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In Hospital

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Fucking fucketty fuck fucking arseholing bollocks! I’m in hospital with a broken right arm (two places) and a hairline fracture of my right femur. I fell off a stage onto a hard floor.  My own fucking fault.  Plus, it’s my time of the month.


Because of the leg fracture, I’m in traction and can’t get out of bed. This, medically, is known as a ‘right cunt.’ I don’t know what pain relief they gave me, but I want some more of it! It didn’t do much for the pain, but WOW, talk about taking a trip. 

So, two days here I’m bored shitless, horny and I’ve been watching around the ward. So far, out of the various shifts of nurses, there are two I think, who might go the extra mile for patients. Being on an all female ward is definitely an experience. Without doubt, I’ve heard More suppressed orgasms here at night than I’ve ever heard before. 

So, my right arm is in a cast, my left leg in a semi cast and in traction. What happens? I come on. I tell the ward sister who immediately informs me that they can’t let me use tamping owing to the “risk of toxic shock.” Instead, she offered me the biggest pad I’ve ever seen. Honestly, this thing could double as a hammock for several sailors at once. We had a scrap about using it. I didn’t want to, she wouldn’t budge. Finally she said “if you can make your own arrangements for tampons, then it’s on your own head. 

That night one of the nurses popped her head into my little cubicle and somehow I knew that she knew I’d come on....read the notes, I guess. “Sister Evans? “ I nodded. From her top pocket she produced not one but four tampons. I smiled and said “oh thank fuck for that.”

She pulled the curtains around, and spread my good leg to the side. Ok, I haven’t masturbated, or felt like to since my accident, but having one leg to the side always makes me feel saucy. This nurse. Jackie, cleaned me up expertly with a wet wipe, and I did my best not to flinch as she touched my clit.

Then she peeled the paper off and pushed the tamping into me....very, very slowly. My back arched all on its own. Fuck, it felt good to have some attention down there. Jackie looked at the caste on my right arm....”Right handed huh?” I nodded...”What else? When nature pisses on you, she does it well.” 

By now Jackie had succeeded in pushing the tampon all th way inside me and was working the applicator. Every little movement made me horny, and I guess it showed. “Boyfriend?” I shook my head. “Girlfriend?” “Not one who can visit at this time of night.” Jackie muttered “Huh”. Then she just perched on the side of my bed. She wiped me over again with the wetwipe she’d brought with her and then, with no further comment just started rubbing my clit round in tiny circles. 

I came so fast. She’d barely begun before I was cumming hard and deep. My left hand had found her knee and I was touching her leg through her tights. She wouldn’t let my hand go any further though. But enough was enough. I needed the physical and emotional discharge of a fucking good orgasm, and that’s what she gave me. 

Next day, Nikki came to see me in the afternoon. The cubicles on this orthopaedic ward are odd little things. The bed Head is against the wall and there are walla parallel to the bed on either side. Half wood, half eithe glass or Perspex. For total privacy, there’s a vile blue curtain that can be pulled from the wall right around the bed. 

Nikki visited, accompanied by chocolate, my iPad and charger and sat and talked to me. Big health and safety review at UniI....how can a student walk off the end of a stage (easy if she’s drunk), crash mats to be positioned.....typical response of the establishment and its belief that no one must ever have an accident. As we talked I felt her hand on my bum under the sheets. A few seconds later and it was over the top of my left thigh and between my legs. 

She found the tampon string and sussed the situation in a heartbeat. She then proceeded to give me THE most glorious wank of all time, building me up, letting me simmer, then building some more. All the time she talked Ina low voice about the sexiest things....how her brother had over eating me out and fucking me, how she had wanted to lick his cum from inside my hole......how she had masturbated on,y last night while wearing a pair of my dirty panties.

Nikki is an expert in the art of prolonging orgasms. She can keep me convulsing for ages. Stopping..then just a little touch....then stopping again...then another touch or two. Each tiny movement just keeps it going. 

Well, I came hard. Too fucking hard. I also felt myself flood between my legs. With a tampon in I realised I’d wet myself. Which in turn made me cum harder still. 

On her way out, Nikki whispered something to the nurse who quietly and efficiently changed my bedding and cleaned me up. 

Ill be here in traction for two weeks apparently, so I don’t expect I’ll have much to do......other than learn to wank with my left hand, something I’ve never been able to manage. 



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