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Using Cousins Panties!

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This happened pretty recently, last Thanksgiving so just a little while ago. Like most years, my family was driving three hours to the suburban home of my cousins. My aunt and uncle had three kids, two girls and one boy. The eldest girls name was Anna, she was basically my age. The younger was Margaret, she was a few years younger. My relationship with the girls had changed over the years. A few years ago, my pre-pubescent self loved to hang around with them. We would do all the things kids would do, football, video games etc. Anna was especially a good friend, when she was younger she was kind of a Tom Boy so we got along well. To say how close we were, I remember being pretty young and talking about how babies were made and what sex was like in an old garage by my house, hoping our parents wouldn't find us.

Sadly, as I grew into the super horny teenager I am now, I just didn't have the patience for them any more. They seemed to have stayed sort of sheltered, while I had moved on to partying, hanging out, and especially masturbating. Ever since this past summer, I had developed a pantie fetish. From reading sites like these, I knew that I would like nothing more then to sniff a fresh pair of panties while masturbating. Unfortunately, the only female in my house is my mother, and in my book that is a HUGE no-no. So, while I rode along silently in the car, I began to think of Anna and how she had probably developed since the last I saw her. I also began strategizing where a dirty hamper containing wet panties might be. We finally arrived, and I put on the good cousin act pretty well, playing whatever games they wanted and all that. We sat down after a hot game of football, and I knew my time in the house was running short before we had to leave for the drive home.

The cousins were all sitting alone in the basement. Margaret was sitting on my lap (take note she is very affectionate. I am not disclosing age, but she is not a 'little girl'. I can't control what you think, but I am definitely not some sort of paedophile.) She kept grabbing at my shorts, something she does as a joke, and bouncing up and down. I started to become erect. When she settled down, my almost fully erect cock sat between each of her butt cheeks, and I knew it was nearly time. I looked over to Anna next to me, noticing her skirt was slightly open and I could see a bright yellow pair of panties. I realized I could wait no longer, and excused myself to the second floor bathroom.

The whole family was gathered downstairs around a piano, singing and messing around. It was sort of dark upstairs, which I used to conceal my movements. I snuck into Margaret's room, and started looking through her clothes drawers. I found a drawer full of clean bras, but remembering she was pretty small in the breast size, kept looking. I stumbled upon the pantie drawer, and began looking through them. I found a super skinny, exposing blue pair of panties and held them to my nose. I just now realized that all these were clean, so they only smelled like laundry cleaner. Still, using some imagination I got a good size erection. I stuck the tip out of my jeans and began to caress the head of my penis with the soft fabric. I thought this was all I would get, so I walked down the hall to the bathroom. There, sitting next to the door, was a dirty clothes hamper!

I double checked to make sure no one was watching, and scavenged through them. I was sort of hoping to find a pair of my aunts, a fiery red head with VERY large breasts. I thought the smell of a mature woman would be a great first experience with panties. I found a few that were soaked in water, as several wet towels used in the shower were on top. I dug my hand deep into the bottom and pulled out a dark yellow pair of panties. I could tell they were Anna's, as they were larger than Margaret's but normal size for her. I rushed to the bathroom, and completely dropped my pants. The door was locked, so I knew I had privacy. I examined the panties and was very excited. In the front was a medium dark wet spot, that smelled very sweet. In the back where the tag was printed, the sweet smell of wear her sweaty ass had been was obvious to my nose. In between these 2 sections, was a small brown spot, but didn't bother me as I was as horny as I had ever been.

I wrapped the soft blue panties around my right hand, and began to rub my penis. I took the dark yellow pair in my left hand, and tightly held the crotch area to my nose. The smell was fantastic! I began to stroke fast, imagining my nose on her pussy as she moaned. I then switched to the back side of the yellow panties, being a bigger fan of the ass of a female then the breasts. The smell was strong, and I was so turned on, I began to lick the ass spot where her warm cheeks had spent the majority of the day. I stuck the majority of the panties in my mouth, and used both hand to stroke my well sized, throbbing cock. I knew I was about to blow and took an extremely deep inhale simultaneous to my orgasm, diving into my fantasy fully. I closed my eyes and rubbed off every drop of that load, and when I opened my eyes, I had accidentally shot the entire load in the ass part of the blue pair of panties. I got erect again thinking of her putting on these panties, as my semen touched her backside. Realizing my time was nearly up, I threw both panties into the dirty hamper and walked downstairs to say our goodbyes.

I thought this was a great first panties experience. I don't have a 'sexual attraction' to my cousins in the sense I really want to have sex with them, just the smells and thoughts really. I definitely will be continuing this little fetish of mine, hopefully I can get another taste when the cousins come home for holidays soon!



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