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In the Car

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Things heat up in the car


This woman and I had known each other for about a year, I'll call her "Jen". We had a lot of good chemistry. We would sit and talk for a long time about any number of things. Eventually I got the nerve to tell her how I felt about her. It turns out that she felt the same about me. Over the next several months things heated up between us. One day we met up just to talk. It was snowing out pretty hard so we opted to just sit in her car to talk and kiss and hold hands.

As with any relationship that involves kissing things moved quickly to rubbing, touching etc. I felt bold and slipped my hand under her shirt and felt her breasts and pulled on her nipples, she gasped and kissed me very deeply. She told me she wanted me to suck on her nipple. I didn't waste any time, I slipped her shirt up and moved her bra so I had full access. My sucking and nibbling on her nipples put her into orbit. She was grinding her crotch against my leg and moaning while she held my head tight to her chest. I moved her back and began kissing her stomach while rubbing her crotch through her pants. She asked me to stop with my hand in the way that suggested that stopping was not at all what she wanted. But not to push my luck, I did stop. As I did, she undid her pants and told me it would feel better if my hand was inside her panties. My already rock solid cock jumped at this suggestion. I slid my hand in her panties and found her sopping wet and freshly shaven. It was a new experience for me. I had never been with a woman that shaved before, I could feel every part of her. I slowly rubbed her clit and her breathing got heavier and faster. She was moaning through the kisses now. She slid her pants and panties down to her ankles and guided my head between her legs, though I needed no prodding. I slowly licked and sucked on her wet lips and clit while sliding two fingers inside of her. I was amazed at finding her g-spot so easily and massaged it while lavishing her with my tongue. I looked up at her briefly, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and she was clearly ready to pop. I dove back in and buried my face into her wetness, savouring the taste of her most private area. She had a ground shaking orgasm. Her whole body shook over and over. It lasted for nearly a minute. When she had finished, she kissed me long and deep cleaning the juices off of my face. She looked at me for a moment and pushed me back telling me it was my turn.

She unbuckled my pants and slid them down to my knees. Without hesitation she grabbed onto my cock with one hand and began to kiss and lick my cock. It was heavenly. She sucked and stroked me for a few minutes and then stopped. She then kissed me while stroking me using her saliva as lubrication for her strong grip. She could tell I was on edge and whispered "not yet". She stopped stroking me and went back down kissing my balls and licking them. finally she returned to the tip and slowly slid me into her mouth. The new warmth of her mouth was more than I could take but I was determined to let this last as long as I could. Another minute passed and I was out of my mind. Her tongue caressing my shaft and her hand rubbing my balls finally sent me over the edge. I came for what seemed like minutes.

Afterwards, we just sat there holding each other completely content as the snow fell outside the car. That was a great day.



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