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Internet King

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This is fiction, but hopefully will be fact soon.


I talked with (We'll call him Jake) "Jake" for about a year or so online and things started to get pretty serious. We would end up having hot, sexy, naked, cyber sex, and it was the best. And after that we started to want to get more serious. Not only were we sexual, but we really connected on a personal level.

So one day when we were having one of our online "hang out sessions" he told me he had to come to California on a business trip (because he lived was seemed like light years away in Florida) and that he wanted to meet me. So of course I was extremely excited. I agreed and a week later he would be arriving.

It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and I had been doing yoga for a while so I was getting really sweaty. I decided to take a long bubble bath. So after I got out of the bubble bath I didn't feel like putting much on, so I grabbed my favorite black silky robe. Just after I put on my robe I hear a knock on my door. My skin was glistening from the left over water and my hair was in long, wet, waves cascading down my shoulders and back. I answered the door and who else do I see, but Jake.

"I'm sorry, my flight came in a day early and I wanted to surprise you". My heart was pounding so hard I could barely hear what he said. But instead of answering I had this extreme urge to just grab him. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled his lips toward mine. As they interlocked our mouths open and our tongues merged. Soon enough, our bodies were entwined and we were full on making out with my door wide open. After a moment of this we realized our stupidity and closed the door. We attempted small talk but it didn't work. I offered Jake a drink and went towards the fridge, as I bent over to pick up a can of pop I felt something touch my lower back. I stood and turned and his hands were on my hips. I turned around and he greeted me with a warm wet kiss. I started to take off his shirt while he undid my robe. Eventually we were standing in my kitchen nearly naked. I had on nothing but a thong and he had on nothing but boxers. He picked me up and carried me into my bedroom and threw me on the bed.

His hands were all over me and my hands doing the same. His hands covered my breasts as he nipped my neck with his teeth. I started to rub the long hard shaft covered in his boxers. I was so wet I could barely control myself and his dick was so hard it was unreal. I took off his boxers and revealed his beautifully hard dick. Instinctively I bent down and put the whole thing in my mouth I started to go up and down, up and down, and my tongue was swirling along the tip. I could feel his cock starting to tense up and move and that if I didn't stop soon, he would cum. I didn't want that yet.

So I stopped and he let out a long, soft moan of pleasure. He started rubbing my pussy through my soaking wet thong. The moans kept escaping my lips and my whole body was shuddering with pleasure. Just as I was about to orgasm he pulled away and our lips interlocked again. He started to kiss my body from lips to feet, stopping to linger at the creamy white flesh of my stomach. His lips brushing against my shaved pussy and all the way down my thighs and calves. I returned the favor by licking him from his neck all the way down to his inner thighs. Our moans were coinciding and I got on top of him. I started to rub my crotch on his dick and we were both on the verge of an orgasm.

I laid down and he got on top of me again and went down on me. I felt the warm sensation of a tongue sliding around my clit and down into my vagina. He started to suck on my clit and the moans of pleasure wouldn't stop. I feel his hard on, on my leg. He licked faster and faster and longer and harder and then the shuddering, mind blowing orgasm went through my body like an electric current.

I was so overcome with pleasure I just knew I wanted to make him feel the same way. So I got up and pushed him onto my bed and put my hands on his dick. I started to rub faster and harder and used the sweet juiced from my pussy to lube up his long rock hard cock. The faster I went the louder he moaned and then his cum shot right at my chest, dribbling down onto my stomach. We then retreated to the shower to clean up.

This was our first sexual encounter, there will definitely be more to cum

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