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Golf, Balls and Shafts

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Absolutely true...enjoy


This story took place back when I was about 14.

I had a friend (we shall title him Shawn) back around this time who used to ride the same bus as me. We were pretty close and played on some of the same sports teams when we were younger. Some days after taking the bus home, as we were walking by his house he would invite me in. I would usually grab some food and have something to drink. Maybe play some video games or what not.

Anyway, one day, Shawn told me on the bus that he had found some of his dad's vintage vhs porn videos. As a 14 year old, constantly horny boy, I was intrigued. I took him up on his offer and into his basement we went. He put it in, unzipped his pants and I followed. Now, this was all new and exciting for me, but I just kept watching the video (and Shawn stroked his six inch cock). We did this every couple of weeks and it always ended in a good hard cum.

Then, one day that summer, Shawn and I went golfing. On the seventh hole (of nine) we were just joking around and peeing onto the grass. I mentioned how good it felt to have my cock out in the air, and Shawn agreed. Next thing you know, two horny boys with their dicks out got us a little turned on. The conversation turned quickly to girls, masturbation and porn. We talked about all the good sites and movies we have seen. I told Shawn that I had some dvds at my house and he agreed to come over as I promised my parents would be out. We got a ride back to his house from his mom and soon walked back to my house. We rushed upstairs onto my large queen size bed. I put the dvd in and like we had done before, started jerking off. We both had a blanket over us until Shawn looked at me and said.

'This blanket is so annoying, do you mind moving it off'

'No its fine' I said back

Both of us now completely exposed to each other couldn't choose to focus on the porn or on each other....

Shawn and I reached to each others cocks and began jerking each other off. It always feels better when someone (experienced to jerk off a man...cough cough ladies....) does it to you. We did some other stuff that cannot be mentioned on here, but you can let your imagination set the scene. I kept up a fast pace, getting faster and faster until Shawn creamed three spurts of cum onto his chest, pubes, balls, and my arm and hand....He got up to clean himself off in the bathroom. I on the other hand waited till he left the room when I stuck my fingers into my mouth and finished myself to the sweet taste of Shawn's man juice.

This was the beginning of many fun times I had with some friends back in the day....let me know what you think and leave some comments...



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