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Ma Chere, Pt2-family Day At The Beach

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A continuing story of me and my French friend, Yvette

After Yvette left for the day, I  continued working on the inventory. That evening as the guards cleaned and put away their equipment.  I spoke with the Cap regarding what still needed to be done with the inventory. After, he pulled me aside and asked “well, what happened?” I shook my head and added, “you know I don’t kiss and tell.” The Cap and I were good friends, I had recommended him to replace me when I stepped down from that position years ago. I never enjoyed making decisions about personnel, especially when it affected their livelyhood. I enjoyed the responsibility of several million dollars in equipment and I was detail oriented…plus I didn’t mind being in charge of things as opposed to people and it gave me freedom to make my own schedule.  Finally I asked why they hadn’t warned me about Yvette and her family. He said that was the Chiefs call, he wanted to surprise me and had called me down to get a few inventory items I needed, “it was worth it to see the look on your face, with the hug and especially the kiss in front of her family”.

That evening my thoughts were on ‘Ma Chere, Yvette. I had met Yvette and her family years before after a small rescue. They applauded me when I returned to the stand and over the course of the day I had the opportunity to meet and speak with them. There was Yvettes parents, her aunt and uncle that were living here in this country and Yvette. She was always bubbly, talkative and touchy feely with me. Although she was a pretty girl, she was still a young girl and I made a commitment to never give in to or discuss sexual matters with young girls (wise advice from my first boss who prophetically told me that one day they’ll be big girls that’ll never forget the nice lifeguard…haha).


The following day I came to work, set up my stand and did my morning workout.  I did a bit more inventory at the main tower when I noticed people around my tower to the south.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the activity was Yvette and her family who had set themselves up next to the sea oats about 25 yds. away. With a big smile on my face, I immediately hopped on my ATV and drove to greet them. “We had to get here early as we have had to hear Yvette ramble on about 'her life guard',” said the uncle and they all laughed except Yvette who chastised them in French. She was so cute. Don’t listen to them they always tease and try to embarrass me, turning to group saying, “of which I DO NOT APPROVE!”  I found her assertiveness to be exciting   and when she turned and kissed me on the lips, then turned to the group and said “so there you are!” I wanted her even more.


Her mother straightened up their area and managed to come by me and ask “If it is convenient, I’d like to come up and talk with you a bit when you are not busy”. I smiled and said “certainement” She laughed and asked if I spoke French, to which I replied laughingly, no not really. About an hour went by with Yvette and I exchanging glances, cooling off in the water with hugs and kisses. If she wasn’t embarrassed to be with an older man in front of her family why should I be. It was hard not to keep my mind and hands off her. 


A bit later and true to her word, her mother made her way to my stand, I asked her up and we chatted. She told me that Yvette had been excited about this trip even more than in the past. As her mother she knew why, saying that since our first meeting her daughter had thought of and talked of me, adding that she was quite taken. Now that she was an adult the feeling intensified.  As a doctor, mother and a woman she understood and did not discourage her, but merely warned her that I was older, more experienced and may not share her feelings. “she is headstrong and very smart…a daughter to be proud of. I know she fantasizes about you and I fear you will break her heart.” I sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity as I thought of what she said.  “When the time is right I will speak to her”.  I cared about Yvette and would never hurt her.


That afternoon he father and uncle came by and invited me to dinner and, although it was short notice, I accepted. Her uncle told me the name of the condo they had and asked for paper and pen so he draw a map. I said I’ve been there years ago and only lived down the road from them so I  only needed a building# and a gate code. I knew tonight I had to broach the subject. I have been with women from all over the states and several countries and it seemed that the seriousness of our relationship was never an issue...I live here and you live and we both have lives to live.b but Yvettes' mother haunted me. I knew this had to be taken immediately and tonight  would be the night. 


To be continued…




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