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In Pool Shower With Sister's Best Friend

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Masturbation Experience in pool shower with my sister's best friend.

My sister and I recently attended the wedding of her best friend Katie. She is a mutual friend we both get along with really well. Of course we've kept the fact we'd been getting together periodically for the last decade for casual fun a secret and my sister never found out. Katie was a plus sized girl, but one that had a ton of confidence to strut what she had. Despite being larger, she knew how to dress, and take advantage of her DD breasts. Her outfits always highlighted these, and I had a huge crush on her, loving her outgoingness, confidence and flintiness. A short 5'0'' woman, she brought a huge energy to any situation. We swam together on the swim teams in high school and had a very cordial relationship. She was cool with the more popular kids but helped shield me from some bad actors being my sister's best friend and I was always thankful for that. She was the same age as me, my sister being a year older. Attending the wedding brought up many memories, including the time Katie lost a dare and had to enter the locker room showers while I was showering a decade earlier....


In high school I was on the swim team. The coach wanted volunteers to help reel in lane lines, stack the kickboards, floats and other equipment, and generally clean up after practice. I readily agreed. y reasoning wasn't due to me being helpful though. I had an ulterior motive. My family was poor and lived in a small house. They would not allow me to shower at home on days that I had swim meet to save on heat and water costs. The shower was the only place I had a chance to masturbate (I had to share a bedroom with my sister.) I helped clean up because it allowed the other team members to finish showering and changing before I got in, having the locker room to myself so I could rub one out before going home. This worked very well for me. The downside I never saw. I was always a more shy, awkward and nerdy guy. I had no luck with girls, and a rumor started I went to shower last because I had a small dick and didn't want to be Made fun of. Despite my lack of confidence with women, I had a decent sized 6 and a half inch penis. I wasn't hiding it, I was hiding my desire to jack off as much as I could. Little did I know these rumors were to lead to a very pleasurable experience with Katie.



It was a day like any other. 3 hour swim practice, about 20 minutes cleaning up, then I hit the locker room. I turned on the shower and stripping out of my suit, quickly stroking myself, thinking of the members of the girls team in their swimsuits and filling my mind with fantasies about them, particularly Katie's big tits. The sound of footsteps alerted me, and I turned to face the wall to hide y obvious erection. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Katie, still in swimwear, standing in the entrance to the pool showers. I was a little embarrassed, her looking at my butt, being exposed to a girl for only the second time in my life. She looked bashful. I asked what she was doing in there, and she responded that the girls heard rumors I had a small dick, dared each other whoever drew the short straw had to come into the locker room to verify. Katie drew the short straw. She apologized and said she wished we were not in that situation.  I had a sudden burst of confidence, not something I was known for, and turned around, erection pointed straight at her, and said, "Well, you can just go and confirm that the rumors are false." 



She stared wide eyed at my penis. She then asked why I was hard already. I blushed a little and replied, "I was having alone time, now can I finish in peace?" She then shocked me and said that she was truly sorry, ad maybe she could help. She then stripped out of her suit, turned on the shower head across from me, and started to wash herself. She said she could give me something to jerk to, as she'd caught my glances and peeks over the years. I started stroking again and she started rubbing her clit. We made eye contact, and serviced ourselves while staring. she then surprised me by moving forward, grabbing my cock with one hand and bringing my hand to her tit with the other. I grabbed her other one, feeling tits for the first time. And a hand other than my own on my cock. I only lasted a couple minutes before I came. Some hit her stomach, and she rinsed it off down the shower drain. She then rubbed herself to orgasm while I watched. She then silently put her suit on, told me she'd tell the other girls the truth, and left the showers.



I am thankful for this experience, not only being a first, but I never had. trouble finding girls after this experience. The rumor was gone and I had a good time. As to me and Katie, we had some fun over the years but that's a story for another day.




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