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Experimenting With My Sister

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I've been reading stories here at Solotouch for about a year. I have read many accounts of brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews, nieces and uncles, a grandpa and grandaughter, and even an occasional mother and son. I feel many of these are concoctions of the writers' imaginations, but some probably are real. This is my story about my sister and I when we were teenagers, and it is true.

As kids, I remember our mother placing us both in the bathtub together. We were probably under five or six years old but I remember it. My sister and I would play with tub toys for a while before Mom would bath us both. Although we were very young, we both noticed our equipment was different. One of us asked once, why I had a little pee pee and my sister didn't, and mom just casually said that was how girls and boys were made. That was enough to satisfy our curiosity at that time in life.

In our preteen years, modesty was paramount. My sister and I went to extremes not to be seen by each other changing clothes or showering. We teased each other and said we hated each other and we fought all the time, and we certainly weren't going to allow ourselves to be seen naked by the other.

By the time I was about 14 or 15 and my sister was a year younger, we started becoming close again. This is an age when kids have many questions about sex, and as young teens, we were starting to become aware of the opposite sex. We didn't feel we could go to our parents with questions back then. Today, of course, parents HOPE their kids will come to them with questions. Back then, I don't think the parents wanted the difficult questions and we dared not ask. Born of this frustration, my sister and I began talking to each other even more.

One day when we were home alone, my sister and I were talking. She had a junior high school sweetheart. She had told me they had spent many hours 'making out' but that was about it. When we were talking she said, 'Can I ask you a question?'

I said, 'Sure.'

She said, 'How big do guys' dicks get when they get hard?'

I asked her why she wanted to know that. My sister, I'll call her Judy, said that when she and her boyfriend were making out, he placed her hand on his lap and she said his dick was hard, but it only felt like it was about three inches long and hard.

I told her guys were all different. Some were big and some were small, just like girls had different sized boobs. She asked me if they got hard all by themselves or what? I explained how guys didn't need stimulation, just the thought of sex made us hard. I was kind of blown away when she asked me how big I got. I told her I didn't really know because I had never measured it before! We were sitting on the bed in my room. She scooched a bit closer and hesitatingly said, 'Can we measure yours?'

I said, 'Really?'

She said, 'Yes. I want to see it.'

Now the thought of taking my pants off in front of my sis had never crossed my mind. At the same time, there was something exciting about the idea. I felt myself getting hard. She said she promised she would never tell mom and dad. I said 'OK, under one condition ... I want to see you naked, too.' She readily agreed.

It was really awkward. She wanted me to go first and I wanted her to go first. This went on for a while. Finally I said 'OK.'

By now, I was really hard at the thought of showing myself to my sister and at the thought of seeing my sister naked. I stood up and pulled my shirt off then I unbuckled my pants and unzipped and pulled them off. All that was left to remove were my tight jockey shorts.

I was so hard that my shorts were standing straight up like I had a big stick in my underpants. I pulled the elastic down and my dick went 'whop' as it smacked up against my lower stomach. I'll never forget the look in her face! She opened her mouth in surprise and stared at it. She quickly left the room and came back with a ruler. I still remember talking about where to measure it. On the top side or the bottom side! As it turned out, at that time I was about six inches.

Then I said, 'Your turn!'

She stood up and slowly took off her shirt and bra and pulled her pants and underwear off. Wow! I have to say, I was taken back by her figure. She had what was probably a 34B cup size and her pussy hair was actually a little more developed and thicker than my own pubic hair. We just stood there and stared at each other for what seemed like a long five minutes.

She asked me if she could feel my dick and I readily agreed. She was amazed at the hardness asking me exactly how it got that way. She asked me how it felt to be hard, if it was uncomfortable in clothes; a hundred questions as she continually held on to it. She got down on her knees and looked at my balls and felt them, lifted them up, looked underneath, ... I have to say it was hot with her feeling me and inspecting me like that.

Other girls at school had talked to her about 'beating off their boyfriends.' She started asking me how that was done. I took her hand and got her into the stroking motion and told her that was all she needed to do. She asked me if I ever did it myself and I told her, 'all the time!'

Now it was my turn. I asked her if I could inspect her pussy. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs for me. I layed there with my face close to her pussy and found looking at her folds and lips extremely intresting. She opened her pussy up and showed me her clit and told me how she could rub it and she would eventually have a really good feeling. That, of course, was an orgasm. I looked at her breasts and felt them and played with her nipples too.

I was extremely hard and turned on. She said 'Dave, can I jack you off? I want to learn how.'

I said, 'SURE!' I laid down on the bed and she laid beside me and took my really erect dick in her hand and started jacking me as I had showed her.

Now and then she would say, 'How long does this take?' and things like that. It was really feeling good. Finally, I could feel myself building up to an orgasm and I told her I was about to cum, but to not quit stroking me. I finally shot loads of hot cum all over my chest and lower stomach. At first she shrieked and pulled her hand away, but I yelled for her to keep pumping. She was amazed. She thought it was gross but interesting at the same time.

After I wiped up all the goo, I said, 'Your turn again! Show me how you do yourself.'

She laid back down and I settled in between her legs for a good look as she started rubbing her clit. I asked if I could try and she said OK. I rubbed her clit and fingered her but I couldn't get the motion down so she took over and masturbated openly for me until she quivered and shook.

The whole experience was an educational experience for us, albeit quite fun. Just one other time, several years later when discussing sex, did we ever do anything again. By now, she was probably beating her boyfriends off on every date.

One day, she said she had a curiosity about watching a guy beat off and she asked if I would do it for her. We went to my room and I eagerly jacked off right in front of her. Of course, I made her show me her more fully developed body this time, too. She had developed wonderful breasts and all I could think about was how lucky some guys were who got to fuck my sister.

My sis and I are best friends now, and we each have families with kids. Although we never did anything like that again, I cherish the memories and I bet she does, too.

I wonder what percentage of brothers and sisters do what we did? I have no idea if it is an extremely small percentage or more than most people would think. If anyone has any statistics, please leave them on the comment boards.




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