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In One Room with Sisters

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When I was 13 my parents decided to rebuild our huge house to even bigger one and therefore for almost one year we stayed at the apartement our family owns in downtown. I had to stay in one room with my three sisters, then 20, 19 and 17. I was too young to defense against such a decision, I suggested I could stay with my grandparents, but my parents decided we´ll be all together - perhaps they didn´t plan reconstructing would take so long.

I stayed at the top of bunk bed, one sister was under and two others shared one queen size bed - the room was the biggest one in flat, but anyway it was a nightmare. I heard my mom telling my sisters once, that they should respect I was an only male surrounded by three females, and that it was delicate especially in my age of beginning puberty, when I could have wet dreams, morning hardons and so on. She also told them that boys might start to masturbate frequently in such an age. I couldn´t believe my mother was talking like this to my sisters and from my side it even worsened my position, because when they all came back to our room they looked at me in that kind of wise way which I hated and I even couldn´t speak to them.

We managed somehow, we all were changing only while alone in the room or we used the bathroom. I masturbated mainly while having a shower and I don´t think I ever woke somebody with my wet dream. I did see my sisters in bra and underwear, what was kind of hot, but I tried not to watch them much. They might see me with kind of morning semi-erection but they always turned away - somehow I felt like a little animal, the only one with the sexual urges. Two days in week I was getting back home the first, so this was the only time I could read some teenage magazine and masturbate to some hot pop stars. I knew I had always a very limited time, but I found it very arrousing to strip in my bed and wank while sitting and reading. One afternoon it was exactly so - I was sitting on my bed, boxers half down and jerking off with some journal in other hand. I still had some time, but at one moment the door opened and my oldest sister walked in. It must have looked ridiculous because I could only cover myself with the magazine and sit there. My sister told me she was sorry but she needed to do something particularly at the computer on her table, so she couldn´t leave me alone to finish what I was doing, but she promissed to leave in a few minutes. She started to download something while I took my boxers up, then she turned on her chair and told me it was nothing special and asked me whether I figured out that sometimes they masturbate too. I told her I never knew and asked her if she was mastubating with us all in the room. As she told me that sometimes she just waited untill all of us were asleep and then started to do it under the blanket, and that she was doing this maybe two or three times a week, I was starting to have an incredible hardon again. It was the sexiest discussion I ever had and while I was imagining the situation she was describing I ejaculated into my pants even without a single touch. Then she told me the thing with PC would take her longer for some reason, and as she didin´t see up to the bunk bed I could do whatever I wanted. I don´t know why but I told her I just came in my pants while listening to her. She was obviously suprised but said just ok.

I told to myself I must see what´s happening in the night. After several night I fell asleep, one night I could finally stay up longer, pretending to sleep. All the place was absolutely quiet and then I heard some movement down from lower part of my bunk bed. It was a bed luck, because I couldn´t see anything, I could only hear that my youngest sister was really masturbating just the few feet from me. I could hear some very quiet moan when she was done and my dick was in the fire. I couldn´t wait so I started to rub myself very quietly, nevertheless I probably made some move, because she almost stopped breathing. I told to myself when she could do, then I could do too and without any extra noise I brought myself directly to orgasm.

Next morning my oldest sister told me to be more careful if I wanted to keep my masturbation a secret and that it was different with her sister than with her. I explained her I would wanted but this was too much for me - she smiled and said that obviously girls could do it more quiet than boys. It was kind of alliance we built about our masturbation, later I heard also her while she was in the mood and jerked off to her. She didn´t stop so I guessed she didn´t mind and later she told me it was arrousing for her as well, but we have to be careful before the other sisters.

When the year ended we all moved to our old house where everyone of us had the own room. Until now when some sexual topic comes on, me and my oldest sister remind ourselves to this strange but interesting epizodes we had.



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