my chance to finally do it.  Yet there was an underlying feeling between us also, we knew for along time that we were both Bi sexual, had kept it hidden form our spouses but this was all about to change soon real soon and tonight might just be the night it would happen.



Your wife walks over to me and takes my hand and whispers to me, "Sam we have been friends for a long time but never lovers and this is about to change, there has been a mutual feeling, unsaid yet one that has been building for a long long time we have never really spoken about it but it has weighed heavily on our hearts.  I could tell by the way that you look at me when we are together and when we meet, that fantasy and anticipation of making glove with you is going to become a reality it is going to happen and it is going to happen tonight."  We were both nervous and afraid of what the outcome would be but it would be an amazing time I am sure of it.



You take me up to your bedroom tell me to wait and go into the bathroom, you exit wearing a robe just slightly open and i can see your panties and bra with you erect hard nipples protruding form the bra and the smell of your pussy fills the room, you are wet and so am I and we haven't even touched each other yet.  The precum is oozing form my cock and you can smell it just as I can smell your vagina.  I gently touch your breasts and nipples and your body tenses up, I tell you to relax and take it easy you are as nervous as I am as you start to melt in my arms, oh you feel so good to me.  I can feel your body temperature rising as is mine as you tremble more and more I hold you tighter and tighter and you relax.



You whisper to me that you wished that Jack could and would do this to you make you feel this way and I say he does you just don't realize it but you tell me no you don't, you don't make her feel this good.  again reassure her that it is not that way but we both you and I know that you don't. 



You have never had that talk with her that you have and always have had Bi tendencies and that you did the best that you could.  Only you and I know that and then there is the other secret that we have been lovers, yes you and I Jack.  Two men, married and living in the closet and telling lies all these years when we really wanted to be together yet we were married to two of the hottest women in town, we knew that and so did everybody else.  It was fun being together with you we always had a great time making love to each other, sucking and fucking.  It was a fluke that we actually hooked up, you a jock and me a nerd, yet we somehow realized that we had a common interest and that was each other.  It has been fantastic really all these years from high school and no one knew, our wives had an idea that we were bi sexual but never figured it out. We made love to them as if we were straight and narrow that was the beauty if being Bi.



Now back to your wife and I her we are in your bedroom you are downstairs with my wife and the rest of the late stayers not a problem, you knew what was about to happen and you didn't care as a matter of fact you enjoyed knowing that I was fucking her and she was doing those crazy things to me, some of them she would not do for you.



She opens that robe and there she is in all her glory a well tanned physically fir specimen of a woman, perfectly shaped breasts and nipples and a well manicured pussy just enough hair to make it interesting and let me know that she is a woman I gaze in astonishment at her and her beauty.  I slowly slide my hand down and touch her vagina and start to suck on her nipples I can feel her getting wetter and wetter as I suck and play with her she is now shaking uncontrollably and I again reassure her that all will be okay that Jack won't mind that we are making love.  I could not tell her that you had wanted me to fuck her for years and years just to let her  fell another mans cock in her to see if there really was a difference.  You had been with her since high school and she really didn't know any other cock but yours.



She puts her hand down to my crotch area and grabs my cock which is so hard and stiff, her words immediately are it is so big almost as big as Jack's maybe even bigger and it is uncut too.  She loved that feeling of your cock going into her with the foreskin as it moved inside of her and now she was going to feel mine as she felt yours all these years and could make a comparison of the two.  She couldn't wait to feel it as she rubbed the tip up against her wet pussy lips.



Her body temperature was rising as was mine we are experiencing the need and want for each others bodies but I am not ready to put my cock into you yet I tell her please wait...I want you to experience the sensations inside of your body that you need to feel do you understand that, I tell her.  I start to play with her all over rubbing and massaging her slowly and with deliberate movements up and down her body.  She stands there and slowly opens her legs granting me total access to her pussy and ass as I play with her.  I get on my knees and start to lick her pussy and now this really drives her crazy she slowly moves back to the bed and sits down opening her legs as she does and I bury my head into the pussy and she cums as I lick her clit and play with her nipples.  She is so wet and begs for more, I get up and lick her breasts and then her nipples just the tips of them so hard now sticking straight up, running my tongue around the tips drives her wild and crazy.  She pleads for more of me but it is not time yet not in along shot for me to cum in her.  I am in a position that she is playing with my cock up and down giving me a hand job, she never does that for you but she is doing me right now up an down I can feel my emotions rising and I have to plead with her to stop before I cum.  She is cumming so much now it is like a river flowing through an open dam the juices are all over us, her and her asscrack.  I am holding back the foreplay is amazing and neither of us wants to stop. 



