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It Started the Very First Day We Met

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I was very shocked (in a good way) that someone could relate to my weird little 'Albert' obsession that I had when I was 14, they even wanted me to write again. I have a lot of stories that I experienced that I could tell about on this board but none of them are the long epic sort but they are true and a were all unforgettable experiences for me.


My new neighbors had moved to California from Michigan and it was a Saturday morning when I woke up and heard my Mom talking to this lady and her kid. I walked in and they introduced themselves to me and they had a son who walked over to me asked what my name was and if I had any good video games. I told him what I had and he told his mom he was going stay. It was literally that quick, 'hi what's your name?' 'What video games do you have?' and 'Mom I'm going to stay here and play'. His Mother told him that he was being rude but my Mom said that it wasn't a problem and we did end up playing video games together. He he had great best friend potential even though he talked constantly which was a little irritating but I was 14 years old and he was nearing his 14th birthday, he lived next door and from hearing him talk we had a lot of the same interests and at the time I did not really have any friends my own age.

After an hour or so of playing video games he asked if I wanted to go to the park and after checking with our respective parents we walked to the park which was actually an elementary school and played basketball. Eventually I said that I wished the restrooms were unlocked because I had to use it and my new neighbor started pointing out places I could pee. We were the only ones on school campus so he peed right there on the basketball court and that was the first time I had saw a penis on someone older than like 2 years old. It was hairier than expected but about the same size as mine was at the time and he like me was circumcised. I was standing very close to him and obviously looking while he urinated but he didn't seem to mind. So when he was done I returned the favor and urinated out in the open as well. He looked at me and started talking about how he hated trying to pee in the toilet with a boner and he wished that he could just pee wherever he wanted, I agreed and laughed. After that we started walking home and he actually didn't talk that much except to say that he thought our dicks were about the same size. By this time we were on the street not at the school and he looked around to see if anyone was around and quickly flashed me to show that he had an erection.

After I got home and he went home I got a phone call from him just as I was about to eat and he asked if he could spend the night and he told me that it was O.K. with his Mom. It was right then that I knew I was in for a wild night and I was right because the entire night was filled with flashing, touching and crazy dares. We had just met that same day and before midnight we had touched each other in the most private areas possible.



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