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I Hated Her

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Being paired with her was, at first, truly awful. Andrea was rude, vulgar, none too keen on keeping the room tidy or taking a shower every day. She had no inhibitions and would walk around the room naked or practically naked and I knew this would be the longest vacation of my life. Three weeks would feel like three months. I tried to get re-allocated but there was just no way.

The first day was awful. The second was worse. Then came that second night. Andrea, casually as anything, asking me if I minded if she 'rubbed a couple out' that night. Not even waiting for my permission or even for me to go out for a walk she flopped onto her bed and went at it. She was loud and vulgar in that too. Such awful language. AND the commentary she kept up. Telling me how wet she was... how horny.. how she 'think I'm gonna piss the fucking bed,' That night I went to sleep crying into my pillow and wishing I was back in my lovely home.

Towards the end of the week I was at my wits end with her and we had a blazing row or at least, I had a blazing row. She didn't seem to care. In the end she said 'You know what you need, Amanda? You need a fucking good orgasm. Why don't you get off your high horse and rub one off yourself. You'll feel better.' I was shocked and wanted to shock her too. I snapped my legs open and jammed a hand into my panties and started to scream at her 'What? Like this? You think I should sink to your level of depravity and just rub myself like a bitch on heat?' Now somewhere along saying that I really lost my temper. She just stood there and looked at me. I said, 'You have no fucking shame, you know that? Every night I lie here, listening to you rubbing your pussy and cumming all over the fucking sheets. You are one total slut you know that' Now I hadn't realised but her watching me and me saying all that had gotten me almost to the edge. Finally, I gasped as a huge orgasm tore at me.

Afterwards, Andrea smiled and, again cool as you like, got into my bed with me. I suppose what really happened here is I had a bit of rough. Andrea taught me about lesbian sex and had me do things I would never have even thought of. The more depraved and disgusting the better.

When I got home to my lovely house and my parents, it felt like another world. For a month now I have been back here living a celebate lifestyle. Andrea, I am sure, went back to her boys (and girls) and has forgotten me. Sometimes though, when I need to, I creep out into the grouds at night. There I will usualy do something disgusting that Andrea taught me. Last night, for example, I actually wet myself.



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