She moves up onto the bed and opens her legs wide and I mount her body dangling my cock in front of her pussy now I can touch her clit with the tip as she has opened up her vagina with her hands.  I stick the tip of my cock into her just a little and she arches her back wanting more of me.  I let her take it in to her pussy and she relaxes down as I slide into her wet sift hot pussy all the way in as far as I can go, and she moans in enjoyment and ecstasy.  I cannot go any further in her as the tip of my cock hits her cervix she cums again and again.  We stop moving and we just lay there motionless as we absorb each others feelings and body warmth.  She tells me that she has never felt this way before and it has been along time since you made love to her this way, she felt cheated that you had stopped doing it like this. 



She starts to move now making me go in and out of her pussy her vagina starts to swell and the cum juices are flowing more and more she wants me to cum and pleads for me to shoot my seeds of love into her as she wraps her long legs around me and pulled me tight into her pussy.  I slowly moved in and out of her pussy and every time I did I made sure that I went in as far as I could hitting her cervix and making her cum, she loved that feeling and so do I as my cock tip hit that wall of bone it turned me on so much and made me get amazing feelings in my body too.

I pulled out of her slowly so as not to make her feel empty inside and put my head down between her legs putting her feet on my shoulders.  This opened up her pussy and gave me a better view and made it easier for me to lick and stick my tongue inside of her vagina.  She could feel me as I licked and sucked and she came more and more as I licked her clitoris she moaned with sounds of joy as she came again and again all over us.  I sucked all the juices out of her and they tasted so fucking good.  But there was something missing and she knew what that was as she begged me to let her suck on my cock, now she would never suck on yours or even touch it just like my wife it was a no no something completely taboo to them.  She turns around and puts her head and mouth right down on my cock and starts to suck like a pro up and down in a bobbing motion oh it felt so good to me.  I was licking her pussy as she licked and sucked on me and she was cumming all over my face and I could not contain all her cum.  She was sticking her tongue under my foreskin and how that felt so good as she kicked it clean.  This went one for what seemed like forever and i almost came in her mouth but stopped her I didn't want to cum in her mouth, that was reserved for her pussy.  We did this until she was so tired that she had to stop and rolled off of me an asked to be held tight and I did.  She need that she said.  The conversation went to you again as usual her saying that you never did these things to her and wished that you had.  All of a sudden I don;t know how it came out but she says to me that she thinks you are gay and a bisexual, I was floored and just looked at her.  I asked her would it matter if you were she said that would explain why you treated her the way you did.  I don't know how it came out but it did that you and I had had sex together she wasn't shocked about you but was shocked about me.  I told her that you and I hd been lovers since high school an had kept it a secret for everyone for just that reason.  She was so taken aback she didn't know what to say except that i fucked like a straight guy and you didn't, don't know she had made that comparison with just one fuck session with me. 



It didn't matte to her she still wanted me to fuck her now more than ever and grabbed my cock and started to play with it and made it hard again.  She rolled over on her back spread her legs and said "fuck me now" and I did.  I shoved my cock into her pussy so hard that it hurt me but she came all over us.  She said she wanted to be fucked in the ass and had always had that fantasy even while you and her were fucking, isn't that something she wanted it so bad she could taste it but you never offered it to her at all. Now she anted me to do it to to her, she was wet in her ass from all the cum so I had no problem sticking my bare cock into her asshole and it went it so easy like it was made for it.  I could feel her as she tightened her asshole muscles around my cock as I moved it in and out it felt so good to the both of us.   She told me to cum in her ass that she wanted to feel the hot love seeds from my cock.   I continued to pump her in and out and finally came in her and shot all my cum in her.  She was on her back and as I was fucking her she was playing with her vibrating rabbit in her pussy and her clit.  As i came in her she also came all over us and then for the first time in along time actually squirted from her pussy, now that was very unusual for her she said she had only done it one other time with you.  The ejaculate went all over us making us wetter than we were. 



