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I Hear My Sister at Night

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Something that helps me get off at night.


My sister is 22 years old. It's been a very long time that I've been hearing her masturbate at night. She gets so into it that I don't think she realizes how loud she gets. We share a room where I have a quiet bed and she has a loud and squeaky bed (probably because of excessive masturbation on it). If she knows I'm awake she won't masturbate so I wait until she thinks I've fallen asleep at night. I don't know why but it turns me on to hear her finger herself at night. When I hear her get off, I get all tingly and start to feel like I need to release an orgasm. I have mine with as little noise as possible.

We'll call my sister by her middle name, Melissa. She refers to all masturbation as jacking off, whether it's a girl or a guy doing it. She'll talk about it but she doesn't come forward about doing it. The routine for most nights is she'll say she's going to bed and then she'll lay down and wait for me to be absolutely silent. That's when you can hear her sliding her hand down between her legs. Then Melissa will rub for a very long time. Sometimes when I'm turned toward her I can see her hand moving under the sheets between her legs. Melissa will look right at me while she's doing that but she can't tell that I'm looking at her because the room is to dark. You can hear in very good detail when she actually puts her hand inside her panties and starts to rub her slit. She makes a constant soft sliding sound. I can hear her panties snap as she takes her hand out from inside of them. The bed will shake slightly while she begins masturbating harder, and I'm certain that at that point she has no idea that I'm desperately wanting to cum as well. I do my best to let her think I'm still sleeping so she can just go at it.

Melissa's bed starts to make more noise when she realy wants to cum. She'll do a constant vigorous rubbing session where the bed will make a steady rythm of little squeak noises. That will last for a while as she lets out little sighs. After a while you can hear her start to fingerbang and rub herself. The noise from her bed starts to become more obvious as the squeaks get louder and more constant. She will give subtle moans at this point. All of a sudden it all stops. The only thing you can hear is a tiny rapid rubbing noise. I call this the 'calm before the storm'. All of a sudden that rapid rubbing noise is accompanied by a loud squeak of her bed. Her legs open, her knees up, and her feet flat on the bed with her fingers thrusting in her snatch and her palm clapping against her pubics. Melissa is at her climax. That is when she makes all kinds of comotion. The bed will make a steady loud creaking noise while she thrusts her pelvis realy hard up and down from the bed. Her breathing gets very very heavy and she begins to whisper things like 'Oh shit...... ya .... ya ......' and you can hear her fingerbang herself harder as she gets closer and closer.

I'm already to cum myself but Melissa can't hear me over herself so I can get a little louder. Finaly Melissa's body stiffens and the clapping noise her hand is making between her legs peaks and she'll whisper 'Oh..Oh... oh shit ..... oh fuck..... ah.. oh......ya ..ya ..ya .... ffuuuuuuuck.. uhhhh ... oh I'm gonna cum.. I'm gonna cum.. I'm cumming...ah I'm cumming.... ahhhhhhh... shhhhhhiiiiiitttttttt... ahhh ..... hhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhhhh ...YES..... ohhhh.... yes'. After that time I'll already have come in my panties and I'll be ready for a perfect night sleep. So will Melissa.

When I see her the next day I always talk to her like normal as if I don't know what she does at night. I'm pretty sure she has heard me getting off at night but I know she won't say anything.



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