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It Turned Out That I Was Very Curious

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This came up very unexpectedly. I had no clue that I would do something like this.


Back when I was 20 years old, I would hang out at my uncle's condo from time to time. He was divorced and purchased a nice bachelor pad in a waterfront community. It was a great place in the summer and I would spend time at the pool and go out for boat rides with my uncle and other residents. Sometimes residents would rent the community center and throw wild drinking parties by the pool, in which I was invited, and I got to know many of the residents. These kind of parties were more common in the early 80's .

There were two guys, John and Dave, who were a gay couple. They were very cool and friendly guys, probably in their early 40s, very active in the condo community. My Uncle would tell me how everyone would comment on the sounds they often heard while walking past John and Dave's condo. Apparently, they showered together frequently and the bathroom window was next to sidewalk, that ran between the buildings. The residents would laugh about it.

One day while I was visiting my Uncle, he had to leave and run some errands. He told me to make myself at home and head to the pool if I wanted. He also asked If I would drop off a box of booze, left over from a party my uncle hosted, that belonged to John and Dave. When I did so, Dave invited me in and was friendlier than ever. He offered me a beer (the drinking age was 19 then) and we sat on his balcony, talked, and sipped on cold beer. He told me that John was out of the country, on business, for a month and explained how bummed he was that he couldn't take his boat out. The boat was too big to handle by himself. He mentioned that since I hung out at the condos a couple of times a week, would I be interested in taking the boat out with him, from time to time. I love boating, so, I said sure. In all honestly, it passed my mind that he was gay and maybe he wanted something to happen between us, but, I figured he wouldn't cheat on John and I was very straight. If he did ask me to fool around, the answer would surely be no, and I knew he would respect that. We made plans for the following weekend.

The day Dave and I were taking the boat out my uncle made a comment that was kind of a joke, but, I felt was also kind of serious. He said careful, Dave probably wants to get in your pants. I remember laughing and saying "Yea, Right".

We headed out on the his boat. He brought a cooler full of beer. Back then, drinking and boating wasn't as taboo as it is now. We went miles up and down the lake, fishing and drinking. We docked up to a restaurant sat on the porch, ate lunch and drank a cold beer. He asked if I had a girlfriend, I said not any more and I was bumbed that she cheated on me. He told me I needed to find a new one, to take care of my needs. The rest of the day the conversations were often about sex. When he talked about sex, he didn't talk about gay sex. He talked about orgasms and how important getting off was. He talked about how important it was to have a partner, but, solo sex was fun too. He wanted to fix me up with an older woman that lived in the condos. He heard that she loved to make guys cum. I remember getting an erection on and off throughout the day.

Sometime, after lunch, he pulled up to a cove, dropped anchor and suggested we sit in inner tubes with the cooler floating nearby and enjoy the day. It sounded like a lot of fun, but, I told him that, stupidly, I didn't think we would go in the water and I didn't bring a suit. He said he had an extra suit that he kept on the boat. He sensed that I was grossed out with the thought of climbing into a used suit. He assured me it was well washed. When we went down into the little cabin of the boat, I remember my heart pounding. All the talk of sex and orgasms, had made me horny. I remember wondering if he was going to make a pass at me and I didn't know how I would react. I was curious, but, I knew I shouldn't do anything. Dave handed me a speedo, and said, sorry speedos are all we wear. He quickly took off his shirt dropped his pants. I remember getting caught glancing at his semi erect penis and feeling embarrassed. I turned my back to him and was taking off my clothes slowly. He picked up the vibe that I was uncomfortable, offered me privacy and went up on deck. I put the speedo on it was too big and my cock was hard. I figured I just had to hide it until I got in the water. I came on deck with a towel covering my crotch and I joked that the suit was big and didn't do a good job covering my privates. He laughed and said, speedos aren't supposed to cover your privates, "look at me"

I was so surprised how I felt. For the first time in my life, I was totally turned on by looking at the bulge in a bathing suit. There was silence and I just stared, not knowing what to say or do. Half of me told me to, quickly, jump in the water, but, I enjoyed my horny feeling. While I awkwardly stood there, his cock grew harder and he mentioned that I couldn't possibly have anything different to hide. Right then I knew I was going to have an experience with guy. I put my towel down and said "this is why I was hiding". Because the suit was so big, my erection was sticking straight out. I remember being so horny, I was no longer embarrassed. He told me that he would like to take care of it for me. I told him I was nervous and he couldn't tell anyone. He promised and approached me. I remember him rubbing my cock while I rubbed his. It felt incredible. This was so different than the sex I had with my ex-girlfriend, I felt like a virgin again. He easily took my cock out of the suit and began playing with it. His cock was so big that the head was sticking out of his suit. The head of his cock became slippery with pre-cum as I rubbed him with my hand. I was amazed at how wonderful a hard cock felt.. He suggested we go to the cabin and I said ok, but, I didn't want anal sex and I didn't think I could do oral sex. He said that's fine, we can just relax and enjoy.

In his cabin we became fully naked. He got a bottle of lube, lubed up our cocks, put them together and stroked us, both, cock-to-cock. I immediately felt the tightness in my groin and the spurts of cum came next. I hadn't had an orgasm like that in years and my cum was all over his leg, foot and floor. He released my cock and continued pumping his and he climaxed soon after I did. It was the first time I saw another man ejaculate and while it was awesome, I also felt awkward and suggested we get in the water and have a beer while relaxing in the inner tubes.

We spent an hour or so drinking beer, talking and enjoying the weather. We didn't mention what had just happened, at first. I think he sensed that I was uncomfortable. Eventually we started talking about it. I became horny again and produced a tent in my, over sized, speedo. I was sitting on the inner tube and he saw it. He paddled over to me and said "let me take care of it for you". I agreed we went back to his cabin. This time he laid next to me and put my cock in his mouth. He was stretched out where I could reach his cock. I used some lube and started stroking him. I wasn't going to put him in my mouth. When he started moaning I watched him ejaculate onto my hand and on the bed. This was such a turn on. The familiar feeling immediately started to grow in my groin and I climaxed into his mouth.

I was terrified other people would find out. He said don't worry, John can't find out either. I only went out on his boat once after that and we did fool around, but, that was the last time. I knew my uncle would get suspicious.

I consider myself straight and had many girlfriends. I am happily married, but, have met with guys twice over the last 15 years for a J/O session. I enjoyed those two sessions, but, they were nothing like the experience I had when I was 20, so I've never done it again. I remember my time with Dave like it was yesterday, because, I often recount the experience when I masturbate.



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