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Is It Just Me?

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First I want to say I don't find the idea of peeing on someone or being peed on interesting, but I find my pee hole is a wonderful part of my masturbation fun. I usually start playing by first peeing and then paying great attention to my pee hole. Using my fingers to make circles around it, holding it with my thumb and finger, and pushing on the opening. This really gets me going. As I play, my lips get puffy and my clit finally gets hard and super sensitive. I guess, I then become normal and pay the most attention to my clit as I finally come. No one else at Solo Touch talks about their pee hole or playing with it. I am concerned I have some weird hang-up. I am not sure I could ever tell a guy to play with my pee hole first, especially if no one else does it.

I have thought a lot about why I have this thing. I guess all of my earlier sexual experiences and exploring were when we peed. Beth Ann and I were best friends and as long as I can remember we did everything together and when one had to pee, the other went along. This is where we talked about sex and first talked about boy's penis and them standing to pee. It is also where we first saw each other first pubic hairs, and had our period adventures (that's another story). Often during these pee talks I would get those funny feelings in my stomach and my girl parts felt warm.

Our next best friend was Davey, who lived on our street. We would spend our summers down by the small river by our houses. He would always tease us about running home to pee together. One day, I think we were about 12, he said he had to pee and did so quite openly in front of us. We tried not to be too interested, but there was our first penis right in front of us. He had pulled down his swim suit so we could see his penis, balls, and pubic hair. He insisted we now had to pee in front of him. Finally we did, but very carefully, pulling down our bottoms, squatting, legs together, and going a little. He got real mad. He said he just saw our hair and we saw everything. In his yellin, he claimed his sister stood when she peed in the woods and we should too. Looking back I realized he just wanted to see our pussies and knew nothing about how his much older sister peed, but we believed him and wanted to seem grown up and we were on a mission to learn how.

Our first attempts were terribly messy and we learned to practice in the shower. This also turned into an anatomy lesson. First we laid in bed and found each others pee hole and with a mirror saw our own. When I touched Beth Ann's pee hole, she sighed and moaned. Another long story but we did masturbate each other that day as well. We did get pretty good at peeing standing up, by holding our lips open and leaning backward. Davey was relentless about peeing together again. I remember once him asking if I wanted to hold his cock while he peed (his words). When I grabbed hold of his penis, it was so hard yet so soft, and he said he couldn't pee because he was too hard. Not sure if that was true or if he just wanted me to jack him off. (He taught us that too) Finally we did pee standing up for him. Although, he seem to enjoy it more if sat against this big rock, spread our lips and peed that way. Throughout that summer and the next one too we would be off to the river and someone would say they had to pee. Each of us would take off our swim suit bottoms and pee in front of each other. As we started our sexual experiences with Davey, he loved learning about out pussies and we were careful to show him our pee holes. As we learned to make each other come, we always played with their pee holes. Davey liked us to play with his as much as Beth Ann and I like to ours played with. We never had intercourse but mutual masturbation was an almost daily event those summer days, always starting with a mutual pee. My family moved the following winter and I have not seen them since.

I could go into much more detail about these summers but what I really want to know is if I am normal to play with my pee hole to get myself going. Do others do it or were my early experiences so perverted, I have some weird hang-up?



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