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Is it cheating?

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Is it cheating? by b_andro@yahoo.com (b_andro@yahoo.com)
It was my first year out of college and I did not have a professional job yet. I was sharing a house with my sister and her live-in boyfriend while working part time to help pay a few bills while I looked for gainful employment. This arrangement left me more time to party than I had at college no tests to study for! I was in the middle of a serious relationship with my old college girlfriend at the time.

Unfortunately, it was one of those long distance relationships so we only saw each other every few weeks. We cared about each other very much and I was trying to remain faithful. Well, I was making the rounds to the weekend house parties in town and ended up at my friend Bills house that had a pretty good beer blast going on. It was in the neighborhood so I just walked over that way I could get plastered and just stumble home later. When I got there the main crowd was in the kitchen (why does everyone always gravitate to the kitchen probably because its closer to the refrigerator and the cold beer.)

Anyway, there was a game of Quarters starting up at the kitchen table. For those who may not know, Quarters is a drinking game where you bounce a quarter off the table and try to make it go into a glass of beer. If it goes in you get to designate who has to chug the beer to retrieve the quarter. Well it was early and I didnt want to start chugging right away and besides that, there were no empty chairs left at the table. I started to move along when Patty scooted over on her chair, offering me half of her seat and asked me to play the game with her. How could I refuse? Patty was a sophomore going to the local junior college. She was what we (the guys) sometimes referred to as a butterhead. Everything about her was great but her head. She was only about five feet tall but had a killer bod with nicely proportioned tits and a sweet tight ass. And actually her face wasnt bad either.

It was just a little on the plain side with a few blemishes left over from her high school battle with acne. All in all she had the proverbial girl next door look. I parked myself down on the half a chair she offered me and we tried to catch up a little above the blare of the party music. I knew who she was from high school and she had some mutual friends we talked about. Meanwhile, the other quarter players had picked on Patty and me as their drinkers of choice. It seamed like every other turn, Patty or I were chugging. We were both getting a bit buzzed. It wasnt long before I felt Pattys hand casually rest on my knee under the table and it wasnt much longer before it started wandering up my thigh until it casually came to a stop at the top of my leg. We had stopped trying to talk/shout at each other over the music by then and she just turned and gave me a big smile.

All I could do was smile back as I felt my cock getting harder with every beat of my heart. Im sure she could feel it pulsing as the side of her hand rested against it. Just then my friend Bill leaned over, said he was going to get high, and then grabbed me and pulled me up from the table. Patty jumped up with me and said Can I come too?. Of course I said yes. We headed upstairs to an empty bedroom with Bill leading the way. Once there we partied awhile and the whole time Bill was trying to put the moves on Patty. Well it was Bills house and his weed and his party and then there was my long distance girlfriend that I was starting to feel guilty about so I didnt say anything and just let Bill take his best shot at Patty. Trouble was, Patty was acting like she had her sights set on me.

She shot down every move Bill made and finally turned to me and said she was feeling a little funny and would I please walk her home? How could I refuse? I said good by to Bill and Patty gave him a good night kiss on the cheek and then grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house and onto the sidewalk. We slipped our arms around each others waists and started walking towards her house. Now that it was quiet enough to actually hear each other talk, she turned to me and said so is true about why your nickname in high school was Little Bigman? And I said you mean about me wrestling two weight classes above my actual weight? I should explain here that I am only 5 feet 4 inches tall. And because our wrestling team was short a few people due to injuries, I had to wrestle in a heavier weight class a few times to help the team avoid forfeiting that match. Thats when the guys on the team started calling me little-bigman. But there was another meaning for the nickname. Even though I stopped growing taller by the 10th grade, I didnt stop growing bigger.

My cock is a healthy 9 1/2 inches long and fat as well. That was the real reason the wrestling team started calling me little-bigman. Well, Patty said that the wrestling story wasnt the reason that she had heard for my nickname. I asked her what she meant and she got a real embarrassed look on her face and said I heard talk that you have a well ummm, that you are big in other places. All my girlfriends in high school thought it was just a joke but I always thought it was true, and now my curiosity is just killing me. So is it true? When I told her that yes I was big in other places she got a big grin on her face and said that she just had to see it with her own eyes in order to satisfy her high school curiosity. My guilt monster started to raise its ugly head and I told her about my girlfriend and how we were committed and I really couldnt feel right about starting another relationship. She didnt care. I tried to explain that I didnt feel right about it, but she just said Look Im not looking for any relationship either.

We dont even have to fool around if you dont want to. I just need to see it so I can tell my old girlfriends they were full of shit and I was right. I thought to myself I guess it isnt cheating if I just show it to her and besides her enthusiasm was contagious. Thoughts of my girlfriend were fading fast. We soon arrived at her apartment and I agreed to go in with her as long as she behaved herself (wink). She promised to be a good girl so I went in. She offered me a beer which I accepted and we both sat down on the bar stools at her kitchen breakfast bar. She wasted no time with small talk and started in where she left off outside. Cmon and show it to me. I just want a peek. Let me see it pleeeease? I had teased her long enough and finally said OK where would you like to do this? She said right here on the counter. The bright light in the kitchen will help me see better. I took my shirt off first and then my shoes and socks. When I unbuckled my jeans and started slowly pulling them down I had her undivided attention.

