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In Front of My Husband

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Sometimes, my husband and I like to masturbate with each other. This came about from a fantasy.


My husband and I sometimes enjoy a change from full on sex by masturbating with each other and telling each other what we are thinking about to get off. I had told Mike that I was thinking about being watched by different men, all of whom were jacking off as they watched me. It certainly gave us both a really good orgasm, but afterwards Mike said, "How about making it come true?" I had always kept a definite line between my fantasies and reality, but something about it appealed to me so I told him that if I could be totally convinced it would be safe and I could stop if I wanted he could set something up.

Two weeks later he told me we were going to a local sun club and that we would just see what happened. We arrived there and from the outside it looked just like a million other naturist clubs, except that once indoors the furnishings and the way the staff were (almost) dressed left no doubt that this was really a swingers club. Mike and I undressed and walked through the lounge to the spa were we sat enjoying the waters and the bubbles. After about an hour we went out by the pool. There were five other men there, clearly hopeful that something would happen. Mike made it clear there would be no touching, but that the guys could watch and jack off if they wanted to.

I lay on a sun lounger and just the act of opening my legs to total strangers was such a powerful turn on. I teased my (I want to be crude, so I hope you don't mind) cunt open until the men could see up inside me. I was flowing with wetness and my clit was throbbing so I started to masturbate. Usually, I need a vibrator to get myself off but I was so fired up. The guys were hard and were jacking off as I played with myself. They were standing some way off, a respectful distance, they call it in the club. I asked them all to stand near me, in fact, over me while I carried on. The moment was so wildly erotic that I reached around behind myself and pushed a finger deep into my ass as I finger fucked myself with my other hand. Suddenly, like a tornado, I was there and the orgasm felt so violent, almost like my own body was raping me if that makes any sense. As I came and came, I felt warm splatterings as all the men shot their loads over my tummy and my breasts. Each and every one of them said thank you afterwards. Nice!

Now normally, I am one of those women who, after a really good cum needs to drift off to sleep. I know some girls are fired up afterwards, but not me. I am warm, relaxed and like to doze in Mikes arms. Not this time. I cannot ever remember a time in my life when I felt so desperate to have him in me. Still covered in sperm, I pulled him down into my mouth, and he was inside me in seconds, much much bigger and much harder than I could possibly have imagined. I knelt in front of him and sucked him for a while then I pulled back and told him to jack off into my face. (Something until now, I have never allowed nor even wanted.) He couldn't believe his luck and shot so much cum onto my face! Then, still with wild eroticism flooding me, I asked him to wash the other guys cum off me using his piss.

Of course, we stayed in the club the whole day and well into the evening doing things that I have never even dreamed about. One such thing was when I masturbated another girl to orgasm as she did me. Jackie was about 19 and there with her husband too. Now, trust me, I have never even masturbated thinking about another girl. I missed all the girl-on-girl experimenting thing. But I saw Jackie sitting watching her husband and another woman fucking and she caught my eye and beckoned me over. I sat next to her and we talked about Mike and her husband, Steve, (Who had one of the thinnest, but longest and most curved cocks imaginable.) as he fucked the other girl. Next thing I new she turned to me and said "I'm so horny. Will you touch me?" In a trice we were kissing and I had my hand between her legs and two fingers inside her. It felt amazing to feel her as she came. Her whole cunt gripped and released me and her cervix was dancing on the tips of my fingers. When I pulled my hand away, it was soaked with her wetness and I licked it off. My first taste of another girl. Then Jackie just sank to the floor, pushed my knees open and ate me to a crushing cum. During the course of the evening, I watched my lovely husband fuck three other girls and I was fucked by two guys... at once!

That night,when we got home Mike and I could not get enough of each other. We had sex almost constantly throughout the night and the next day!

Girls, if ever you want to REALLY spice up your sex life, just watch your husband or boyfriend finger another girl!

Well now, I have written all this at Mike's direction, and I am flooding my panties here. Got to go do something about it.



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