Your wife and I were so wet and full of cum we had to take a shower before going back to the party...if we didn't we would smell of sex which wasn't bad except people would know we were fucking and that would not be good. 



We got into the shower and your wife turned on the water to her desired temperature and opened up the special water jets that you had installed.  They were for her pleasure and hit her body at all the right spots for her to have shower sex by herself of with you although that rarely happened you never got into the shower with her and she had always wanted that it was one of HER fantasies with you.  Now I was in the shower with her and she was going to do to and with me what she secretly wanted to do with you.  She put her foot up on the little cutout you had placed in the wall for her, thus was so she could shave and wash as she pleased and of course he shower jet was right there at the right height for her pussy play.  She proceeded to wash the outside of her pussy then as she did she grabbed my hard cock and touched the tip of it to her pussy and in it went, her pussy was still wet from cum inside and was still hot.  She maneuvered her body so as to let her tits, nipples and breasts rub up against my chest making-her hornier and hornier and as she did she started to cum again and again orgasm after orgasm.  I never knew that a woman could have so many and she wasn't stopping.  I could feel my cock as it grew inside of her the tip was getting larger and larger and my shaft was also hardening and she knew it too.  She calls my name and says "Sam cum in me now please shoot your hot sperm into my vagina now please".  Just hearing her call my name as we were fucking made me even harder it was so sexy and I pushed one last time hitting her cervix and I exploded.  I must have shot cum into her at east 15 times, my wet juicy hot sperm was now in on its way up your wife's vaginal canal, my hot love seeds were fertilizing her body, and I didn't know nor really care if she would get pregnant or not and neither did she at this point.



There we were I was licking and sucking on her and she was sucking om me when the door opened and who was there but you.  You didn't look surprised at all just astonished that your wife was giving me a blow job something that you wanted for a long long time.  You were speechless had nothing to say at all.

There we were I was licking and sucking on her and she was sucking om me when the door opened and who was there but you.  You didn't look surprised at all just astonished that your wife was giving me a blow job something that you wanted for a long long time.  You were speechless had nothing to say at all.



We got out of the shower and just stood there all of us totally naked until your wife said to me lay in the bed it is time for my fantasies now. I laid on the bed my cock hard and stiff she sits on my face and tells me to start eaten her pussy lick my clit Sam and Jack you get on him and stick his cock in your asshole I want to see you get fucked by him now.  We ere both surprised at her action but did not argue with her.  You pounded my cock into your ass deeper and deeper it went in as far as it could go, you were working my cock in you so good I could feel every muscle of your ass, you were holding your wife's tits and the nipple wer hard and as you squeezed them it make her cum and then squirt all over me and my face.  There was so much it ran down into her ass crack and all over us.  She realized that there was something else she had wanted and got off my face laid on the bed and open her legs wide holing her ankles up over her head.  She told us she wanted one of us in her pussy and one in her ass and he didn't care which one went where but that us what she wanted now.  I took her pussy and you took her ass and in we went you first slowly you pushed your cock in her but it went is easy and you could not understand that.  She had never been ass fucked by you why so easy and you asked her and she said that she loved anal okay and had a variety of dildo for her as and used them almost every day.  She had always wanted you but you never offered your cock to her ass,and she had wanted that so much from you.



I put my cock into her pussy again I love to fuck her pussy and we both started to move in unison in and out, our cocks were growing in size and she knew it and so did we.  It was time for us to cum again and as if on command we both came you in her ass shooting that hot sperm up her rectum, she could feel it as you shot a load like never before in her, she loved it so much.  Then it was my turn and I let go with a load also a load that eventually ran out of her pussy there was so much of it.  I had now actually cum in your wife three times that night, not knowing if she was fertike or not.  You said to me don't worry abut that what do you think I was doing with your wife while I was downstairs and I cam in her a few times also.  So if our wife's turn out to be pregnant we know who did it, me to yours and you to mine and he laughed.



Now the only problem was my wife, she knew nothing about what had occurred up her tonight and also that we wer bi sexual.  You rwife says not to worry about that and we look at her/ she turns and says what do you think I have all those dildos not only for me but also for your wife Sam.  seed we are lesbians and have been for some time now and never knew how to tell the both of you.  Now it doesn't matter at all..



We got dressed and went back downstairs to what was left of the guests and there as my wife with a big smile in her face.





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