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Fun in a Chinese Restaurant

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Fun in a Chinese Restaurant by Hotttode (Hotttode@aol.com)
One day my boyfriend called me from work saying he wanted to meet me for lunch and for me to wear a short skirt and no panties. Well, me being the conservative exhibitionist that I am, willingly agreed.

I drove down, parked in the lot across the street from the restaurant and walked in. I spotted him and sat down at the table. They were 2 rows of booths in the middle of the restaurant, and then booths against the walls as well. We were seated in one of the booths in the middle. I sat down next to him, kissed him hello, took his hand and casually placed it on my breast as our waitress came up to us and asked what we wanted to eat. I looked at him w/ a huge grin knowing exactly what we both wanted to eat.

She took our order, and left. He whispered in my ear…"Damn you look so hot." I whispered back to him "Honey I want you to FEEL how hot I am." I took his hand and placed it against my thigh far enough so that he could tell I wasn't wearing any panties, but not far enough to let him feel how wet I was. I knew I was wet because I could feel a little bit of it dripping down my thighs, and I could smell the faint smell of my pussy. I looked down at his crotch and saw that his pants had a bit of a wet spot, and he was pitchin' a tent. I knew my face was flushed at this point and it was so hot in that room. There were no tablecloths on the tables so that made this more exciting. He then took his hand and placed it on my throbbing wet clit. "Wow girl, you r soaked" I smiled at him and said "I know…I cant believe I haven't made a mess on the bench" (my skirt was THAT short). Well he was fingering me, and I had to contain myself because right down the room at the tables against the wall was a guy with his lady friend watching me. I know he knew what was going on because we made eye contact. I said to my boyfriend that the guy was watching….and he said…"Well, guess he'll just have to go home and jack off himself now..wont he?". Just then our waitress came back with our food, just as my boyfriend pulled his hand away. I just knew that she could smell the sex. God it was hot. At that point he had put his jacket over my lap, but we were still just as turned on.

We finally made it through lunch, and we went back to my car. We got in, and he said to me, "I want to finish what I started." Damn he was good!!. With my car sitting in the parking lot, facing out to the street where people were walking by to and from the subway, we both started rubbing my clit. I went to stroke his cock, but he told me no….this was all for me. I told him I loved his cock, and could I at least just hold it. He let me hold it….as he continued to finger me. He unbuttoned my blouse and started to kiss my breast…playing w/ my nipples, getting me so worked up. People were walking all around us….I was so hot, and wet….I wanted to explode. I tried to hold back my facial expressions, but it was next to impossible. I felt my clit swell up so big it felt like a big, ripe fruit just ready to burst. I couldn't believe I was sitting here on a major street getting fingered and practically half undressed in the middle of the afternoon. Finally, I couldn't hold back…I told him "Babe, Im gonna cum hard…god your finger feels great!!!!….ohhhhhhhhhhh". "Yes baby, cum for me….let me feel you gush all over my hand." AHHHHH….I let go. It was WONDERFUL!!.. I buried my head in his chest like I always do after I cum. When I was done, and all hot, and face flushed, I asked him what about you?" "More to cum…." He said with a smile…..

If any guys would like to email, please feel free to do so…..men only!



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