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My Brother and I

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When this happened I was 14 and my brother had just turned 16. We were very close and both adopted.


One day I came home from school and ran up to my room to start my homework. As I ran past my brother's room, I noticed that his door was closed and I could hear him groaning loudly and talking to himself, saying: "Ohhhh yeah... ohh so wet and tight!! ohhh gonna make me cum all over your sweet pussy... oohhhh...".

By now I could guess what he was doing in there. I knew my panties were soaked through and my wet clit was begging for attention, so I ran to my room and tried to masturbate, but it was not much fun since I couldn't hear him anymore.

My brother and I are very close, in age and in relationship, so I decided to make a very bold move. I ran down the hall, every step I could hear him louder and louder: "Ohh man!! ohhh man i'm gonna cum..."

I hesitated at the door, my dripping pussy throbbing. I took a deep breath before I opened the door and my brother, who was sitting in his swivel chair from his computer that he had moved into the center of the room, spun around and asked me what I was doing. Then, incapable of stopping himself, he shot a huge load of cum all over my shoes and the floor.

I couldn't respond to his question because I was so busy watching his slightly larger-than-average sized dick squirt stream after stream of cum. I finally gathered the courage to answer him and said simply, "Do you wanna masturbate together?" At first he told me no that it was a private thing and that I should go away. Then, I suppose he must have contemplated how horny he still was, because he changed his mind and said "okay".

I took off my shorts but left on my soaking panties and gently grabbed his dick and asked him to stand up. He did and I, very slowly, brought the cum-dripping head of his dick closer to my wet panties and slowly began humping his dick head.

I knew this was wrong but oh god it felt good!! and since we are both adopted it technically isn't that wrong.

After a while he began lightly thrusting his cock head between my legs which made me so horny I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I just couldn't contain myself so I yanked down my panties (which didn't come off very well because they were so wet they were practically sticking to my body!) and thrust my fingers in. Now my brother was air humping while watching me masturbate and finally, unable to stop myself, I squirted my juices all over my fingers and hands. Well after seeing that my brother came hard. He shot two long loads of cum, then several small strings that flew up into the air then back down, coating his rock hard dick with loads of cum.

This was one of the hottest experiences of my life and I hope you enjoyed!!



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