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In Da Club

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Recollections from my roaring 20ís. I had forgotten about this experience. HA..Two men watched me cum on the dance floor.


I was feeling sexy as usual. I was 21 and decided to drive to Los Angeles to a club I had heard was a blast. I am not typically a crowd person but once in awhile I like to get out. Per my usual, I went alone. This was in, what I now refer to as my roaring 20’s. I wore a one piece skin tight pant suit with no sleeves only a sling wrap around my neck. This outfit hugged my waist and ass perfectly while the pant legs flowed down my thighs and calves. It showed my lovely torso and most of my back. It was a velvet material in the color red, and had a glimmer to it. At the time I was a college student studying Early and Post Modern Dance. I had short bleached hair that went everywhere when I worked my way across the floor. I set out to have a fun night.

I began my way through the front doors and entered the club. It was jumping and the crowd had a great vibe. For a few moments I wondered what the hell I was doing in a place like this. I then concluded, I was single and free so why the fuck not? The music was transcending me and my body followed suit. I was in and out of consciousness by way of the music, and vibe. I danced with women and men. People were laughing, dancing, and touching each other.

I had been there for a few hours when I found myself in between 2 guys. One was in front of me and when my pelvis brushed his hard ass I felt naughty thoughts coming on. We were bumping each other in a sexual rhythm to the music. The guy behind me had his hands on my thighs as if he were hanging on to keep us from parting. I could feel his hard on press into my ass cheek and this made me get extremely horny. And as usual I began to get to that level of horniness where I pretty much don’t care who or what it is, I’m gonna get off.

Wouldn’t you know, This pants suit I had on had a conveniently located hole in between my legs right where my pussy was. I snuck a feel of myself to see if I was wet. Yep, I was. The guy behind me was saying things to me in my ear but I could not understand his language. I think he was Russian or German. He grabbed my thighs harder and I liked this. I took his hand in mine and reached it around to my hole. When he realized that the hole in my pants lead to the hole in my pussy he got very excited. By now he was grabbing my boobs with his freehand while the other made it’s way to my clit. He took his finger and slide it up to my clit and began flickering it back and forth.

His pal in front of me was now turned and facing me. While he did not touch me he watched the entire time as his friend fingered my pussy.The lights were flashing all colors and I felt as if I were in a trance. I leaned back into him as I started to feel my orgasm build momentum. My left hand was reaching behind me locked on his hips for balance. My right hand was working my clit while his hand helped. I lifted my leg to allow better access to my hot pussy which drove his friend in front of me crazy as his eyes became like saucers. He must have been able to tell from the reaction on my face that I was feeling good. With each beat of the music and each moment that passed the climax grew heavier and deeper.

I was young, free, and a very sexual girl. I felt alive and I was about to let loose a monstrous orgasm. My hand was diddling as fast as a rabbit. Both men were holding me and speaking in their native tongue to which I had no understanding but I didn’t care. As the orgasm took me over I could feel the guy behind me hold tightly onto my hip as I came. It was almost romantic, except I didn’t know who that fuck he was or what he was saying. After I came he and his friend seemed to be discussing what had just happened. They both kept trying to speak to me in their foreign language. It was hot. But I had to go now. I dashed away and out of sight.

On my drive home I masturbated myself to another orgasm thinking about how I came on a stranger’s hand in a club in LA. When I got home I took off my pant suit and smelled the crotch area. It was such a hot smell. I took them to bed with me.

It was a memorable night.



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