She could see the bulge in my briefs as it slowly grew. While she was staring, I grabbed my briefs and yanked them down and hopped up on the counter in one quick move. Her eyes got big and her mouth was hanging open ever so slightly. She whispered holy cow and I joked back dont you mean holy horse?. She giggled and that broke her trance. She pulled a barstool up right in front of me, sat down, and gently pushed my legs apart saying she needed a closer look. She said you must get tired carrying that thing around it looks like it weighs a ton! and with that she reached out with both hands and cupped my balls in them and lifted them up and down like she was examining fruit in the produce section of the grocery. That made my cock swell from 95% hard to painfully swollen.

She kept her eyes glued to my cock the whole time and kept saying things like I cant believe it and its so big. By now it was twitching on its own. She grew tired of weighing my balls and reached up and wrapped both hands around my rock hard cock. She kept talking to me about how great she thought this was and how her girlfriends would never believe it and how cool it felt twitching and pulsing in her hands and the whole time she never took her eyes off my dick.. By now all I could do was mumble uh huh, ooohhh, arghhhh and other nonsense as her little hands began to pump up and down the slab of meat held between them. I looked down at her and even I thought I looked huge the way she had her tiny hands wrapped around me with one hand on top of the other. By that time I was about to blow a nut. I managed to say something to her about how great she felt and that I was going to cum soon.

That put a big smile on her face. She said this is gonna be cool Ill bet with a cock that big and balls that heavy you can squirt a gallon!. And she started pumping me even faster. At that point I just leaned back and concentrated on the way she was making my cock feel like it was ready to explode. My toes began to curl and then my calves and thighs tightened and my hips started jerking. When I look down my cum was arching in big blobs right over Pattys head. About the third wad hit her left cheek and the rest dribbled down my cock and all over her hands. Patty was right it felt like I had cum a gallon. She finally looked up from my cock and gave me a great big smile. She grabbed a couple of paper towels and wiped herself off and then mopped the puddles of cum off the floor.

She then turned to me and for the second time that night said the words can I come too??? I told her that was only fair but that I also had something that I have been curious about since high school. I told her how all the guys thought she had the best looking ass and that I always wondered what it looked like. She said that since I had been so cooperative in satisfying her curiosity that she would do whatever I wanted. I told her that I wanted to see her up on the counter the same place she checked me out. She laughed and said OK and then hopped up with her but on the edge of the kitchen counter. I sat in the same bar stool between her thighs and said OK now lets check out that sweet ass of yours. Turn around and get on your hands and knees. She quickly did as she was told.

I then said that it wasnt fair that she still had her jeans on that I had always dreamed of seeing her bare buns. She then unfastened her jeans and shimmied them over her hips and down to her ankles. I helped her out of her shoes and pulled the jeans the rest of the way off. I said panties too and she followed my example of quickly jerking them down and whipping them off. Now I was the one with my mouth hanging open. I told her she had a beautiful ass and then I told her it just needed to be positioned properly to look its absolute best. I had her fold her arms and rest her head on them so she was leaning over on her elbows. I then had her spread her knees so they were positioned a little wider than her hips. She turned her head and looking over her sholder asked is this OK? I answered her by saying Just wiggle your ass a little and it will be perfect. She was kneeling down on the counter with her ass wiggling in the air level with my face when she meowed back at me you promised I could come too.

That was all I could take. I leaned forward and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. I began by planting soft kisses on each cheek and then I slowly started to lick her buns. I worked my way lower and ever so softly ran my tongue the entire length of her pussy. When I got to the end I softly traced a circle around her anus and she let out a whimper. I then gently but firmly ran my tongue back along the crack of her pussy and forced it between her lips I spread her cheeks even wider and started lapping at her pussy with big wet sloppy licks.

When her juices started flowing I stuck my tongue way out and flicked it against her clit. Thats when she really started grunting and pushing her ass back into my face. She was pushing and wiggling trying to fuck herself with my nose while I licked her clit and I was loving it. She screamed that she was cumming but she never slowed down. She just kept humping her pussy against my face, so I thought Id replace my nose with my tongue in her twat and see how she liked that.

I got a fresh grip on her ass and ran my tongue up and down her pussy a few times and then I stuck it out as far as it would go and wormed it into her pussy. She started going nuts and arched her back even more opening up her cunt to me. I could feel her pussy wrap itself around my tongue as it slid in and out. By then I was beginning to tire so I decided to slow down a little and take a break. I sat back and looked at her glistening ass but she turned and said please dont stop I m just about ready to come again. I said OK and set my tired tongue to work again. I started out with a long slow lick up her crack only this time I wasnt soft and gentle It was a fat wet deep lick from the tip of her clit all the way to the circle of her anus and when I reached her ass hole she let out a low growl then arched her ass and wiggled it and whispered oh yessss do it to me there.

I was in a teasing mood so I stopped and said tell me exactly what you want or Ill stop. She said you know what I mean please do it. I said I dont know what you mean. She shot back just take that wonderful tongue of yours and lick my ass hole with it cmon and stick that hot wet thing out as far as it will go and fuck my ass with it. And with that she reached back and grabbed my head and pulled it between her cheeks. The moment my tongue touched her ass I could feel her little rosebud convulsing as she came and came. She collapsed flat on the counter exhausted, and I slipped off to the bathroom to wash up.

When I came back she was sitting there all smiles and said Ive never had anyone do anything like that to me before. It was so naughty and exciting and dirty and fun all at the same time. I cant believe I just did that. I told her it was my first time having oral sex from behind like that too and it was a big turn on for me as well. She said she wouldnt mind trying that again sometime. I was still in a teasing mood so I told her I wasnt sure about that unless she said please. We had another beer and talked awhile longer before I said good by. As we kissed goodnight she reached down and groped my crotch one last time and said I cant wait to tell my old girlfriends that the little-bigman story was is true.



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