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It opened my eyes

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This opened my eyes to new feelings and new experiences


My Husband and I were on a vacation in the Caribbean. Now, To give you a little understanding of who we are, both of us at this time were very avid runners and bickers. We loved to exercise and quite proud of what we had accomplished in developing toned bodies. We had been enjoying the beautiful beach and basking in the Caribbean sun. Lucky for both of us, the beach we were on was very lenient and a good majority of the women were going topless. At this time in my life, I had not started to explore my own sexuality, and was very reserved. So, after enjoying a few rum and cokes, I decided to surprise my husband. I rolled over, unclasped my top and let myself be exposed to the world. Yes, this was exciting, for both him and I. I could see it on his face, and other places, I too was getting quite excited.

We continued the day walking on the beach, me topless, and my husband with a slight erection...all of which led to some great moments where we would brush on each other, or catch the gaze of other men and women. This was the most exciting part of it all.

You are probably asking yourself, how is this a female-female story...where here is where my/our world changed.

When we came back from a walk, and dip in the ocean, we noticed that a couple had set up in the cabana right next to us. The beach was fairly vacant, so we were surprised that they choose to be closer to us. As we walked up, I smiled at the couple, said hello and proceeded to grab my towel and dry off, making sure I got all the sand off my feet so the lounge bed would be clean. As I did, my husband waved to the waiter and asked if we could have another round of drinks. As he did, the couple next to us also asked if they could order some drinks. The female in the couple said "excuse me, but what are you all drinking". I smiled and said "Cuba Libre's" then looked at the waiter and said "Quatro Cuba Libre's por favor".... this was my attempt to break the ice with our new neighbors, and it worked.

The female from the couple immediately stood up and came over to introduce herself, and her husband. We exchanged pleasantries, and started chatting about things. She had the cutest accent, which I didn't recognize, as did her husband. They were newlyweds on their Honeymoon, in from Switzerland.

She, was about my height (5'8") and build (125 lbs - b cup), maybe a little shorter, and a little thinner, but the rest was very similar. Bust, hips, legs....from a distance, we could pass as sisters.

We continued chatting it up, laughing and getting to know each other. Our husbands went snorkeling as we stayed up on the beach enjoying our rum and cokes. As time passed, I had completely forgotten that I had been topless all day. I did catch her occasionally staring at my chest, but didn't make anything of it. Then she asked..."do you always go to the beach topless?". I guess she noticed me blushing, because she said I'm sorry if I just made you uncomfortable. I told her "No...it's ok...I'm not uncomfortable, kinda forgot about it, and to be honest, this was my first time doing it and I loved. You should try it some time."

Next thing I knew, she had turned around and faced away from me, reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. when she turned around, I couldn't help but stare. I could feel my cheeks get warm, and something I had never really felt before, my pussy started to pulse at the sight of another woman. Now to be clear, I've always thought a woman's body is very sexy, and contemplated the excitement of touching another woman, but never have I been this close.

So trying to play it off, I flagged down the waiter and ordered up 4 more rum and cokes, seeing our husbands coming back up. As they did, I saw my husband look at me, look over at here, then back at me and smile. I could tell... the rum was getting to both of us and the sights were really getting to him.

We continued for a few more drinks when the waiter said that he had to close down for the evening and prepare for the dinner crowd. We all agreed that we didn't want the day to end, so took our last drinks, packed up our stuff, covered up and headed back up to our suite.

When we got back to our room, our new friends were very surprised by the size of our suite. It was beach front, had a huge balcony and private Jacuzzi on it. I plugged my phone into the clock radio and turned on some music. We ordered some drinks from room service and all climbed into the Jacuzzi. We all sat and talked for about another hour, enjoyed the warm breeze off the sea and watched the sun go down. Her husband recommended that we go downstairs and get something to eat. The main restaurant is very nice, the food is terrific and the staff is 1st class. When I mentioned that we have to dress up a little, she said that they only had their bathing suits and some cover up clothes. Being that we were all starving, I said no problem, we have plenty of clothes, and I'm sure something will fit.

Her Husband borrowed some slacks and a polo shirt. I told my husband, you know how long it takes me to get ready, you all should have another drink. Our husbands went out on the balcony and enjoyed yet another drink while we went into the room and looked for something to wear. I pulled out several sun dresses I had packed and we started holding them up. this on...or this one...or this one. She said that she really liked a little yellow one with black polka dots on it. I smiled and said go ahead and try it on. Then it happened. I thought she would go into the bathroom to change, but nope. right there...right in front of me, she again took off her bikini top, and then dropped her pants and bikini bottoms. I guess it was the natural thing to do because they were damp from swimming, but I was still taken by surprise. I had that feeling again. My face was flush, and my pussy started throbbing. She turned to face me, took the dress from my hands and stepped into the dress.

I've watched porn movies before, I've seen magazines so I know what a naked woman looks like, but being this close to another woman, completely naked was so exciting. I didn't know what was coming over me.

I turned around and started looking around for something .. anything to take my mind off of what I had seen, and more importantly what I wanted to do. I grabbed a dress off the bed and started to walk to the bathroom. She asked, "where are you going" we are friends, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. she put her hand on my shoulder and I turned around. I took a deep breath and said ok...I want this to happen, I might as well run with it. I too, in the same order, took off my top, exposing my breasts then slid my bikini bottoms down, past my hips...past my knees and then stepped out of them. I was nude. completely exposed to another woman who was staring at me. She smiled and said "you are so beautiful" and took a step forward. She said "I've never had this feeling before" and asked if she could touch me. A little scared, nervous and excited, I nodded my head and said yes. She started at my shoulders....worked her way down my arms...past my elbows to my hands. From there she put her hands on my hips and leaned in letting her body press against my exposed breasts. I was so excited and nervous I didn't know what to do. Knowing the bed was right behind me, I leaned back and sat down. I looked up at here and said "now what, our husbands are right out the door and here we are." she smiled and said "I don't know...but I want to do something..."

I pushed myself back up to the pillows and she sat on the end of the bed. Her hands were exploring her own legs, and my was rubbing my stomach. we both smiled, I closed my eyes and went for it. I opened my legs and started to rub myself. She did the same and there we were...two woman, enjoying one of the most intimate moment together. As we masturbated, I stretched my foot out to feel her, our legs were rubbing together as we climbed to orgasm. After we both finished, I looked at her, in my sun dress and smiled.

No, I hadn't officially had sex with another woman, but it was liberating.

We finished getting ready and walked out to see our husbands and head off to dinner. As we walked down the stairs and to the restaurant, I whispered in my husbands ear, "I need to tell you what happened"...he looked at me in confusion. I then whispered "we masturbated together"... his reaction was perfect...eyes got big, but his pants got bigger.

All during dinner I teased my husband with whispers and suggestions.

My husband and I have used this experience to launch other sexual adventures. We stay in touch with the other couple. We have vacationed with them 3 other times. Our husbands are well aware of what happened the first time, and now are regularly invited to watch us. We do not swap or swing, but do allow them to do what ever it is they want when we are together. Be open ladies to letting you men in on your secretes. If they also can enjoy it, it is a win for everyone.



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