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It's Not so Unusual

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I think the stories here of other girls finding wetting their knickers sexual is not unusual at all. Here's what I think....


When I become aroused, I get wet. I believe that not only is this lubrication to aid entry of the penis, it is to spread the scent of a woman who is ready to mate, to couple. Wetness, therefore, is part of the female arousal. Men get erections, we get wet.

Then again, there is the constant, almost berating upbringing, then need to never be wet down there, to always hide it, to never let anyone see.

The first time I wet myself it was an accident. I was 14 and had just left it too late. I almost made it from the bus stop into the house, but I let it go into my knickers in the garden, I had the sense to drop into a squat, but I clearly remember the embarrassment turning to almost instant arousal as I looked between my legs, got hit with the scent of my pussy, and watched the material turn dark, and that lovely warmth spread. I remember clearly thinking, that this is what squirting my

Must feel like. I even remember thinking in my innocence that this is was sperm running out would look like,

I masturbated to orgasm right there and then, it took mere seconds.

I told my best friend about it one day, Lisa just shrugged. 'been pissing my knickers for ages' That led to us experimenting together, we would watch each other, and that led to watching each other Jill off, then it progressed to doing each other, and in turn, sometimes we would squat over each others tummy and pee our knickers.

One day though. I missed! I peed onto her pussy and she had orgasmed before I even finished.

So I don't find it odd at all. I have kept up my peeing habit. I have been with men, and girls. None of them have minded in the least, although men seem to find it more of a turn on, other women can be far more adventurous.

When I turned 15, I got a job on a farm, the kind that is open to visitors, but is still a working farm, my job was with the horses and me and another girl would lead a really docile old mare around while kids had pony rides.

The other girl was really, and I mean really posh. She went to a well known private school, and her name was Anna. We used to go to a barn at lunchtime away from the people to have out packed lunches and we got pretty close as friends.

One day though. Oh I don't know, the stallions had been showing their dicks and the mares were wet, I guess spring was in the air, and we were talking about the size of those dicks.

I guess we were both pretty horny, but I told Anna about the fact that I wanted to masturbate, and that I liked wetting myself, she wanted to watch. I lifted my dress up and off and squatted in the hay loft in just my knickers, and slowly let go. It felt great to be watched, mainly because of her wide eyed expression. She had obviously never seen, done of heard of anything like this before. When I finished peeing, she already had her hand up her skirt, I asked if she wanted to try. She said she did, but didn't want to get her knickers wet for the rest of the day. I had already decided to go commando for the day, but it gave me an idea. I asked her to slip hers off. Damn, but they were wet! Then I slipped mine on her until they were almost touching her. Anna closed her eyes and did it into my knickers.

It ended up with me masturbating her. She must have been very frustrated because she was on fire! She came three times, and I bet you anything they didn't teach her language like that at school!!!

I loved the rest of the day with nothing on under my dress...not even a bra. I knew full well that now and then a breeze would catch my dress and show my ass, and I made damn sure a couple of people got a sight of my pussy.

Anna wanted to masturbate again before she went back to her boarding school, so we went off into a wheat field, and I explored her almost hairless pussy for her. I discovered that she liked two fingers inside her, and that she loved to have me call her dirty names.

For the rest of that summer, we were lesbian lovers. I can tell you one thing, hearing another girl with a really refined and educated English accent tell you that you are a 'Dirty fucking cunting whore' is wonderful.

Well....no prizes for guessing what I need to do right now,



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