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Plain, Simple and Unexpected Fun

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I am what you might call 'plain'. I have small breasts which seemed to stop growing when I was 13. To make up for that, I have a powerful sex drive. Unfortunately, until recently, the only person to use it was myself.


Because I am not someone who turns heads, I get overlooked for the girls who wear their skirts up round their waists, and who have large breasts. As a result, I have developled fun ways to satisfy my sexual appetite. Of course I masturbate a lot, who doesn't. At least once a day from when I was 13. In the last year or so I have taken to doing it just about everywhere. Some days, I will wear no panties and an 'accessible' skirt or loose fitting trousers and play with myself in class, or on the bus. This is all very nice and I love the feeling that I am fingering myself and that someone might see.I have even shaved my pussy too as I think that it is very sexy to have no hair there. Since I am wet most of the time, hairs make it sticky down there, you know?

So, last week, I had a really horny day and I decided I would go to school in a skirt. For some reason though, I wore panties. I guess I just put them on automatically really. As the day wore on, I felt myself getting wetter and by the last lesson, I decided that I would get myself off. I sat in my usual place and let my legs drift apart. I could feel the air on my damp panties, and that was a turn on too. I heard there was a girl in my class who lies to wet her panties on purpose sometimes. I want to try that some day. As we were all concentrating on the work, well, everyone except from me, I let my hand work up my leg and into the top of my panties and I started to rub my clit. I was getting lost in the feelings when a sharp voice came across the classroom.'Heather, please see me after class.' I looked up and saw my teacher's very red face. I snatched my hand out of my panties and fought my way back to the lesson. When the bell rang, I was really very excited, I guessed he had seen me and I hoped he was going to tell me off and tell me not to do it again. I think I have something of a submissive sexual nature because I often fantasize about being told off or insulted, you know, called bad names and stuff.

When the bell went off the rest of the students poured out of the class and I stayed. The teacher, lets call him Mr Simmons said, 'Heather, I don't really know how to put this, but, to me, it looked like you were err, well. ' At this point he seemed really lost for words. 'The thing is, well, its not really a good idea to sit like you were and errmm well, you had your hand in your panties. Its not a good idea to do that, umm well, in public.' I blushed madly, but between my legs, there was a fountain erupting. I looked at him and said 'I'm sorry, sir, I didnt mean to embarass you. I just needed to.' I let my own voice tail off. There was a very difficult silence before he said, 'I'm sorry if I embarassed you, and I'm sorry if you didn't get to finish, I assume you didn't get to finish?' I replied, 'No, sir. I wish I had.' So he said, 'Well, I think I've said enough.' He smiled amd chuckled, 'Maybe you had better go and take care of yourself now.'

What I did next was so daring, even for me. I smiled at him and walked right past him into the store room behind his desk. Once in there, I walked to the back and leaned my back against the shelves. I slipped my skirt off and put my hand back into my panties. Oh, how I hoped he would come in and fuck my brains out. After a few minutes, he did come in, but he stood near the door and watched me. I felt his eyes on my panties as my hand moved inside them. I pulled the material to one side so he could see my finger on my clit and let me push two fingers up inside myself. I was so wet, I have never been that wet in my life. He just stood there, a huge bulge in his pants as I rubbed myself harder and faster. I lifted my t shirt and showed off my tiny little breasts too. I looked as his bulge and said 'Take it out sir' He shook his head, 'I can't do anything to you, Heather.' I told him that I just wanted to see it. He hesitated, but then unzipped. I guess we were about four feet apart looking at each other and I was delighted when he started to rub himself. I got so close, but I wanted to hear his voice as I came. 'Sir, will you talk dirty to me? Call me some dirty names? Please?' He cleared his throat and said, 'Heather, you disgusting little slut. Go on, make yourself cum, he paused and shot a glance through the still open store room door,you fucking little whore.' My whole world dissolved into shattering sparks of light as I orgasmed harder than ever before,and, I squirted too. Then I heard him groan and saw a huge white arc of sperm burst from him and flew towards me landing on my leg.

After we calmed down, he was really worried about what we had done. But for me, it was the most erotic thing I have ever done. I told him that I really loved it and that I would like to do it again if he wanted.

I walked home with my teachers sperm on my leg and a pussy that was still aching for more. When I got home, I rubbed my hand in the still sticky mess on my leg and tasted it. Then I rubbed myself off again.

I really hope I can get him to touch me next time. I know he is married, and all night, I was thinking about how he would have gone home that night and fucked his wife so hard. Maybe he was thinking of me? I hope so. As I thought about him screwing her, I imagined myself underneath him taking his thrusts. Sometimes, I know he tutors students in small groups at his house. I want to try to get into one of those groups. As I drifted off to sleep that night, after having had so many orgasms, I actually lost count, and my clit was getting sore too. I fantasized about going to his house, excusing myself and using his bathroom. Maybe finding a pair of his wife's panties in the laundry hamper. Maybe he had fucked her in them and his cum would be there, ah lovely!



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