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It First Grossed Me Out

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Love reading the stories here since a girlfriend told me about it. I'd like to share my experience now.

When I was 15, I had this boyfriend named Benny. He too was 15. At this age, as all know, both boys and girls are really getting into knowing there bodies and the bodies of the opposite sex and Benny and I were no exception. I'd often go over to his house after school since all our parents were still at work.

On this one day, he and I were at his house and we were on the sofa kissing. We started talking about the subject of sex. We got into the subject of masturbation and both of us said we did this daily. It was arousing just talking about it and admitting about our masturbating. We then got into how we each 'did it' and what it felt like. Benny told me about how it ended up with him 'shooting off my cum'. This really got my curiosity up. I could see he was hard. It really showed in his pants. Curiousity over came me and I asked Benny 'will you show me'?

I could tell Benny got all excited when I asked him this. He said 'you really want to see it'? I said 'yes'. We went into Benny's room and Benny took off his pants and shorts. He turned and showed me his penis. It looked so big and hard to me. Benny then showed me how he 'did it' wrapping his hand around it and he started jerking it. I kneeled down in front of him for a better look and didn't know what I was in for. Then it happened. Benny got stiff all over with his head back and eyes closed and he let out a loud grunt sound and it happened. The first of his cum shot out hitting my blouse and the next landed on my pants. I wasn't expecting anything like this. I looked at the slimmy white stuff and jumped up yelling 'how gross'!

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a hand full of toilet paper and went to wiping it off. I sure didn't want to get any on my hands. All the while telling Benny 'that was gross. Look at this stuff'! Benny was apologizing and said 'you said you wanted to see it'.

Well, it didn't take me very long to get over it. The more I thought about what I'd seen the neater I thought it was. Two days later I was back over at Benny's house again for a repeat performance. I also ended up showing Benny how I 'did it' and we soon got into doing 'it' to each other. I got where I wanted Benny to 'shoot' his cum on my body and I'd straddle his so I too could cum on his. We several times came so close to intercourse. The urge was sure there. But, we knew better and never did. But, did we ever use our hands on each other.

To this day, although I've long since become very sexually active with several boyfriends, I still love to bring them off with my hands and have them 'shoot' there cum on my body. I just love watching this 'gross' thing happen now.



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