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She just needed to know

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True story!


I was thinking back to something that happened to me when I was about 21 and renting out a room with a cohabitating couple. Now the woman "Julia" never caught me masturbating. But once when they had gone grocery shopping I locked the front door while I masturbated in the shower.They came home when I was still showering. When I got out she said "Why was the door locked have you been whacking?"
I don't remember what I said, but back then there was no admitting that I masturbate. 

I did not see what was coming next but should have. At the time I was not seeing anyone on a steady basis so I was pretty well free. It was Friday night, we were partying with a group of people and we had ran out of booze. Someone had to drive and I was the less intoxicated one. Not sure how this happened but Julia and I ended up all alone going to the store. I didn't think anything of it, we needed more beer.

On the way home her hands started roaming and she started talking. "Can I see your Dick?" I did not know what to say. No one ever asked! Her hands slid down my thighs onto my equipment rather quickly. All I know is that the guy I was renting a room from's girl had her hands on my penis through my shorts and was moving her hand up to unzip them. "Does that feel good?" I could tell she had plenty to drink and her inhibitions were down. I didn't even realize this woman had this desire for me, she was pretty well all business when sober. Plus I am driving!

Down came the zipper of my jeans, she was pretty good at what she was doing and determined to get what she wanted. "I want to see your cock" She had seen that I was erect because the head of my penis sticks out of the top of my pants when erect. Mr Johnson had made his presence known. She unzipped me reached in like she was reaching in the freezer for a favorite popsicle, except this one was thicker and was the adult version.
With my cock in her hand, she looked at me and then started to move down until she got where she wanted and kissed me on my cock's head. "You're as big as my boyfriend!" She proclaimed! Curiosity must have been killing her! So I got a blow job while driving back to the party from the intoxicated woman I was renting a room from. And she always acted like she was never interested! And did even afterward like nothing happened! But I don't mind being used like that!

A few years later I ended up with another girl on a similar run and she reached over and kissed me while I was driving. I had married by then so nothing was going to happen. Strange the way these girls act.



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