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Being Caught, and a Chat With an Older Relative

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I’m staying with my aunt for a couple of days. Clara is a lot of fun and I can talk to her about anything. I felt grungy after my train journey and the following bath felt delicious. Clara gathered up my clothes for the laundry and after she left he bathroom I had sudden realisation that she would have found a dress, bra......and no panties. Oops! Busted! 


When I joined her for a cup of coffee, she had that half smile on her ace that she often wore when we talked about sex. (Always easier to talk to Aunt clara than to my mom.) “so. No panties? Looks like you’ve had a good journey!” Well. As I say, .busted. I told her briefly what happened, and she wasn’t shocked in the least as I knew she wouldn’t be. Then she said something really interesting.... to me anyway. See what you think. 

“You know, when you’re young, sex is private, secret.  Whether it’s masturbation, or with someone, you make sure you’re someplace private, where you won’t be seen. But as you get older, and I don’t just mean older in years, but older in maturity as well, that need for privacy and secrecy fades. For example, if I felt horny right now, it wouldn’t bother me if you saw me masturbate. It would bother me if you walked in on me fucking. That frustrating need for curtains closed, door locked, lights out just isn’t there. And you....well....not wearing panties....hmm. Let me take a few guesses. I bet you’ve masturbated outdoors. (Yep)...and, maybe flashed people (right again)....and I bet you’ve maybe had sex in public? (Err.....blush). You see? You’re an old soul, sweetie. Don’t be surprised at these feelings, revel in them. They came to me a lot later in life, you should joy them.”

So, I told her of something that haunted me for a while. 

“I used to ache for someone to walk in on me. Stupid really, because I always had my door locked, but I used to fantasise about mom, dad, or even my brother just opening the door, seeing me there with my legs spread and my fingers....er...busy...I wouldn’t cover up, or even try to stop. I’d just cum while they were there.😏”

Clara said “Being caught is an amazing feeling...it’s happened to me, so trust me, I know.” Well, I had to ask her who caught her. “Your dad, hunny. When they were courting, your mom and dad spent hours in her room. Sometimes, I’d hear them fucking, and sometimes it would make me want to masturbate along with them. I’d listen for each noise, each word while I played with myself, but as I got closer to,orgasm, my mind would take over. Sometimes I’d imagine your dad fucking me after he had fucked my sister. One afternoon, well, as usual, I’d left my door open a little so I could hear better, and I guess I was in my own little world and didn’t hear them stop. I heard a noise  opened my eyes, and there was your dad, naked, still hard. I didn’t stop. He didn’t move. I just came as he watched me.”

I felt a familiar wetness creep between my legs. “I hope he didn’t....” 

“No, he didn’t, but, hunny, if he had, I would have let him.” 

The mere thought of being busted by my dad sent shivers through me....real shivers. Aunt Clara saw them, and knew the, for what they were. She didn’t say a thing. 

I reached up my bathrobe and touched myself right there on her kitchen chair. Total silence. Just me and my aunt. I closed my eyes, and just thought of what she had said....”as you get older the need for secrecy goes.....it would bother me.....your dad caught me....” In a heartbeat, I was sprawled out on my bed,..,..legs spread.....cunt wet......the door opens and my dad is standing there. He doesn’t move, but he watches everything I’m doing. 

With my hand between my legs, I cum gently into the bathrobe. As usual, I squirt heavily. My Aunt waits until the last contraction has finished, and takes my hand. “I’ll run you another bath hunny.”

Laying there in the warm soapy water, I wonder about what I am becoming sexually. Certainly, I know now that I’m bi sexual. But I also think I could have a long term relationship with either a man or a woman. I’m an exhibitionist for sure. I like exposing myself to strangers. I think about sex far more than I used to. I also realise that while masturbation is just fine and dandy, and I’m getting real good at it, what I need is a good hard fucking. Yes. Right now I just want a pair of powerful arms around me and to be taken. Taken any way he wishes, anywhere he wishes. I realise I am certainly no dominatrix. In fact, if anything, I am submissive. Push me face forward against a wall, tug my panties aside and just fuck me. Up the cunt or up the ass, I really don’t mind. Just fuck me, bang me, screw me, shag me. 

In the bath, I think about some of the stories I’ve read here.....strangers on a train, a girl just being felt up by a stranger, having her pantyhose ripped and her panties pulled aside...being fingered by him....fucked by him....never even knowing his name. Mmmmm. I’d really like that! 

The soap is to hand. I lubricate a finger, and press it deep into my ass as my mind envelopes the fantasy......



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